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Become a future teller or Psychic

Updated on January 16, 2016

Predict the future through self made Magic cards

If you want to predict the future of you or your friend then you have reached at right placed .If you are thinking that you don’t have any psychic power to do this task then no need worry, here is no requirement to being a psychic. Here will tell you a simple way how you can easily predict the future of you and others.

Now you just need to do some simple drawings and have some common sense to evaluate the cards what we called future cards

Make Future Predicting Cards

Take a card board and cut this in 10 simple rectangular shapes and draw the figures on these cards as shown in below figure.Ensure that all the Cards should be of same size and same colour.

How to use future cards.

Put these cards on the table before your friend, spell a mantra ‘’bhaviyam drishyam” and ask him/her to select any three cards. Now turn these selected cards and predict the future according to the description of the cards given below.

CARD 1. Card of Sun – Donates Normal day nothing special

CARD 2. Card of Cross – Donates bad luck and trouble

CARD 3. Card of Heart – Donates love and good relationship

CARD 4. Card of Thunder – Donates Difficulties and Huge confusion in taking major decisions.

CARD 4. Card of Smile – Donates Happiness

CARD 6. Card of Diamond – Donates Good Finance

CARD 7. Card of Cloud – Donates Sad mood

CARD 8. Card of Crown – Donates Victory in work and projects

CARD 9. Card of Devil – Donates something Bad will happen

CARD 10.Card of Star – Donates luck and brightness


If your friend want to see the future of tomorrow then ask him to choose three cards and chant mantra 3 times and think about tomorrow in your mind and turn the card.Suppose your friend chose card of Star , Cloud and Diamond then his prediction will be

“You will be lucky tomorrow and also het some financial news still your mood will be sad with any reason “

This is interesting way to predict the future without any powers so just try with your friends and relatives.


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