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Pretty Little Liars -- A Zeroes In On Shauna

Updated on February 5, 2014

And Ezra's perverted side is revealed

The episode began with Ali calling Shauna and sending her on a mission to get another of her money stashes. This one was in the DiLaurentis household. The liars saw her on the phone and suspected she was on the phone with Ali. And Shauna was back to giving the liars attitude. That was until she needed Emily's help to complete the task Ali assigned her. So Emily went into the DiLaurentis house and retrieved a stash of money Ali had hidden behind the twin poster. Emily brought the stash of money to the coffee house, but Shauna never showed up to pick it up.

That's because Shauna had an appointment with A. She got in her car and gasped when she saw someone in the backseat. She woke-up to find her car parked at the town line and the word, "Don't" written in red paint on the, "You're Leaving Rosewood," sign. The message was clear to her leave town and don't come back. After telling Ali she couldn't help her, Shauna threw her cell phone out of her car and took off like a bat out of hell. She got the message loud and clear. Next time A attacked her she might not wake-up. So Ali has lost her legs and eyes and ears in Rosewood. She's also low on money as she boards a bus. Well, she could try something radical like get a job.

After having A put a message in her tooth Hanna was adamant they stop investigating, but she ended up doing some investigating of her own when she noticed how hyper and twitchy Spencer was. She was convinced Spencer was lying to them, and since she has experience of Spencer lying to them, she should know. She got proof of her suspicions when she called Spencer and Spencer lied about where she was. Hanna even did a stake-out of Spencer's house with Emily as shotgun.

Little did she know Spencer was popping pills. Andrew couldn't give her anymore so she made a connection at school for some more. When Hanna ran into Spencer on the street and tried to press her for what she was hiding, Spencer started screaming at her to butt out. So she waited until Spencer was out of her house and lied her way in to do some snooping around Spencer's bedroom. There she discovered Spencer was trying to see if Ezra had a residence in Ravenswood. It didn't take long for Hanna to figure out Spencer thinks Ezra is A.

Hanna tracked Spencer down at Ezra's apartment as she's about to break-in. Spencer reveals her suspicions that Ezra is Board Shorts, but Hanna wisely points out that if he is A, he wouldn't keep anything incriminating in his apartment. That's when Spencer sees a camera hidden behind one of the gratings and tips Hanna off to the fact they're being watched so they put on an act like Spencer had come to her senses and doesn't suspect Ezra, after all. Later they fill Emily in on things and she does likewise about the money Ali needs that Shauna never came for. The liars aren't worried about Aria because she lied to them she was going to visit Byron, when she was really having an out-of-town tryst with Ezra.

Something the three girls don't realize is Ezra has been having someone stalk both them and take pictures of them which he receives in his secret lair up at his secret cabin. He also has cameras planted throughout the cabin and watches as Aria sleeps in bed. The question is who is Ezra having take those pictures and send them to him? Is it possible it's Mona? Remember, he invited her into his classroom for a private talk. Maybe he set her up to being his partner and to spy on the girls to keep an eye on them. I mean, it's not like she hasn't done that before when she was A.

Meanwhile Ezra has also grown suspicious of Spencer and swipes her file from the school. Miss Overachiever kind of gave it away when she said she'd take a bad grade on a paper. That just rang warning bells. It also didn't help how twitchy she got around Ezra. Her pills are really giving her away, when normally she could have hid it better. He sees she was diagnosed with ADHD. There's no telling what Perverto will do with that. There's an A at the end of the show with a bunch of prescription pads with the close-up pics of Aria sleeping that Jason claimed that Ali took. I think it's meant to make us believe it's Ezra. Seriously, if the person was Ezra you wouldn't need to hide his identity in a hoodie.

Most ironic line this week came from Hanna who told Spencer she'd have to be on drugs to think Ezra is A. Of course, Hanna never suspected just how close to the truth she came with the zippy little line of dialogue.

Per usual, Aria had nothing to do with the investigations going on. She's still hiding from them she's back with the Prince of Perversion. For some reason she seems to think the liars are overly involved in her love life and will be upset by it. Hello, Emily pushed you towards Ezra and so did Spencer. They don't care. They've got more important things on their mind than who you're screwing this week. But the sad part is that's really all that's on Aria's teeny little mind.

Ezra also pulls a stunt that no boyfriend that really cares about you would pull. He tells her she needs to be closer to him than her friends. It's the same crap Toby pulled last season about wanting Spencer to choose him over her friends. Sex and the City's Big got big trashing for refusing to commit to Carrie, but one thing he never tried is to get between Carrie and her friends or expect her to put him before them. He knew they were her family, which is why both Toby and the Prince of Perversion should both be kicked to the curb, pronto.


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