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Pretty Little Liars -- A Is for All-Knowing

Updated on March 3, 2015

Or does it stand for Andrew?

Aria pays Veronica money to ask her [without mentioning his name] what kind of trouble Mike could be in. I have to ask, but why are they so certain Mike is really telling the truth and that he’s innocent and that Ali’s innocent? He acted like a raving sociopath who wanted to set-up the liars and take them down. And now because he claims Ali wasn’t in town that means she’s suddenly innocent. This is why the liars will never figure out who A is. They believe everything a suspect tells them and then start looking for someone else to pin the A mantle on.

Talia tells Emily she's quit working for Ezra and that she talked honestly with Eric and they're separating. As I’ve said before, I really can drum up no interest for this insta-romance. It just makes me think Paige was smart getting out of Rosewood and dumping Emily. But then if you look at the past, aside from Maya, Emily’s turnover rate from one girlfriend to the next is pretty startling. How can she honestly develop deep feelings for these women when she just jumps from one relationship to the next.

Spencer's heading out of town for a college interview. Hanna suggests Spencer tell her mother the truth and Emily is in for that, but Aria doesn't want the truth told since it might put Mike in danger of being arrested. Seriously, why should the liars even care and why should they keep quiet to protect Mike who wasn’t doing anything to try to protect them from the looks of it.

Ali’s writing “Mona” in the sand when she’s told she has a visitor. It’s Veronica. Veronica asks Ali why the liars are suddenly coming to visit her. She says they know she's innocent now. I still don't buy it. She has the nerve to ask Veronica what she'd tell Spencer to do, since she was in the same spot. Yeah, because you set her up to be arrested, you lying delusional skag. I hate when this cretin tries to use someone she victimized to get someone to help her. She asks Veronica to coach her for her big performance on the witness stand.

Andrew comes out of the bushes for one of his tutoring sessions with Aria. He suggests they go see a movie on Watergate about a shadowy figure sending anonymous messages. Yeah, he’s coming off very A-like. I could even build a case against him for being A. Like him supplying Spencer with drugs, which seemed out of character for him when it happened.

Spencer arrives at Melissa's apartment and runs into her and Wren's flat mate. Melissa isn't there. She's off with Wren. You’d think Melissa would be there after Spencer has kept quiet her murder confession.

Someone leaves a message for Ali under the “Mona” she wrote, “told everything. So now it's, “Mona told everything.”

Aria tells Hanna she's found Cyrus and wants to talk to him. Cyrus is in the hospital. She wants Hanna to go with her. Seriously, why does she need Hanna to go with her. Why not her precious brother Mike since he’s in the know about Cyrus?

Spencer meets someone at Oxford trying to get accepted. She actually seems to be doing well, until A strikes again. Interesting enough A hasn’t tried to sabotage Hanna and Aria’s meetings with potential out-of-state colleges. Only Spencer. Does that mean something or is it just meaningless?

Cyrus is in the burn unit.

Ali finds a tin can under her prison cot. It has a little Ali doll in a prison outfit with a note from A. Meanwhile things take a bad turn for Spencer when a broken blood vials leaks through her purse and she has to run out of the interview. Of course, how A just knew the blood would break and leak out at precisely the right moment is something only A knows apparently.

Emily is practicing her dancing for the pageant and Talia just happens to see her. Gag. I thought the whole thing about Hanna being in the pageant was for her to earn the money for college, herself, not for Emily to earn it for her. This whole story is one big stinker. The only way they could have salvaged it is if Hanna had ignored what the pageant coach said and entered anyway and run. Instead Hanna was told once more she’s just not good enough. Oh, joy!

Cyrus says what happened to him was no accident. He writes he was carjacked.

A texts Spencer that there's more blood from where that came from.

Now Emily's teaching Talia to dance. She starts crying.

Hanna figures out what Cyrus wrote was really Varjack and that A talked to Cyrus in person. The person in the bed next to Cyrus seems to be faking and may be A. Yes, more of the all-knowing psychic A.

Spencer going through her luggage to search for more blood vials.

Melissa and Wren's flat mate tells Spencer she's having a panic attack and he tries to get her to calm down.

Claire, the head of the pageant, tells Emily all contestants must be of good moral character. She encourages her to drop out because of her association with Ali. Emily immediately thought it was because she was gay.

Ashley made up with Ted. Hanna isn't exactly thrilled. Hanna says it wasn't fair Ted made Ashley twist in the wind for so long.

Talia decides to take on Claire for Emily, proving her wuv and devotion, no doubt.

Aria falls boom when she tries to get something she sees pinned to a dart board hanging up high. Andrew says if Mike had been on the weight bench it would have crushed his skull.

Veronica looks through Ali's file.

Andrew and Aria kiss.

Whatever Veronica sees in the file makes her call up Spencer and tell her to cancel her flight back to Rosewood.

Hanna goes to see Ali. Ali claims she really thought she was helping the liars when she told them what to do. Says being in jail made her realize how she treated the girls and asks Hanna if they can start over. Hanna says she doesn't know, but they can try. However, Ali must be honest about everything. That will be a first and I’ll believe it when I see it. But how will we be able to tell? She claimed she was telling the truth before and that was also a lie.

A puts money in all the bibles at the prison marking the passage that says, “Vengeance is mine." So from that are we to believe that A is also religious? Be on the look-out for anyone carrying a bible. They could be A.


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