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Pretty Little Liars -- A Tries To Kill Jenna

Updated on March 6, 2012

Recap: The Pills learned from Jonah that Allison was getting text messages from two locations. One the law office that Melissa was interning in and the other the creepy doll hospital in Brookhaven. The question is, was A texting Allison from both those locations or is Melissa another red herring? And Allison may have been blackmailing someone, hence the 15,000 Jason found in Allison's things, but it wasn't Peter. Peter paid that amount to a private detective to investigate Allison's disappearance because he was afraid Melissa was behind it.

As the show opens, Aria is telling the other Pills about Duncan Albert, the man who mistook her for Allison alter-ego Vivian, because she was wearing Allison's red coat. But it does beg the question if Allison was purposely going around making herself look like Aria, because when you think about it, Allison did look a lot like Aria in her Vivian disguise. If so, the big question is why?

Anyway, Aria intends to meet with Duncan to see if he can give her any information about Allison's double life and if she told him who A is.

When Jenna pulls up, after having gotten one of her eyes operated on, the Pills forget about Duncan, and are not pleased that Toby is back at Jenna's side helping her. Spencer tries to talk to him about getting free of Jenna, but he basically doesn't want to hear it after her lie about being involved with Wren, which is starting to become less and less a lie. Mona even lures Toby away from Jenna so Hanna can have a go at him, but he throws back at Hanna what she and the rest of them did to Jenna.

Hanna has no luck getting Ashley to get her a new phone. I'm totally on Team Ashley. Hanna acted like a little beyotch as she tossed her phone into the water so Ashley could find out what she's hiding, she also acted like she was the boss and calling the shots. Guess what, Hanna, you're not the boss, and Ashley isn't going to give you a new phone. Of course, Mona offers Hanna an old phone of hers, and will even pay for it. and you know what I say to that? Of course, Mona wants Hanna to have a phone. How else could she send her nasty little text messages as A. Yes, I'm still convinced she's A, especially after what happens to Jenna, later. You know, if it were me, I wouldn't want a phone, then A wouldn't be able to get at me through my phone. But that's me.

Emily gets a text message, supposedly from Maya. She later gets a Dear Jane later from Maya via email, and I'm left wondering if Maya really sent either. A was seen looking at Maya's picture in the paper saying she was missing. If A could hack into the school computer, wouldn't it be a piece of cake to hack into Maya's email account. Just who showed up at the bus station before Maya took off that she was seen talking to? Whatever the case, despite Maya asking Emily not to tell her parents she'd contacted Emily, Emily doesn't want them to worry needlessly.

Veronica is not pleased when she comes home to find Jason in her house or that Spencer is getting on better with Jason. She wants to forget that Jason is Peter's son. Jason came over to bring Spencer a bag of the things Maya said she found of Allison's. When Spencer reveals she thought Allison was blackmailing her father but he was really paying a detective to investigate her disappearance, Veronica shocks Spencer by admitting she was the one who asked Peter to do it, because, she too, thought Melissa was behind it. Okay, this is so not good when both your parents basically think you're capable of murder. Wonder what Miss Melissa would say if she finds out about it.

Aria meets Duncan, but he seems to get more information out of her than he actually gives. First, he tests Aria by asking her what Vivian's real name was. He claims he could have fallen in love with Allison, but there was somebody else. Ian probably, unless she also had someone else on the noose. Which isn't beyond the realm of possibility.. Duncan claims Allison told him about the Pills, but the only real new piece of info Aria gets from him is that Allison got to Rosewood earlier the weekend she disappeared than she let the Pills know.

Meanwhile, taking a page out of Ashley'r proactive book, Ella drops by Ezra's to want to know if anyone might be bullying Aria to get at him. He said a long time ago, but not now. Byron also stops be to see Ezra and a very cocky and arrogant Ezra tells Byron he isn't taking the job. You know, Ezra's lucky his butt isn't rotting in jail on statutory rape charges or at the very least be up in front of the school board. Ezra's attitude was way out of line. When Byron goes home, Ella has a talk with him. She tells him she doesn't want Aria with Ezra, but she also doesn't want her to run away or God forbid marry him, so they need to back off their aggressive stance.

The Pills are worried that since Toby is now their frenemy he might tell the fire department that they and Allison are the reason Jenna is blind when they see him talking to a fireman outside their house.

Spencer goes through the things of Allison that Jason brought over but doesn't find anything, so she asks Hanna to go next door and drop it on Jason's porch, since her mother told her she was not to go into Jason's house. Hanna does that and hears a noise coming from within. Then Jenna's face appears in the window as smoke fills the house. Hanna rushes inside and she and Spencer get Jenna to safety before the house explodes. Later, at the hospital, Jenna says she got a text from Jason asking her to come to his house. When she got there, someone answered the door and that's all she can remember.

Jason, however, who was miles away at the time, said he doesn't know anything about it. Jenna asks to see the Pills and asks why Hanna saved her. Meanwhile, Spencer continues to grow closer to Wren, making the lie she told Toby about them perilously close to becoming the truth. In the hospital waiting room, Spencer sees Veronica and Jason talking and seems to hope they're going make peace.

Later, going through the bag containing Allison's things, again, the Pills realize the newspaper used to wrap up the items in the bag and that sections of the paper have been highlighted. They also suspect Allison came home early to meet someone at one of the Labor Day Weekend celebrations.

Meanwhile A is sniffing around the remains of the fire and plants a cop's badge so it'll easily be found. Is it Garrett's? Or could it possibly be Wilden's since Mona knows Ashley has been talking to him?

Yes, I'm back to Mona. She made some nasty comments about Jenna, because she stole Noel from her. Because Jenna had been a victim of Allison in the Pills in the past, they don't think it could be A who tried to murder Jenna, but Jenna stealing Noel seems to have put her on A's hit list, when Jenna's done a whole lot of horrible things to the Pills and A hasn't gone after her once? Because taking Noel was against A and the other stuff was against the Pills. Just another little coincidence that points a finger at Mona as being A.


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