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Premiere Episode of Love In The Wild 2 (Thursday, June 7,2012)

Updated on May 6, 2012

The premiere episode of the 2nd Season of the NBC dating-adventure reality TV show Love in The Wild is schedule for Thursday, June 7, 2012. This special premiere starts at 8 Eastern and lasts two hours. Winners of the first season were Mike Spiro and Samantha Woods.

The second season will follow the same basic format, but there is a surprise. The original cast of 5 women and 5 men from Season 1 has increased to 7 on each side. But there is a big twist for the premiere episode. 7 surprise male contestants will show up, turning the couples challenge into a trios challenge. What will happen at the elimination stage after the challenge was not revealed in the NBC press release for the Season 2 premiere episode of Love In The Wild.

Other changes for the 2nd season include hosting duties and the show's location. Jenny McCarthy is the new host (she is replacing Darren McMullen), and the location is changing from Costa Rica to the Dominican Republic.

Chances For Success:

The ratings were decent for Love In The Wild's first season. It was not as successful as Survivor or many of the other reality TV shows, but its 5.5 million average viewers and 1.8 rating were as good or better than its ABC and CBS competition in the same time. It won or tied 7 out of 8 times in its time slot.

Jenny McCarthy has had some success on network TV before with her own sitcom. Whether she will help the ratings or not is not so clear, but it does not seem that such minor changes affect ratings on these shows to any substantial degree. If anything, it is the overall format of a show and its perceived freshness that determine the ratings.

The Love In The Wild 2 premiere episode and entire season are unlikely to show any significant improvements. The format is one of the biggest gimmicks I have ever seen on reality TV. No legitimate dating show would force such randomness in a dating situation. The addition of 7 surprise men just makes it even more of a joke. The show should have some way for contestants to come back or some kind of points system that would allow all contestants to stay for the duration of the show and let the points winners make the first choices. As it is, there is no way you could accurately describe it as a reasonable way to match couples. With The Bachelor, at least someone is legitimately eliminated as a possible match by the person you know will be there at the end. But in Love In The Wild, the eventual winner may have preferred someone as his 2nd pick and may have established a stronger connection. But the way the show works, that pick could potentially be eliminated the first week.

Check out the premiere episode of Love In The Wild 2 on Thursday, June 7, 2012.


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