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President Trump Inoculates Himself From The Press

Updated on December 4, 2016
Trumps inner circle- his family
Trumps inner circle- his family

Unlike all recent newly elected presidents of the USA, which have held a press conference within 3-4 days of the election, Trump has refused. Trump, still had not held his first press conference and it has been 25+ days. What's going on?

Remember how the Republicans blamed Hillary for not being transparent and accessible to the press? How, she was very secretive which meant untrustworthy? Funny, how Trump is pursuing the same approach! But, Trump has no problem bashing the press for biased coverage. He this during the election all the time and now, after his victory, he continues to conduct his war on the press to inoculate himself of what future stories will be forthcoming. It is his preemptive strike before the press stories are written. Why?

The reason is to turn the general public, those devout followers and those who are gullible, against the media for bad coverage. By doing so, when the future stories do start to appear in whatever form they take, he hopes most will just think it is the biased media and the story is not factual and be dismissed. We already know Trump's pool of reporters will be selected. Maybe we should refer to him as King Trump? We already know that Trump favors only a handful of networks: FOX News,or maybe, CNN (sometimes). He often bashes the press saying they are corrupt and brutal about anything he says, even though Trump lies and distorts the truth. His lies reach millions of people instantly using Twitter or FB long before the press can set the record straight. By then, much of the followers will not believe what the truth is and thinking Trump is being honest. His followers then will Tweet these lies to millions of others with a snowball effect. But, should President Trump actually continue to tweet or should it be filtered through a third party within the White House? He is prone just to lash out like a teenager about anything he disagrees with and expressing his views. As president, this invokes more power and can promote others to follow his lead.

Trump's presidency will be one of continuous controversy. It will be a constant battle with the press. Yes, some press is biased but not all, some simply want to determine the facts not just believe with blind Hitler-like faith that what Trump claims is fact. So, by Trump continuing to say how corrupt the press coverage is, he is trying to inoculate himself. What stories you ask?

The one story that will dog the Trump team is conflict of interest. With having business relations in over 25 countries and property in over 100, how will Trump handle his empire while being President? Will a blind trust actually provide a wall between the interests of the USA and Trump empire? Will his adult children have access to secret information? Will Trump's decision in some way benefit Trump's real estate empire? Will having property and business in a specific country alter how Trump decides on international relations? With foreign relations, if the Iran nuclear agreement is rejected, what then? If Obama care is ripped up, will the replacement actually be better? Cheaper? Both universal health programs have trade-offs and negative aspects to them.

The challenge for Americans now is to verify what the real truth whenever Trump tweets, uses FB, or has a press conference. The only way to do that is to go to a variety of news outlets and see if they share the same facts.


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