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President Obama's Justice Department Is The Defacto Surrogate Of MSNBC Against Its Rival Fox News...

Updated on May 25, 2013

President Obama’s Justice Department Is The Defacto Surrogate Of MSNBC Against Its Rival Fox News…

I am always amaze that those who should know and do know that Fox News is the most reliable source for an unbiased take on the news of the day have constantly perpetrated in public a lie by saying that Fox News is bogus or specifically, pejoratively, that it is the ‘Faux News.’ Now, I am not the one who is saying that Fox News is less biased than its competitors like MSNBC… this is coming from the reliable Switzerland-like neutral folks at the Pew Research Center. The irony is that, if I, a non professional, can glean Fox’s neutrality in reporting the Hard News - as opposed to opinion, Ala Sean Hannity and Bill O’reilly - then it is rather obvious and academic how corrupt most of the media have become.

There are those in the know who will tell you that the media, as a whole, has always been biased against Conservatives and Traditionally Christian tenets, embracing the Liberal dogma better known today as Secularism. No more is this biased Liberal dogma been on conspicuously display and evident than watching the reportage on MSNBC for the last dozen years or so; and what the MSNBCs could not do rating-wise, the Obama Justice’s Department, as its surrogate, is attempting to do by formally charging one of Fox’s reporter, James Rosen, with leaking classified information….

Have I mentioned that Mr. Rosen is a Hard-News-Reporter, meaning that he reports the news as is without adding a Liberal or Conservative spin. Probably, Rosen’s only crime is working for the only media outlet - Fox News - that does not have a palate for President Obama’s Kool-aid… like MSNBC, whose reporters have shamefully gone out of their way to be part of the President’s cult of personality. In essence, what the Liberal media, along with MSNBC, could not do in silencing Fox News, is being attempted by President Obama’s Justice Department. I say this, not because, I love reporters that place our secrets for our enemies to see – but we are told that this would be the first time a reporter will be prosecuted for doing what many reporters working for the Liberal media have been doing for ‘donkey’ years. You know the question that is begging itself: if it were a Liberal reporter, would there be thought of a prosecution.

There is a reporter, Seymour Hersh, who writes for the New Yorker Magazine, who has always gotten under my craw for what, to me, is his leaking of classified information and putting lives in jeopardy and for the life of me, I do not understand why he is still walking around without fetters - but then I must be in error because Mr. Hersh is a Pulitzer winning journalist. This issue will not be resolved by this blog or by the case pending against Mr. Rosen for there will always be difficulty in finding that balance between the freedom of the Press and keeping information secret that may be a breach, and, moreover, a detriment to our National Security.

I am not going to handicap the case against Mr. Rosen any further - but sometimes the appearance of impropriety should be harken to… in light of the bias shown the Obama administration… since it became the Fiefdom Lord over the Fourth Estate (Media). Look at the latest scandals that no one wanted to investigate and report because of said bias for President Obama; and, even when actual wrong doing is exposed, the Liberal media disparage the objective reporting from Hard-News-Reporters like those from Fox News. It was Chris Matthews who said that he gets a thrill up his leg for President Obama… and it was Mika Brzezinski who was caught parroting the Democratic talking points - both happen to be alums of MSNBC. I should give honorary mention to Sharpton, Axelrod, Bashir, O’donnell, and Maddow, all of whom are employed by MSNBC and going to bat every day for President Obama - did I tell you that none of them are Hard News Reporters.


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    • FSlovenec profile image

      Frank Slovenec 

      5 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      Well done, I think we do have to test the news we hear to be sure it is not someones view and it is news. I am a believer that Fox is unbiased, however I think O'Reilly, who is commentary not news, should check his facts a little closer at time. Thanks for the HUB

    • breakfastpop profile image


      5 years ago

      What country am I living in? It can't be the America I grew up in....


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