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Pretty Little Liars -- A Bloody Knife Is Found

Updated on January 14, 2015

And it's Toby vs Spencer and Caleb

As we left off last week, Ali got put in the can for Mona and Bethany’s murders and the liars celebrated being free of A. Then fireworks went off and a giant red A appeared in the sky. So it seems Ali isn’t A, and since the liars are calling her A now, it’s not such a big surprise. When have they ever been right on who A is.

Toby's delivering some documents to a desk clerk in lock-up. Runs into Orange Suit Alison. She tells Toby the liars need to stop ignoring her calls and that they’ll be chained to a bench with her next if A doesn’t kill them, first.

Ali is such a delusional psycho. She starts trying to play the harp strings over how just like Toby, she’s in jail for something she didn’t do. Conveniently forgetting she’s the one who blackmailed him into going to jail for her crime. Just like her trying to say she’s been protecting the liars from A, when she knew who A was and let the liars be terrorized while she hid out and kept herself safe from A.

Aria thinks Holbrook is helping Ali. Hanna doesn’t think he’s that bad and reveals she once kissed him. While Spencer wants to know how many schools Hanna has gotten into.

When Emily tries to talk to Aria about Paige [you know, like all the times she’s whined about Ezra] she quickly turns it into all about herself and her paranoia about A sabotaging her from getting in college. Maybe she’s just not good enough.

Ashley wants to quit working for Jessica and Jason tries to convince her to stay. Now that Ali has been arrested she’s no longer pro-Ali. Thank God!

Toby finds a knife on the grounds of Mona’s house and covers it back up, then lies about finding anything. Seriously, shouldn’t he be wearing gloves when he’s searching for evidence? Not only is it a bad joke about him being a cop, he’s a bad joke as a cop.

Toby says the knife belongs to him. Caleb says he’s also used the knife. It was at Toby’s cabin. Toby’s worried about the knife being the murder weapon. Caleb and Spencer want Toby to get rid of the knife. When Toby balks, she caves and wants them to do nothing about the knife.

Ezra's opening a book store cum restaurant. Emily offers to cater Ezra’s opening party.

Ali calls up Ashley. She’s actually calling up Jason. Ashley urges Jason to take her call, but he won’t. Jason tells Ashley he wonders if Ali had something to do with killing Jessica. I think she did and she made sure she had an alibi for it.

Caleb tells Hanna about the knife while she’s touring a college. She leaves to come back.

Aria has a fit when Emily critiques her letter to a college and says she needs to work on it. Ezra overhears her saying she’s gotten turned down by the colleges she’s applied. Ezra reveals his ex-Jackie is in charge of admissions. The ex that Aria blackmailed. So maybe Aria can stop whining that A is out to get her.

Caleb reveals to Spencer he once got arrested for suspicion of murder. He’s worried it could happen again if his prints are on the knife. Spencer offers to help Caleb get the knife. I know they’ll never become a couple, but I’ve always thought Spencer and Caleb have much better chemistry than Spencer and Toby. But I still think Hanna and Caleb are the best couple.

Emily's having a hard time trying to prepare the catering for Ezra’s party. She’s just not a great cook. She tries to snow Ezra when he comes and declares everything will be great.

Hanna goes to some run down trailer park. She sees a dead animal hanging from its back hooves. She’s looking for Holbrook. A kid yells for, “Papa.” Meanwhile Spencer and Caleb go looking for the knife.

Hanna meets up with Holbrook’s father. He confuses Hanna with Ali. Says if anyone knows where Holbrook is, it should be her. Holbrook lied to come back from his out of town assignment that he needed to return to care for his father. The old guy looked too old to be the father of the kid. Maybe Holbrook is his daddy.

Caleb finds the knife and miracles or miracles he doesn’t pick it up with his bare hands. Meanwhile Hanna finds a stuffed animal in her car filled with gross raw meat [at least I hope that’s what it was and not Mona’s innards.]

Emily once again thinks Aria’s admittance letter sucks, since she basically blames Ezra for not achieving in high school. Ezra asks someone else to help out in the kitchen instead of Emily. Emily isn’t pleased. Let me guess. Talia will be Emily’s new love interest since Paige is freezing her out.

Caleb comes to Spencer and says he couldn’t get rid of the knife. Caleb says that as long as the knife exists, A will get it back and use it against them, if they get rid of it. Spencer decides to melt it down in the kiln at school. Let me guess? Before they can do it, A will get it.

While Spencer goes snooping around, Caleb is locked in the kiln to be fried along with the knife, apparently. Aria goes to confront Jackie in person. Aria wants Jackie to delete the letter she sent. She believed Aria’s letter and is now all “We survived the devil known as Ezra Fitz”. She thinks they’re sisters.

Spencer gets back to the kiln and rescues Caleb. Then she ups the temperature to melt down the knife. I’m shocked A didn’t get it. But maybe Spencer and Caleb are doing exactly what A wants and the knife would have proved who really killed Mona.

Hanna goes to visit Ali in jail. She tells Ali to give up. Ali claims she could have thrown them all under the bus. I'd like to know how? She opens her big yap and her fake alibi for all her crimes for the past two years will disintegrate. Ali claims she was waiting for Cyrus to show up, and that’s where she was when Mona was killed. She conveniently leaves out the part where she was smirking outside of Mona’s house.

A man named Johnny Raymond tells Spencer that Veronica has offered to let him rent the guest house. Meanwhile Talia mentors Emily over her cooking.

Jason reveals to Ashley that he’s the one who got Ali arrested and his father kicked him out. Ashley offers him food. Is an Ashley and Jason pairing on the horizon?

Toby's mad that Spencer teamed up with Caleb and got the knife. He was going to turn it into the cops and when he went back he found it gone. He tells her now that he’s a cop she can’t tell him things, like how she and Caleb destroyed it. As a cop he could use them against her.

Ashley tries to find out for Jason why a tenant hasn’t had a lease for three years and has been living there. Ashley tells Jason she’s not looking forward to living alone in the house when Hanna moves out. Jason kisses Ashley and then apologizes. She welcomes another kiss from him and returns it.

Aria gets into the college Jackie works at.

Aria finds an excerpt from the letter she wrote trashing Ezra in a college catalog in Ezra’s book store.

Hanna comes home and finds the remains of Jason and Ashley’s dinner and sees Jason coming down the stairs buttoning up his shirt.

Someone passes a note to Ali saying her friends will see her soon. That could either be a promise to give Ali what she wants or a threat. Little Ali is the type that she'll drag you down with her if you turn on her.


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