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Pretty Little Liars -- A Blast From The Past

Updated on August 22, 2012

Paige's past with Ali is revealed

When Ian was shown in the flashback video, I was wondering why, since he's been dead since the end of season one. Then Ted shows up at Ashley's door and reveals he found a thumb drive in the church that contains videos, and one of them has Hanna in it. Hanna tries to steal it before Ashley can watch it, but Ashley catches her and vows to watch what's on it. One of the things on it is the video of Jenna and Toby having sex that Ali used to blackmail Jenna with.

First off, are we really supposed to believe that that thumb drive was just laying there all this time? More than likely it was planted there. Isn't the church where Hanna and Spencer had set their trap to find out who was A, only Wilden showed up instead? So it's more than likely A decided to leave a little gift behind for that gesture. There's also something about Ted I just don't trust. There seems like there's something off about him.

Hanna tells Caleb during computer lab, via private messaging, about the thumb drive. Things are starting to get a little romantic between them as the texting becomes sexting, when Jenna shows up and kicks Hanna off of the computer. When she sits down she and Caleb lock eyes.

Later, while Hanna is trying on a dress at Cece's shop, Caleb grabs her for a secret romantic moment. He tells Hanna he told her mother if she watches the drive she's going to see a smutty video of Hanna so thinks that will stop Ashley from watching. However, when Hanna returns home, Ashley says she watched it, and found herself on candid camera. There was a video of her and Wilden together and she doesn't want that to ruin things between her and Ted, so she throws it down the trash compactor. When Ted shows up wanting to know what Ashley's going to do about the thumb drive, Hanna claims she destroyed it.

Creepy Nate shows up at Emily's door acting like they're a couple now and he even wants he and Emily to go out of town together. She sets him straight that they're not together and he gets all nasty. He says she's just like Maya. That he watched Maya doing the same to men all the time. Meanwhile, Emily tells Paige about the kiss she shared with Nate and said it felt right, which confuses her. Paige says it's because he's Maya's cousin.

Nate shows up at school looking for Emily and runs into Hanna instead. Hanna usually isn't the brightest bulb in the package but she states a fact Psycho Nate doesn't understand or seem to accept. "Dude, aint nothing going to happen between you and Emily because she's gay." Then Hanna turns Nate's wrath on Jenna when she reveals Jenna was pretending to be blind. Earlier, Hanna had told Jenna that the thumb drive had turned up with the video of her and Toby, and Jenna just coldly blew her off. Hanna seems a bit taken aback by Nate yelling at Jenna, "I know you saw me."

He really overreacted to Jenna faking being blind since that happened before he even hit town, or did it? Was Nate in Rosewood a lot longer than he's been claiming? And does he think Jenna saw him doing something he shouldn't have done. And is it a coincidence that what he yelled at Jenna, is kind of similar to what someone texted to Emily when she saw Jenna's car? "I bet you remember me." Could it have been Nate in the car texting Emily?

Cece spots Emily and Paige together and has quite a reaction to it. She tells Spencer Ali wouldn't like it if she knew Emily and Paige were together. Then she reveals a nasty chapter from Ali's past. Paige was another of Ali's victims. Ali was bullying her, she even wrote a love letter to Paige from Emily. When Paige wrote a letter back to Emily, Ali was there to snatch it and reveal Emily never wrote the letter and to say that since she had Paige's letter she now owned her. Then she ran to Cece in the awaiting car and told her to take off, while Cece told Ali she did "Mama" proud.

Spencer recalls that Ali had a bruise on her back from Pigskin, which is what Ali called Paige. Spencer seems more upset about Ali's bruise than what Ali did to Paige to deserve that and a whole lot more. In fact, Spencer shows absolutely no sympathy for what Ali did to Paige, as she rushes to tell Emily that Ali and Paige hated each other. Maybe Spencer is still such a devoted slave to Ali that knowing Ali wouldn't like Emily with Paige she tried to break it up. In Spencer's flashback of Ali, Ali made Spencer take off the dress she was wearing saying it would look better on her than on Spencer and Spencer took it off and gave it to her. Ali had total control over Spencer.

When Spencer tells Emily what Cece said about Paige, Emily warns Spencer she's letting Cece do the same thing to them that Ali did, but Spencer isn't listening. After all, like Ali helped her to win the school election, Cece helped her to get into her dream college. Cece uses helping Spencer to get into her dream school to get her to help unload boxes for her trunk show at the boutique she works at and Spencer agrees, not seeming to see that her new buddy Cece is using helping her as leverage to get Spencer to do what she wants her to do.

While Spencer is unloading boxes, a snake comes out of one of the boxes. Luckily, Cece arrives and saves her, which will probably make her feel even more indebted to her than she was before. Thankfully, Spencer is the only one dumb enough to allow Cece to get her hooks into them. The other girls don't have much use for her.

When Spencer learns Maya's knife vanished from her bag, Spencer becomes convinced that Paige has it in her purse. When Paige comes with Emily to help with the trunk show, Spencer gets her out of the room and goes through her purse. She has an evil smile on her face when she finds something in Paige's purse. It isn't the knife, but the other earring that Aria got sent and was blackmailed into admitting Meredith didn't trash Byron's office. Spencer is now convinced Paige is A and that she dug up her beloved Ali's body.

Emily, however, has had more than enough of Spencer when she catches her going through Paige's purse. Paige breaks down in Emily's arms, later, as she tells her the way Ali tortured and tormented her. It sounds like she was almost driven to suicide, but she knew if she did that nasty Ali would win and she wasn't going to let her win. When Paige goes in the house, Jenna comes up to warn Emily to be careful who she's hanging out with before getting into an awaiting taxi. The cab is filled with her luggage. It appears she's getting out of dodge to get away from Psycho Nate.

Meanwhile, Aria tracks down Ezra's ex-girlfriend, Maggie, and discovers she didn't have an abortion, but gave birth to Ezra's son, Malcolm. When she gets back home to celebrate Ezra's birthday he tells her he called Maggie and is now satisfied she's doing well. Aria keeps quiet about her visit to Maggie, which would be all well and good, if she hadn't told Ezra's brother Wesley that Maggie had Ezra's son.

And on the A side of town, A and a member of The A Team are together. They're both wearing black gloves and wearing hoodies presumably. One of them passes something to the other one. BTW, I noticed that last week A was wearing his/her hoodie and gloves and hung up five hoodies, which means that there's six people working together.


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      Anon 5 years ago

      Your thoughts are amazing, keep it up :)


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