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Pretty Little Liars -- A Ravenswood Promo Wrapped In A Pretty Little Liars Episode

Updated on July 17, 2013

And from what I've seen, I'll take a pass on Ravenswood

So, apparently what was supposed to be some new lead about Ali, was really just a way to self-promote their new show. It seemed a stretch to think Ali would be calling some house mother with a bad rep, considering she was just a teen and she'd be more apt to be calling up a fraternity house instead of a sorority house. So Tippy the bird, the phone number and Miss Grunwald never had anything to do with the A mystery. Wow, that's a lot of groundwork wasted on a shameless self-promotion. Too bad the writers don't put that much thought into actually writing the A mystery.

So, let's get the Ravenswood junk out of the way first.

Mona came back and she outted little lying Spencer for covering for Toby giving A back the lair. Aria and Emily snarled at Mona, saying Spencer wouldn't do something like that. Then they looked at a quiet guilty-looking Spencer and realized it was true. All they did was walk away from her and she didn't get any real backlash. That's probably because Hanna was conveniently not told, or little Spencer would have been picking her teeth off the floor.

The sad thing is Emily making excuses for Toby again, saying he must have had a good reason for what he did. Nah. He sold you out for info on his long-dead mother. So maybe you need to dial back the loyalty to this selfish punk. Toby just couldn't bring himself to tell the girls why he did it, probably because it would show him up for what he really is, opposed to the snow job this show tries to sell about him being such a great guy.

Anyway, Spencer thought by learning about Grunwald would make her lies and betrayal of them for weeks all right and somehow make it up to them that her boy toy gave A back the only leverage they had on her/him/it. Yeah, that's how truly dumb Spencer is.

So she and Toby travel to Ravenswood, although no name was mentioned. None of the towns folk will speak to them and the town looks like it got stuck in a 1950's time warp. The residents of town act like a bunch of Stepford Wives as they all go to worship at some grave. For some reason Shauna shows up to worship at the grave too. Can we hope she'll be going to Ravenswood and we can get her off of Pretty Little Liars? Is this why little Miss Shauna has been promoted to uber important character? Toby says she got into Jenna's car and as they go to follow, a raven hits their car windshield. Spencer also saw Grunwald in the beauty parlor and she wouldn't give her any answers, either.

Did Marlene King's ploy work to get me interested in her new show, Ravenswood? No, it didn't. The show seemed stupid and I've already had a belly full of this woman's bad writing. I have to put up with it on Pretty Little Liars because I'm invested in finding out what the A thing is all about, even if King comes up with something lame like Lost did, but I have no intention of letting King yank my string on a new show. And she's not done self-promoting herself. She's also going to use the PLL Halloween episode to promote it again. Maybe we should all just give up thinking we get any valuable info on the A mystery this season until the woman launches her new show. It seems that's the only thing she's interested in using PLL for, this season.

Now on to the relevant part of the show.

For once, Hanna did the smart thing. When Tanner was trying to get info out of her about the gun, she refused to say a word. Then she got bailed out and revealed she found the gun in Ashley's closet. Ashley said she didn't put it there and explained that Wilden was blackmailing her for money and when Tom wouldn't give it to her, since she didn't know what Wilden would do when she went to meet him with no money. Wilden took the gun and when she left him he was alive. Tom didn't believe her story, but she said that's what happened. It was no shock when ballistics identified the gun as the one that killed Wilden and Ashley is arrested. She asks Tom to look after Hanna for her.

You want to know how stupid the Pretty Little Liars are? With the exception of supposed brain Spencer, none of them knew there was a way to identify which gun was used to shoot someone. Who doesn't know that? It was like the folks from Breaking Amish not knowing who Martin Luther King Jr. is, but they at least have the excuse of living in a cloistered community. Have these twits never watched a crime show or a soap opera? And they're supposed to figure out who A is? No wonder they can't.

Of course, the title for Dumbest Liar Of The Week must be given to our girl Emily. She had the bright idea and I'm being extremely sarcastic here of turning in the hard drive of Ashley mowing down Wilden and Jenna and Shauna helping him away. For once, Hanna didn't want to do the dumb thing. Hanna was actually the smartest liar this week. But Emily said it would help Ashley by showing there might be others who might want to kill Wilden. Sorry, but how is showing Ashley trying to kill Wilden supposed to help Ashley from being arrested for killing Wilden. It's actually going to just provide her with a motive for doing it. Jenna and Shauna were helping to save Wilden, not trying to kill them. But that was Emily's thinking and Hanna reluctantly gave her the hard drive.

Kudos to Hanna for hiding it well, but apparently no one thought that when A was in the house planting the gun in Ashley's closet she might not have also found the hard drive and switched it. Since she filmed them at Wilden's car, A probably knew they took the hard drive, as well. And apparently when Emily was making a copy of the hard drive on DVD she didn't check to see exactly what was on the hard drive. She just copied it and left it on a cop's desk. What was on the disk? Someone in an Emily mask wearing a red coat holding up a sign that said, "Guilty."

I know I'm asking a stupid question, but did Hanna even watch what was on the hard drive to see that Mona really gave her the real hard drive? Did she look at the entire content of the hard drive to see if there might be something else on it that could help them? No, I'm sure she didn't. This is why the show should be called Pretty Stupid Liars.

Aria had her own problems. The little creep Ethan from Secret Life showed up on the show as a friend of Mike's and asked Aria to help him study. When she pushed him away when he tried to kiss her, he told the whole school she had sex with him. Once a creep, always a creep. Aria confronted him and told everyone he lied, but he said she was a slut who slept with Ezra, and she just left without smacking the smug little creep. Although The Fitz gave the punk the evil eye.

When Mike found out, he vowed he'd take care of it. Fast forward to someone in a hoodie smashing the crap out of Creepy Secret Life Ethan's car. I immediately thought it was Mike. Only the person was wearing one of those plastic masks. I thought it was an Ali mask, but others say it was an Emily mask. Either Mike is a member of the A Team or A is now going after other family members, while suspiciously leaving Spencer's family alone.

Remember how Shauna told Emily she was competing for the same Stanford spot Emily was? Now she's decided to enroll in Rosewood High and has taken her place on the swim team. They even showed that Shauna can play the violin. Sorry, but no matter what they try to do to make this character interesting the actress playing her just isn't. Give it up. I think most of us would rather see Jenna or Melissa or Mona than bland boring no history with the show characters, Shauna.

As mentioned earlier, The Fitz was back. He spent all of his scenes seemingly stalking Aria. At one point she even told him to leave her alone. That didn't stop him as she say him standing outside the Read Window peering in at her during Open Mic Night.


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