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Pretty Little Liars -- A Funeral With No Body

Updated on January 12, 2015

And the Liars are out to get Ali

It's three months later and it's Mona’s funeral, but but her body is still MIA.

Ali shows up at Mona’s funeral. She comes up to Mona’s mother and says she didn’t kill Mona. Mona's Mon responds by hitting Ali in her little flowered red dress wanting to know where Mona’s body is. She could have at least worn black, couldn't she, to show some respect?

Peter tells Spencer that Bethany Young’s parents are trying to get her bail revoked.

There’s supposedly a witness to Spencer whacking Bethany, Jessica said she saw Spencer with a blonde that looked just like Ali dressed like Ali in her backyard the night Bethany was killed. Wilden buried Jessica’s statement. Guess no one knows Cece, who also looks like Ali, was also dressed like Ali in the backyard that night, too. Big question is why did Wilden bury it? Especially when you consider the run-in Wilden and Veronica had that got him suspended and kicked off the case in season 1.

Hanna suggests to Caleb they go to Mrs. Grunwald to find out where Mona’s body is. Caleb suggests it’s a bad mistake to go to her. Ravenswood just won’t die, will it? I can’t believe the liars still think Ali was ever buried alive. Spencer, at the very least, should have figured out the truth, by now, after what Melissa told her about what happened that night. If Melissa buried Bethany as Ali and Spencer walked away, how could Ali be buried alive in the very same spot Bethany was already buried in?

Ali comes up to Aria, as she’s reading a letter that she got turned down for the college she applied for. Aria tells her to leave them all alone and calls her A. When Ali won’t go, Aria starts blowing a rape whistle that makes Ali flee.

Ali has an alibi. The liars decide to tear it down to put guilt on her and off of Spencer. They hope that might stop Spencer’s bail from being revoked.

Grunwald sniffs Mona’s headstone at Hanna’s behest. Hanna gives her Mona’s dog to try to vibe off of where Mona’s body may be.

Spencer goes to see Jason. She asks why Jason is protecting Ali. She reminds him that she’s his sister, too. Ali has set her up and only he can help her. Mona’s DNA was found in Ali’s trunk. Later, Emily reveals she swiped Ali’s brush and wants to plant Ali’s DNA at Mona’s house to prove she was there.

Grunwald says Mona is no longer in Rosewood. She’s surrounded by earth and insects. Sounds like she's been buried some place else. She says Ali and Mona both hated each other and feared each other because they both knew something about each other. Only she doesn’t mention names. She’s more vague than that. We also have some supernatural happenings in the tomb of flowers falling off and blowing around. Marlene King just can’t stop the supernatural stuff or get over her creation, Ravenswood, was cancelled the first season cause it sucked.

Jason confronts Ali about leaving during Thanksgiving dinner. Ali says she’s being framed by the liars. She swears she didn’t kill Mona. I don’t think she did, either. What I think she did was order it done, then she arrived after the deed to smirk outside the scene of the crime well-pleased with herself.

Caleb is trying to figure out what Mona has hidden on her lap top, but she encrypted it well. Aria drops by to see Caleb. She goes to Caleb because she’s been rejected from all the colleges she’s applied for. She asks Caleb to hack into the school’s site. He shows her how to hack into the site, herself. Then for some reason the dingbat takes Mona's computer out of Caleb's capable hands.

Emily and Spencer break into Mona’s house to plant evidence against Ali. That’s when Spencer notices there’s a camera planted in the vent. They go to Hanna to go to Mona’s mother to tip her off about the camera.

Hanna has a flashback where Mona says she’s smarter than Spencer. She just hides it. Hanna tells Mona’s mother that Mona talked about setting up cameras in the house.

Aria goes looking for Mike and is confronted by a Hoodie who staple guns her in plastic as he/she steals Mona's laptop that she has. If Caleb honestly let Aria have Mona’s laptop he’s a bonehead and he generally isn’t. The Hoodie also had Mike’s phone. The scene played really lame. What happened to Aria’s self-defense training? She didn’t even try to put up a fight. They also flashed a hash tag on the screen if Aria can trust Ezra? Are they suggesting it was him?

Grunwald comes to see Ali. She quickly blows Grunwald off. Before she goes Grunwald lays hands on her and seems to be vibing off her.

Tanner shows the footage of Mona being attacked by a blonde or someone in a blonde wig. Jason says it could be Alison. He reveals that Ali wasn’t with him or his father when Mona was killed.

Ali asks Jason to stall the police so she can get away, but the liars are waiting for her. They won’t let her go. Ali claims she’s been protecting them and without her they’ll be next. Seriously, how has she ever protected them? She’s kept vital info from them. She knew Mona was A and did nothing to stop her from terrorizing them. Unless A is working for her and following her orders, that's the only way that claim has any validity to it.

Aria tells Mike that Ali was arrested for Mona’s murder and he has a non-reaction to it. She says she’s afraid what Mike knows because Mona knew a lot about her. He says she’s like the rest of them pretending Mona was a saint when they didn’t even know her. He says Mona wasn’t nice. He breaks down over Mona once he’s alone.

Paige and Emily say goodbye before she leaves for California. Emily says Paige doesn’t have to go because Ali has been arrested. Paige says she won’t stay arrested. Paige also says she’s tired of fighting and she wants to go.

Spencer comes home to find Tanner and Toby waiting for her. Tanner says they don’t think Mona is Ali’s only victim and the charges against Spencer are being dropped.

Spencer thinks they should all leave town after they graduate from high school. They can all have actual lives. Fireworks go off and a giant A goes off in the sky.


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