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Pretty Little Liars -- A Call From The Grave

Updated on January 27, 2015

Mona reaches out and touches the liars...

The big events on this episode of were the liars receiving a message from Mona and Caleb and Spencer possibly finding the pickled or melted remains of Mona. Whatever the case, they apparently smell real bad.

A was still tormenting Aria with the Ezra Sucks letter. She went to Ezra's bookshop and when she paid for her coffee he nasty letter was printed out on the receipt. Conveniently enough, Aria is real hot to find Holbrook, who she thinks is helping Ali/A. Maybe I'm excessively cynical when it comes to Aria, but I doubt she'd have been so hot to find Holbrook if she wasn't personally invested in it. In other words, if Holbrook is the one sending her Ezra Sucks letters to her, then she can get him to stop before Ezra finds out about it. Of course, the simple thing would be to tell him the truth about what she did. Considering him seducing and stalking her to write a book, and all the lies he told, she'd have enough leeway to get a free pass for this one.

Meanwhile the nightmare the shippers call Spoby was still going strong. Spencer wasn't thrilled when she got back college acceptances from colleges that were far away and she didn't really want to go to. Toby didn't get it, which is pretty bad, since to not get it means he doesn't have a clue about his girlfriend. Then later he looked at Spencer's phone, definite breaking of the Good Boyfriend Code and had a fit because Spencer and Caleb are investigating and demanded they tell him what they found out. Why? So you can rat them out to the cops? Didn't this doofus tell Spencer last week she couldn't tell him things because he's a cop now?

While she was having a complete disconnect with Robo Cop, she had a meeting of the minds with new tenant Johnny. If Veronica of the radical and sagacious thoughts her new boarder was putting in Spencer's head, she would have never rented to him. Stuff like Spencer doesn't need to go to college to leave Rosewood and how you can learn by experiencing life opposed to going to college. It would be really ironic if Spencer decided not to go to college, as she was the most college-obsessed liar when the show first began.

Hanna was dealing with the aftermath of learning about Jason and Ashley. To further complicate matters Pastor Ted returns from wherever. He asks Hanna's permission to marry Ashley. Hanna's all for it, since she'd rather had him for a new stepdaddy than Jason. Unfortunately, not wanting to ruin Ted's surprise for Ashley she doesn't get her a heads up about what's in the wind. So when Ted does pop the question, Ashley is gobsmacked and says she needs some time.

I think if Pastor Ted was the right man for Ashley she wouldn't have slept with Jason just because he was out of town at the moment. I know shippers just love Pastor Ted, but then shippers don't care about things like he's not right for her. I think Pastor Ted is kind of boring and that Ashley always has to act on her best around him. And she's never really been able to count on him or confide her secrets in him. I think deep down Ashley knows there's something not right about their relationship otherwise she wouldn't have had sex with Jason. For a relationship to work you need to be able to be yourself and to be able to confide your secrets in them. That's not Ashley's relationship with Pastor Ted.

All the liars were freaked when they got a text message for Dead Mona. Caleb figured out whomever had the laptop triggered one of Mona's security traps and it caused the message to be sent to them. Because of the message, Caleb was able to trace where the lap top was being kept.

It lead him and Spencer to a storage locker where an ominous big smelly barrel was kept, along with bloody clothes and the lap top. Caleb and Spencer decided to book it out of dodge before they fell into another trAp.

It seems all the messages signed H that Aria assumed were from Holbrook were really from Hanna. Makes sense. Like, why would Holbrook be texting her? Or maybe they weren't from Hanna. The whole thing didn't make sense to be honest and I wasn't paying half-attention as it was Aria the waste of space and airtime. Even A doesn't bother with her half the time. She was all put out because she wasted her precious time trying to track down Holbrook. Imagine that, for once she actually tried to investigate A and it was a waste of time. Poor baby. Then when Hanna admits she visited Ali she gets all in her face and I'm like, "Hey, bitch, maybe you should back off, since you're acting just like you did when you accused Hanna of trying to seduce your mother's boyfriend and were a Grade A bitch to her." Yet, Hanna forgave this cow for the way she acted. Seriously, it's why I wish Hanna had had enough self-esteem to blow the liars off. They're not good friends to her. Frankly they and Ali deserve each other.

On a side note, Jason and Aria shippers hearts were all aflutter because they shared a scene together. For me, whatever chemistry this duo once had died a long time ago. To be frank, I wouldn't wish even Ezra on her after what she did to get admitting into college. She's just a horrible retch.

Finally, Caleb gave Hanna a big dose of bad news. The storage locker with the strange smelling barrel that might possibly be Mona's dead rotting corpse and lap top and all the evidence has been rented under Hanna's name. So it looks like Hanna is being framed for the crime to get Ali out of jail. So Hanna's problems just keep coming it seems.


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