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Justin Bieber / Popular Music Study - Part 2

Updated on July 12, 2012

There is no doubt in my mind that it is people like myself that really help the music industry by legally purchasing and promoting music.

I did a calculation the other day of how much money I have spent on Justin Bieber merchandise this year alone and I'm not entirely sure if I should feel proud but I hit over $100 when I purchased his new DVD Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. I have to say that I feel I have recieve more than that amount of pleasure from all the music, movies, posters, stickers, calendars, etc. You may think I'm a bit obsessive with a bad case of Bieber Fever, but I am a Belieber in making myself happy with music. It keeps me going and gets me pumped up.

The reason I have spent so much more on Bieber then any other artist this year is the sheer repetition of both seeing and hearing him everywhere. (Not to mention it is a very enjoyable pop experience for me.)

Let me get back into this repetition. Not only do I see Justin Bieber everywhere on magazines, T.V., and in stores but his music itself it very repetitious in its nature. Many of his most popular songs use the power of three in lyrics and melody. I strongly believe that is one reason why Justin Bieber's Baby song is the most viewed video on YouTube. Of course, that is just one of the many factors, but certainly the power of three has a lot to do with it.

Other Considerations:

You have to consider the fact of sexual appeal when it comes to popular music today. Justin Bieber is basically an icon for typically younger women and preteens. And when though he is very talented it is probably not the biggest reason he is so huge. If you watch him closely, he takes really good care of his health and appearance. He wears nice clothes and he smiles and treats his fans really well. His hair was another major appeal to women. So, he takes all of that and incorporates that into his musical career and what you have is a mult-million dollar young artist.


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