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Pour it Up

Updated on October 3, 2015
The pop singer Rhianna
The pop singer Rhianna

Anyone who has worked with children

knows that a child's character (which will later be called a "type" in stereo or mono) is already well formed by age 4 or 5...

The discourse on stereotypes of mass culture then takes place in an arena that has forgotten the embodiment of the type... The great "sin" of the media and the image is to delete the body while nevertheless obsessing with it in its attempt to sell it back to us...

By analogy, the great sin of pseudo-politics was to construct a black president and obsess over the event as a great milestone in democracy while making it publicly "illegal" to be black and / or homeless in America... ( a land where the police now function like government ministers performing all jobs, including that of judge and executioner... )

Does democracy lie in the image? Or in the body? These two latter would each represent very different types of "democracy"... — It doesn't matter who becomes President and which starlet he is "knocking up" in the back room; There really is no president and no starlet (was not each murdered in the executioner's own style...?)

Even Medicine would agree—at least those who can reason and argue from the clinical data, that something like an alter ego (given the way that it acts as a prism that divides diseases into egos)—that the condition of the ego pre-conditions the relation between image and body, ontogenically and sociologically, so that psyco-genicity is prior to everything adults do... No matter how much vainglorious importance they place on their grown up "achievements"...

What medicine and psychoanalysis has discovered was already known and committed to literature in ancient mythology and medieval theology... It is the height of stupidity to change paradigms with a new vocabulary and a pseudo-serious "ceremonial" praxis every few hundred years just to rediscover and say the same thing in different words, all the while thinking it's new...

In this sense, the image (Latin for the Greek "icon") which means "copy"—as in photocopy, which given our televised world is the world in which we now live) with a few embassadors who travel between the end-users and the producers of images— is really king... Or if not the ultimate King, it is the wall that divides the Kings and Queens from the vassals and slaves...

However, in the embodied world of the child and in the rosy-fingered dawn of our own history, of which we have been the Last Men to discover, we clearly see the origins of our own blind-sidedness: there is something internal and prior about the ego, which itself is not an image even though it can produce images like a moving projector;

Just as there was something prior to Zeus which determined his fate and the fate of all his brothers and sisters (obviously called the Fates)... If the anthropomorphic depiction of the gods is removed, then what are they? If the images are removed from your television screen (which includes your consciousness) what are YOU? What is Rihanna if you remove her image and the wall of images that separate the consumer from the consuming...?


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