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Pretty Little Liars -- A Does Some Dental Work On Hanna

Updated on February 2, 2014

And A gives Emily a lousy piece of advice

The episode began with Emily still mad at Spencer. While Aria and Emily went to the movies together, Hanna and Spencer were taking different routes to trying to solve the A mystery. Of course, when Spence found out what Hanna was doing she couldn't help but try and put her down as dumb, again. Spencer likes to be the one to come up with the ideas; too bad for her she hasn't really been coming up with many these days and Hanna's ideas have been good ones. So she has to put her down so she doesn't feel threatened that Hanna is becoming the Smart Liar. And before any Spencer fans rush in to declare Spencer is the smart liar, why didn't Miss Brain think of checking dental records. Be honest, since Spencer spent time in Radley, her brains have been fried, and she's frying them a little more by popping pills.

Anyway, Hanna decided to start reading mystery novels where the people investigating the crimes actually do smart things and ask smart questions, unlike the liars. They also solve crimes. Detective Holbrook showed up and seemed to be sniffing around Hanna, proving once again that all the twenty-something men seem to troll the high school when looking for dates. He noticed Hanna reading mystery novels and suggested one to her, pointing on the middle had a cool twist with dental records.

After reading it Hanna figures out the reason Ali was falsely identified as the body buried beneath the gazebo is someone switched her dental records. So she makes a dental appointment so she can slip in to get hold of the sign-in sheets to figure out who might have switched Ali's dental records. Unfortunately, somehow A figures out what Hanna is up to and takes measures to stop her.

After Hanna steals the sign-in pages A gasses her then does a little dental work on her. In one of the most physically invasive and violating moments since A gave Emily a massage [still don't buy it was Lucas who did it] A leaves a message inside Hanna's tooth, telling her to stop looking.

Meanwhile Spencer is going over Ali's diary from the pics she took of it with her phone and obsessing over who Board Shorts could be. Is anyone bored with Board Shorts? I know I am. If I never hear the phrase Board Shorts again I'll be happy. Anyway, maybe while Hanna was reading mystery novels Spencer was watching out reruns of Criminal Minds on Hulu Plus, cause she suddenly imagined herself on a date with Ali as Board Shorts, like the show used to do when recreating crimes in season one of the show. The only thing she could come up about him was he likes boysenberry pie with beer and they meet at a particular bar. So Spencer goes there and who is there but Ezra and he's eating boysenberry pie with a beer, but not just any beer. He's drinking Board Shorts Beer. So Board Shorts isn't someone who wears board shorts but drinks the beer brand called Board Shorts. So Spencer is now convinced Ezra is Board Shorts. Good luck trying to convince Aria of that.

Spencer is also popping pills. She asks Andrew for some since he uses them so he can do all he does at school and he gives her a few. She claims she needs them so she can stay up studying, but she seems to be using them to stay up all night studying Ali's diary entries. If you've ever seen the Hillywood Breaking Dawn Parody where Bella is pregnant and has these black circles around her eyes, that's exactly what Spencer looks like until she starts pill popping. The really funny thing is Hanna is also staying up late at night reading but she doesn't have any dark circles under her eyes. Maybe it's proof it's more damaging reading stuff off your I-Phone than a regular ordinary book.

Emily seems to be A's primary target because she met with Ali and they perhaps think she can tell them something important in how to find Ali. Emily thinks she hears someone breaking into her house and nearly stabs her father, Wayne, whose home on leave. Emily wasn't imagining it as there was a hand print on the window sill outside her bedroom window. Someone was trying to creep in her window. Then when she's alone in the high school doing work for Ezra a neon sign flashes "Act normal, bitch." To which I wish Emily would have screamed back. "Hey, bitch, stop terrorizing me and I'll act normal."

Emily barricades herself in a classroom as A tries to breakdown the door. Emily sees her father arriving and breaks a window screaming to him for help. He climbs up the side of the building and gets her out before A can get to her, then collapses on the ground. That's when A takes a backseat as Emily learns her father is home on leave because he's having heart problems. That's so not good when you got some psycho terrorizing you and who might try to get their kicks by scaring your father and bringing on a heart attack.

While Aria has been consumed with Ezra, per usual, she discovers her brother is getting close to sleeping with her enemy. She comes home and finds Mike having a party and Mona as a guest. Then at school she sees them playing tonsil hockey. Mona and Mike are apparently seeing the new school psychologist and that's how they've grown close. Kind of coincidental that after Hanna reveals Mike groped her boob Mona's interested in Mike.

Then Aria run into Maggie and they get into a cat fight. I think you'd have to declare Maggie the winner with her parting shot that Aria has no business looking down on her when she's sleeping with her teacher to get good grades.

So to recap, while Hanna and Spencer are investigating and Emily is being terrorized, Aria is once again far removed from the action.

In other news, Ezra asked for a private meeting with Mona behind the closed room of his classroom, while Mona smirks. And Tippy the bird is doing fine, as A shreds the sign-in sheets and lines the bottom of his birdcage with them.


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