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Pretty Little Liars -- A Reaches Out To Byron

Updated on February 15, 2012

A draws two new victims into her web: Byron and Caleb. Caleb is accused of hacking the school computer files and A has planted the files on Caleb's computer, which the police confiscate. And Byron finds a letter from A telling him to check out what Aria is really up to.

The Pills meet with Jonah, the man who called them about Vivian aka Ally. He says Vivian wanted him to track down the person sending her nasty text messages, A, but she never paid him. He says he'll given them the information in exchange for the $2,000 Vivian owes him.

Spencer has been staying with Aria since she learned Jason is her brother. She runs into Jason at the DeLaurentis Realty Office and he tells her the reason he wanted to see Peter is because he believes Ally was blackmailing him about Peter being his father. He says he found another box of Ally's things. This one contained old love letters from Peter and his mother. Not to mention a tidy sum of money.

Before Spencer has her chat with Jason, she sees Jason with Mya. Could Jason be the man Mya had an affair with?

Aria arranges to meet with Ezra in the city. He needs to discuss with her about the job offer he got in Louisiana and what Byron is going to think if he refuses the job. Meanwhile, Bryon finds a letter from A stuck to the windshield of his car telling him where Ezra and Aria are set to meet. Luckily for Aria, she calls and cancels her planned meeting with Ezra because she's worried about Holden. She learns he's secretly fighting and he has a heart condition that's going to kill him and could kill him sooner if he gets injured while fighting.

A's other plot of the night hits the skids, as well. When Caleb is arrested and forced to put the password in his computer, Hanna and Spencer has to try and hurry up and remove the planted files from his hard drive. Luckily, earlier, Caleb had tried to do it before the police brought him in for questioning, and showed Hanna what his password was. Since his computer wasn't turned on at police headquarters, he was unable to do it. Lucky for Caleb, Hanna and Spencer manage to remove the files in the nick of time and the police are forced to give Caleb back his computer and let him go.

I wasn't sure if A was behind the police getting their hands on a picture of Hanna, Spencer and Emily outside of the morgue. The police bring Hanna in for questioning and suspect the Pills stole the missing page from Alison's autopsy report. Ashley demands answers from Hanna, but all Hanna will say is they didn't steal the page missing from Ally's autopsy report.

Spencer contemplates writing a check off her father's checkbook to get the money they need to pay Jonah. Peter comes in and Spencer confronts him about being blackmailed by Ally. Peter swears he never paid Ally any money. So just where did she get the money from? My guess is she blackmailed someone else for it.

Mya wants Emily to go away with her. Her parents found a joint and are threatening to send her back to True North. When Emily catches Mya lighting up a joint, she realizes it wasn't an old joint as Mya claimed and that she's still doing drugs.

From the minute Jason mentioned Ally's little cash stash, I figured that's where Spencer would get the money from and she did. Jonah gave them the information on who was texting Ally. Of course, the name wasn't revealed to us, yet.

It seems A's has her sights set back on Emily, as she was watching her through a window.

I really thought when Spencer and Hanna were trying to hack into Caleb's computer, Emily would have shown up and mentioned what a good hacker Mona is. It's quite the coincidence that Mona hacks into school records and someone manages to put files from the school on Caleb's computer. Yep, I still think Mona is A.

I wonder how Aria will react if she learns that A has sent her father a letter. It seems like A is beginning to widen her scope. Now she's included Bryon and A into the exclusive little club.

I bet A is really pissed off that both of her schemes didn't work. Caleb still has his computer with the files from A's phone and Byron didn't catch Aria with Ezra. Watch out, Emily, I bet A is real mad.


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