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Pretty Little Liars -- A Broken Liar

Updated on February 28, 2013

Original Airing: February 26, 2013

This was a really sad episode because A succeeded in totally breaking the strongest liar of them all, Spencer. What’s so sad is that the way the A’s did it might have just been one big lie and trick.

Spencer finally told the other liars about Toby, unfortunately, Emily refused to believe it was true. She began a crusade to find Toby, to make him tell her the truth to her face. She snuck in his loft and searched it and found his E Lamb Radley Sanitarium ID. She snuck on her mother’s computer to look up a picture of E. Lamb, but Pam returned before she could see the face, which makes me wonder if the face would really belong to Toby or if it belonged to someone else. Finally, Toby texted her to meet him that night.

Meanwhile, Spencer received a funeral wreath that A put together and since two of the letters in the banner were lighter than the rest of the banner, she became convinced Emily was going to be targeted to make her pay for telling the liars the truth about Toby, because the letters were the initials for Emily’s name. When Spencer confronted Mona and Mona looked pointedly at Emily, this also convinced Spencer that Emily would be the A’s next target. Later, Spencer followed Mona out to the woods were she found a body in a motorcycle helmet and a tattoo on his back that she became convinced was Toby as Mona chanted in the woods that he was dead.

Hanna was more occupied with her own troubles. Ashley made Hanna promise not to tell the liars what happened. Later, Ashley thought she saw Wilden standing across the street looking at her. She tried to convince herself she hadn’t hurt Wilden that badly. Meanwhile, Hanna came home and found Wilden’s patrol car in her garage and the video of Ashley running down Wilden. Hanna called Aria and filled her in and got her to help her sink the car into the lake. Then Hanna convinced Ashley to keep quiet about she did when she wanted to go to the police.

It’s interesting that of all the liars, Hanna is the one who always prefers to lie and cover things up instead of telling the truth. The other liars seemed to have learned that by covering things up and keeping secrets that’s how A gets control over them.

It was also interesting that neither Aria nor Hanna had that much trouble buying that Toby was an A. Hanna even came up with what I’ve been saying since it happened. It was too coincidental the way Toby brought Dr. Sullivan back to town just in time to diagnose her with a mental disorder so she’d go to Radley instead of being arrested for her crimes.

Emily waited for Toby at the appointed time but he never showed up. When she saw Red Coat go inside a building, she got out of her car and went to investigate. She ran into a guy she ran into earlier who said he worked with Toby, but hadn’t seen him for weeks. He knew who she was and claimed her never saw a woman in a red coat enter. When Emily went back to her car, her car window was broken and a funeral service brochure with Toby’s picture on the front was left behind, suggesting Toby was dead. I think it was Hanna who suggested that maybe they just wanted them to think Toby was dead, as the girls wondered where Spencer was.

Spencer was found roaming in the woods totally out of it. She was admitted to Radley in a catatonic state. Thinking Toby was dead because she told the other liars about him was the last straw and it pushed her totally over the edge. Unfortunately, the sad part is Spencer never removed the helmet to see if it was really Toby or even tried to check the pulse of the person lying there to see if he was really dead. She bought it because Mona chanted he was dead and because he had a tattoo on his back like Toby has. It’s just sad the A’s totally destroyed Spencer over what might be a hoax or that she totally unraveled over a guy that had been using her from the start.

In other news, Malcolm and Maggie have come to Rosewood as Maggie looks for a place and job in town. Aria agreed to look after Malcolm while Maggie was out on a job interview and when she had her back turn he fell and hurt himself. Aria feel incredibly guilty and Ezra didn’t really help matters. Later, when Ezra invited Aria over to his place to spend time with Malcolm she lied to get out of it.

You know, taking Ezra and Aria out of their isolated little love bubble may have been a big mistake. It’s kind of showing what a really horrible and uninteresting couple they are. The story of Ezra’s rich family and his secret kid have done Ezria no favors. In a way, Ezra’s now in his isolated bubble with his rich family and secret kid while Aria looks in from the outside. The problem with Ezra still exists that he has no connection to the A mystery. He needed to become involved in the mystery not giving this lame side story. It’s pretty sad that Paige hasn’t been involved with Emily very long and she’s involved in the A mystery, while Ezra is still off in his bubble completely untouched by A.

Finally, there was no ending A moment, this week. Instead a fisherman was fishing in the lake and he caught a cap with Rosewood Police Department printed on it. If he turns it in, the patrol car may be found sooner rather than later. Hanna just better hope being underwater destroyed the video of Ashley running down Wilden. She’d also better hope that an A wasn’t out in the woods filming Hanna and Aria pushing that car into the lake, like A did when the liars were standing around Ali’s open grave.

It seems with Spencer out of commission it’ll be Emily who takes over her role in pushing the other liars to find out the truth. Ever since Spencer learned about Toby, Emily was the one who has been stepping up to the mantle. It would be interesting that the liar that was considered the weakest one would actually turn out to be the strongest one of all. A has put Emily through a lot of torture, including having Maya be discovered dead in her backyard, and they never managed to break her the way they did Spencer. Just the opposite has been true. All the torture they’ve put her through has only seemed to make her stronger.


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