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Pretty Little Liars -- A Dishes Out Some Nasty Treats

Updated on January 17, 2012

A leaves Emily alone and starts picking on Hanna

First, I've got to say a giant, "I told you so." Lucas wasn't in cahoots with A. There was an explanation for his suspicious behavior. Just watched too many years of Three's Company when Mr. Roper would hear what he thought was some kind of sexual innuendo only for it to be completely innocent.

Third episode and no real sighting of the malicious Jenna and where's Jason. When is Spencer going to discover the guy she suspects is actually her brother?

On to the show, A's was after Hannah with a vengeance, this episode. Hannah was recovering from her dip in the lake, when she discovered A had replaced the water in her water bottle with Lake water when she drank some by accident. It was accompanied by a nasty text message from A. This wasn't the last time this episode Hannah would find herself on the other end of A's perversity.

The other Pills weren't happy to discover Hannah had been keeping some important facts from them about Lucas. Like he was the one who trashed Allison's memorial. This wasn't the first secret Spencer has discovered that Hannah has been keeping from her. Last week Emily let slip that Hannah got all nasty doing the nasty on her nana's sofa.

Spencer showed the other Pills all the stuff she found in the attic that leads her to believe A was using it as her/his headquarters. They discover a receipt from Philadelphia and Spencer wants to check it out. Hannah pleads the bad taste of lake water for getting out of the trip, so Aria goes with Spencer. When they get there all they find is a newstand and think they've reached a dead end. Aria leaves to return to town for her date with Holden. She's getting him to take her to the theater, hoping she'll run into Ezra there. After Aria leaves, Spencer notices there's a lot of blind people in the area and follows them back to the rehab center they live in, and realizes this is where Jenna went to for rehab.

Back at home, Hannah has a fight with Mona, because she's more upset about her picture being taken down at school then Mona's problems. Mona stalks away asking Hannah just how selfish she can be. While Hannah in a stall in the girls' bathroom someone comes in. It's A. A fills the sink with water and it overflows on the bathroom floor. By the sink is a mock rowboat.

Emily is concerned and a bit suspicious when Mya keeps getting phone calls and texts. Emily worries if Mya could be getting tormented by A, too, while I wonder if she could be in cahoots with A. Turns out it's Mya's ex who won't take no for an action. Emily's a bit taken aback when she discovers Mya was involved with a man.

Just as Aria hoped she and Holden run into Ezra on their date, but Aria's sad when Ezra ditches the theater and leaves. Holden figures out what Aria's up to and offers to be her beard. He says there's things about him he doesn't want him family to know, too.

Lucas' parents claim he's called and he's fine. Hannah, however, believe Caleb is going to come after her. Turns out she isn't wrong. He breaks into her house during a thunderstorm and corners her in her bedroom. Luckily, Caleb shows up and rides to the rescue. Turns out the Pills were wrong and Lucas wasn't in cahoots with A. Turns out he has a gambling problems and he lost all of Caleb's money. So whoever was in the greenhouse it wasn't Lucas.

Spencer gets confirmation from a fellow blind student that Jenna was indeed there for rehab. He credits Jenna for helping him adjust to his life of being blind. When the receptionist is a stickler about all visitors signing in, Spencer gets an idea. She swipes the sign-in book for the day of Allison's murder.

After leaving the school, Spencer thinks she's being stalked. It turns out it's only Mona. Mona chews Spencer's ear off about Noel and unlike Hannah, Spencer gives Mona some positive advice that cheers Mona up.

Later, Spencer shows the other Pills the sign in book and they realize Jenna lied. Allison didn't come and visit her. But Garrett signed Jenna out and didn't sign her back in. She could have been in town doing anything.

When the Pills open their Chinese take-out, they find it filled with dirt and worms. They get a nasty text from A. Meanwhile, A is seen loosening a scaffolding. In the previews, Toby is seen falling from it.

Since Jenna has been blowing Garrett off, he may be the one behind all this A nastiness, to try and impress Jenna and get her back.

I'm not convinced that Jenna is A, what with the way this show loves serving up red herrings. It would be ironic if Mona is really A. Mona and Noel were skinnydipping out on the lake when someone appeared to pull Hannah into the water and Mona just happened to show up where Spencer was following a lead on A. Kind of coincidental.


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