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Presidential Theme Songs from their Terms

Updated on August 2, 2013

It's Your Burfday

What if every President got a theme song from his own era?
What if every President got a theme song from his own era? | Source

As Chief Executive, I Demand Better Theme Music

The President Song is actually called "Hail to the Chief" and it's not ending up on the BillBoard Heatseaker's Top 40 anytime soon.

I personally think the bombastic trumpets coming from an out of tune PA speaker system would make my skin crawl after several hundred times of hearing it as President. In fact, if I were the big chief of the U.S. of A, the first executive order I'd put into place would give me emergency powers to declare my own theme music.

So what would the last 10 POTUS have chosen as themes? Which tracks would have commemorated their time in office better than any others?

This article outlines matches the last 10 presidents with an ideal theme song from the era that they served as President.

JFK- His energy seemed unstoppable
JFK- His energy seemed unstoppable | Source

Duke of Earl

10. John Fitzgerald Kennedy- "Duke of Earl" by Gene Chandler

John F. Kennedy was one of our most ambitious president's, Democrat or Republican (although his policy was truly moderate). His soaring, accurate speech and optimism captured an America that had reached possibly its most optimistic decade to date. He also was the first rock star president, a media darling who infamously won a debate with Nixon through the use of his boyish good looks. Indeed, it seemed like nothing could stop the Duke of Earl, with his gorgeous wife, his influential family, his brash opposition to socialist dictatorship, and his silver tongued slyness.

Unfortunately, a bullet was what stopped this Duke. A shocking display of brutality plunged America into an era of uncertainty and quarrel, with many players attempting to rise to the top.

Nothing can stop me now

'Cause I'm the Duke of Earl

- Gene Chandler

LBJ: stuck compromising between everybody
LBJ: stuck compromising between everybody | Source

Dylan Live at the White House (Ironically)

9. Lyndon Baines Johnson- "The Times, They are A-Changin'" by Bob Dylan

LBJ was popular in the north and unpopular in the south for pushing through civil rights legislation, then was popular in the south and unpopular in the north for his escalation in Vietnam.

LBJ is also known as a scourge by modern conservatives due to his creation of many of the welfare state domestic programming that is still in operation today.

He came in to office due to conflict, partially by scaring everyone half to death that opponent Barry Goldwater would cause a nuclear conflict. He lost reelection due to conflict, with a split democratic party line and no one in agreement with all of his policies.

Vietnam, the Six Days War, riots, and insanity. Sometimes, things just change too fast.

Come senators, congressmen
Please heed the call

-Bob Dylan

'Merica and Nixon ended their love affair on the most bitter of terms
'Merica and Nixon ended their love affair on the most bitter of terms | Source

It's Too Late Nixon, Now It's Too Late

8. Richard Nixon- "It's Too Late" by Carole King

Before the disgraces of Carter, Bill Clinton, and G.W. Bush there was the forefather of ruining your own reputation: Mr. Richard Nixon. To this day, cheating is defined by tossing the word "gate" onto end of a word (the New England Patriots famously had 'SpyGate' a few years ago).

He had a lot going for him up to that point: his foreign policy had become viewed as particularly strong. He was strategic with Cuba, supported self-defense efforts in the Middle East, and negotiated a deescalation with the the Soviet Union. He even managed to win a reelection bid in 1972 in a deeply divided political spectrum. However, all things must fall, and the public's outrage over his exposed lying led to impeachment, resignation, and disgrace. For Nixon, and America, the love affair was over. It was too late.

Now, you look so unhappy and I feel like a fool

And it's too late baby

-Carole King

Things were rough for the unsuspecting Ford
Things were rough for the unsuspecting Ford | Source

Ford was a freshman playing with the seniors

7. Gerald Ford- "Feels Like the First Time" by Foreigner

Ford was never intended to be anything more a Vice President by the Republican Party, with his limited governmental experience and "oh, shucks" mannerisms.

Unfortunately for Ford, he was handed a huge, steaming and unexpected mountain of political crap.

He inherited a genocide in Vietnam, a tense situation in the Soviet Union, and Charlie Manson's girlfriend tried to blow his head off.

He also inherited a darker situation than Detroit: under Ford, New York City went belly-up and requested a bailout (which was granted).

For Gerald Ford, ambushed by insanity, it must have felt like the first time he'd ever seen anything like it, invoking the Foreigner classic:

And it feels like the first time
Like it never did before


Jimmy still speaks at almost every event he can get to.  Still has not bitten the dust in a literal sense.
Jimmy still speaks at almost every event he can get to. Still has not bitten the dust in a literal sense. | Source

And a Campaign Bites the Dust

6. Jimmy Carter- "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen

The first bailout of an irresponsible car company (Chrysler), a nasty energy crisis, stagflation and an unpopular boycott of the Olympics made Carter a less than viable candidate for reelection.

He ended up getting decked by a tidal wave of Ronald Reagan in the 1980 election campaign.

As an opponent of the death penalty, could there be a more perfect theme track than "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen?

How do you think I'm going to get along,
without you, when you're gone


Disco Break

If you got an entrance theme, which one would you want?

See results

Ronnie and Gorby

In Mother Russia, the coats wear you!
In Mother Russia, the coats wear you! | Source

Defense Money for Nothing

5. Ronald Reagan- "Money for Nothing" by Dire Straits

Reagan prompted a "return to normalcy" and is lauded by the right while being despised by the left. Polarizing and controversial, he might be the right wing's version of FDR.

He was foremost, a staunch opponent of socialism that waved a clenched fist in the face of the USSR.

Reagan was at the helm while the U.S. was FLUSH WITH CASH. A massive economic recovery, increased defense spending, and budgetary cutbacks on social programs let loose the era of "Reaganomics." This signaled the belief that what is good for corporate America is good for the worker, as funds would "trickle down" from healthy companies. The government didn't have to do much to increase GDP, according to Reagan.

There is no better way to describe his tenure than "Money for Nothing."

That's the way ya do it

Money for nothing

-Dire Straits

Bush League: H.W. is on a boat!
Bush League: H.W. is on a boat! | Source

Read My Lips: That's My Prerogative

4. George H.W. Bush- "My Prerogative" by Bobby Brown

H.W. Bush was a little like the honey badger, he does what he wants.

As he said "this aggression against Kuwait will not stand," Bush was already planning a full-scale, rapid fire assault against an Iraqi dictatorship.

He will hike taxes if he wants. Even if he specifically states "read my lips, no new taxes," Bush doesn't care. Bush does what he wants.

But, hey, that's good ol' Herbert Walker's prerogative.

It's also why the press jumped all over him and made sure he wasn't reelected in favor of the younger, and significantly prettier, Bill Clinton.

They say I'm nasty

but I don't give a damn

-Bobby Brown

Perhaps the funniest SNL character of any president
Perhaps the funniest SNL character of any president | Source

I Want to See Clinton Rap This Track

3. Bill Clinton- "It Wasn't Me" by Shaggy

Bill Clinton had economic prosperity due to a .com boom. He had the end of grunge music. He had relatively successful air campaigns in Yugoslavia and Rwanda. What could possibly go wrong?

How about the worst public sex scandal ever?

His presidency was very peaceful and uneventful, but they say idle hands are the devils playground.

Mr. Clinton's idle hands were eventually full, with every woman he met that ranked under him (no pun intended).

The scandal was large enough to turn his intern into a full-scale celebrity, like a way nastier Kardashian.

His response to the allegations and possible impeachment was somewhere along the lines of Nixon's denial.

came in and she caught me red-handed

creeping with the girl next door


"The view is stupenderous, Pop-Pop."


Stuntin' Like My Daddy (H.W. Bush)

2. George W. Bush- "Stuntin' Like My Daddy" by Lil' Wayne and Birdman

"Dubya" will definitely go down in history as one of the most hated presidents of all time. The Desert Shield was unpopular at best and a grave tragedy at worst. The failure of FEMA in New Orleans was also a hallmark of the presidency. He will also be remembered for fantastical stupenderously big screw ups in grammar stuff and nearly killing himself with of all things, a pretzel.

However, if you payed much attention to the historic details of the man (a la Bob Woodward, etc.) you'd be more likely to find a son. A son that was desperately trying to win the approval of a father by attempting to match the same political course. An inexperienced politician whose cabinet was overrun by the Machiavellian leftovers of ancient administrations (Cheney, Rumsfeld, even Kissinger got involved).

Hey, controversial or not, you can't blame a homie for trying to stunt like his daddy.

What they doin'?

Hatin' on us

-Lil' Wayne/ Birdman

Obama in his natural groove: the campaign trail
Obama in his natural groove: the campaign trail | Source

With how he speaks...

1. Barack Obama- "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon

Barack Obama arrived on the scene as the most eloquent speaker America had touched since Kennedy. His "Hope" and "Change We Can Believe In" and "Yes We Can" mottos have been pure campaign gold. He is the first president in generations to double as an a-list celebrity, in fact, he even fills out an NCAA March Madness bracket and publicizes it every year.

Obama's words came to an America that was frustrated by the failings of a Bush administration and were reeling from a collapsed economy.

Obama has promised economic recovery, help for a middle class, and aide to almost every people group in the United States.

Will he come through? He is running out of time, and people on both sides of the aisle are awaiting a breakthrough. The perception is that he is running out of time to deliver on his catalogue of campaign promises.

At the time of both elections, America has hung on his every word, though. We really could use somebody.

Someone like you, and all you know

and how you speak

-Kings of Leon


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