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Pretty Little Liars -- A Tale Of Three Boyfriends

Updated on January 28, 2015

One is loyal, one is selfless and one is selfish

Caleb risks it all for Hanna, Toby puts his job over Spencer and Ezra wonders if Aria would be better off without him in this episode.

Ashley quits working for Jason and tells him about Ted. Jason kisses Ashley after she clears out her stuff. Then he drops by wondering if she just had sex with him to give herself an excuse to ends things with Pastor Ted, as she feels the things she's done in the past could be detrimental to him. She says it wasn't that. Later, Ashley slides on Ted's ring then takes it off.

Aria actually does something smart for a change. She decides to stop letting A or whoever have the power over her and shows Ezra the letter she wrote to get into Jackie's school. At first, Ezra's cool with it, but later he broods on the letter and starts to think what Aria said in the letter is true. He suggests maybe they should break up so she doesn't miss everything she could in college that she missed in high school. As Aria is looking through the high school year book she notices all the stuff all the other students have listed by their pictures, while she has nothing listed by hers.

That was quick. Emily thinks Talia has a thing for Ezra cause she makes a special dish to thank him for hiring her. Emily tells Talia he's taken. Then Talia lights up when Emily says she's into girls, seems Talia is, as well. In fact, she's into Emily. And just how long ago did Paige leave in Rosewood time?

It's actually kind of sad that these girls can't be single for two seconds before another love interest is thrown at them. Would it have hurt Emily to be alone to get over Paige before jumping into yet another relationship. And that was after she jumped back to Paige after being all hot for Ali until Ali disappointed her.

The liars [minus Hanna] and Caleb decide they should do nothing about the storage room and the mysterious smelly barrel. Only Hanna is not going along with the liar hive mind for once. I was kind of proud of her that she didn't. She stormed off and said their plan was great cause it protected them but did nothing for her.

Caleb caught Hanna gathering tools to break into the storage locker. While Caleb was initially against it, he agrees to help Hanna. What neither know if there's a secret camera planted in Hanna's kitchen and they're being recorded as they discuss breaking into the storage locker.

Meanwhile the liars are not happy that Hanna isn't taking any of their calls. Maybe they should blame themselves for the way they treated her a few weeks back. It's actually nice that Hanna hasn't completely forgiven or forgotten what they did, which is probably why she doesn't trust them. They proved when the chips were down they didn't have her back.

Spencer declares Hanna is going to do something stupid, so she doesn't something even stupider and goes to Toby to tell him Hanna's going to do something stupid. I really think she loves to put Hanna down, especially now she knows Hanna has a high IQ and has been accepted in a lot of schools Spencer would like to get into.

Spencer claims she didn't tell Toby anything, but after she has her little talk with him someone cleans out the storage locker and Toby and Tanner happen to show up and nearly catch Hanna and Caleb breaking into the place.

Hanna and Caleb manage to get into the storage locker before Tanner and Hooch [sorry, I couldn't resist] arrive. They find that everything but the big smelly barrel has been moved. Hanna just can't make herself open that barrel, especially if Mona's remains are in it. Tanner, however, has no problem. We still don't know what was in the barrel and if it was anything human.

Afterwards, Hanna tells Caleb he needs to distance himself from her so he doesn't go down with her. Thankfully, Caleb is back to being pre-Ravenswood Caleb and says it they go down they'll do it together. Which is why they're my favorite couple and for my money Caleb is the best boyfriend.

Meanwhile Spencer is alerted that the lap top has been moved and naturally assumed Hanna did it. She and Aria and Emily are led to a creepy building. Aria and Spencer find the lap top playing a loop of Caleb and Hanna's talk to break into the storage locker. Then they get locked in as liquid nitro fills the the chamber they're in. They almost get frozen to death before Emily figures out how to get them out. I couldn't help thinking while watching her when people on the message boards were calling her Clifford the big red dog. She seemed dog-like as she couldn't figure out how to stop her friends from being frozen solid. All I can say, is I hope they didn't leave that lap top behind when they made their escape from the place.

I also hope that since they know there's a hidden camera planted in Hanna's house, that they consider the fact there's one planted in their homes, too, and look for it. Seriously, they should ask Caleb to find some kind of equipment to sweep their house on a regular basis for camera and hidden listening devices.

Spencer and Hanna get into it about Hanna breaking into the storage locker, but Hanna isn't taking any of Spencer's guff at the moment. She hands it right back to Spencer about where her precious Toby's loyalty is. Spencer calls Toby and he lies he's busy as he decides to put his loyalty to the police over her.

It seems Toby is always putting himself before Spencer and the liars. This isn't the first time he's played this game. He put himself over the liars when he gave A the lair back to learn something about his dead mother. For me, he's the worst boyfriend of the lot.

This was an Ali-free episode, which was great. Bring Ali back was a major mistake and she throws the whole balance of the show off. Hopefully they send her back to the nether soon.


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