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Post Grad - Movie review

Updated on April 6, 2010

The movie Post Grad is a romantic comedy about following your dreams after graduation. Ryden Malby (Alexis Bledel) has her whole life planned out. She will be an A-student, get a scholarship to go to university, and then find her dream job. But when she does not land her dream job right after graduation things change. You follow her trying to figure out how she can still get her dream job, and whether she still wants it or not. Along the way you meet her wacky family. Her weird little brother who always gets carried around by her worried mom. Her father who is an enthusiastic entrepreneur. And her grandmother who is a bit eccentric, and very rich. And of course there is the intriguing across the street neighbor, and the boy next door, who will she end up with?

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The romantic part of the comedy is provided in the love triangle between Ryder, her loyal friend Adam who is very much in love with her, and the sexy next-door neighbour David.

So watch how Ryden moves back to her parents house after her dreams fall apart, and slowly rebuilds herself and her dreams. The comedy is light and easy to watch and like. Alexis Bledel is great as Ryder and the chemistry between her and Zach Gilford, who plays Adam is believable. This type of genre really suits Alexis Bledel, and she is definitely one of the reasons this is a great film. The other actors are no unknowns either and keep the story going with their weird little ways. Michael Keaton and Carol Burnett do well as the weird parents.

This is definitely a movie to watch with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or just to get a bunch of girls together for a movie night. So get that Post Grad dvd, get the popcorn popping, and sit back and relax!

Post Grad trailer


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