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Pretty Little Liars -- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Updated on July 22, 2014

Whose the smartest liar of them all? Hanna!

A is back with a bang. Of course, the question is, which A is this? By the donning of the black veil it seems to be the one known as Black Veil. But that still doesn't answer the question if this is Original A or one of the wannabes to the throne.

Aside from being Black Veil I think this A is the A who blackmailed Toby for the lair in exchange for info on his mother's death at Radley. This A was unpacking all the lair stuff, so it seemed they had it all packed away until this A saw a need to pick up the A mantle, again. The discovery that Bethany Young is dead seems to be the catalyst for this A coming out of retirement.

The fact that this A's first act of aggression was to bomb Toby's house [and that's after blackmailing him for the lair in exchange for info on his dead mother] makes you ask if Toby has some connection to this A? It turns out the bombing of the Cavanaugh house wasn't yet another attempt on Jenna's life. She wasn't in the house. Apparently, this A isn't into collateral damage and made sure no one was home and could get hurt by bombing the house.

Even though Toby wasn't in his episode, he was unhurt by his dash into the burning house to save Jenna.

While this A texted all the liars, they only seem to be interested in that nasty ball of blonde fluff, Ali. She gets sent a video of Jessica being buried with the claim that this A watched Jessica bury her and returned the favor by burying Jessica. This makes Ali want to leave town. Since the liars are mentally challenged they don't seem to get their girl is all for protecting her own hide and leaving them behind to suffer through the tortures of A again.

Hanna, who is usually put down by Spencer as dumb, actually turns out to be the smartest one of them all. When Ali once again snipes at Hanna and puts her down, Hanna has enough and sees was a toxic tart she truly is and offers to help her leave town. Unfortunately, the Dumbest Liar Of Them All, Emily, figures it out and has a cow. Well, she's finally getting a piece of the Ali and she wants to keep getting it, but she won't admit that's the real reason she doesn't want her precious Ali to leave. She disdains Hanna and bans her from the Mean Girls Club for wanting to get rid of her precious Ali and tells the other two idiots that don't want Ali to go what bad but smart Hanna wanted to do.

She rushes over to stalk and pressure Paige into ratting out Mona's Nerd Herd in the swimming locker room. Fool that she is and having no clue her dream girl, Emily, is screwing her worst enemy, she gives the ninny what she wants to know. Of course, Emily doesn't care if this puts Paige's life in danger, cause she's finally screwing her dream girl. Later, Paige finds a dead rat in her locker and screams in perhaps one of the worst scenes in Pretty Little Liars history. Seriously, Paige doesn't seem the type to be afraid of a dead rodent. It's not like they put a severed head in her locker or something.

Anyway, Clifford the big red dog [someone gave this nickname to Emily online and it seems to fit this moronic moron to a tee] rushes over to the DiLaurentis house to stop her beloved from going away. Before leaving, Ali insisted on going home, first. She wanted to get money from another of her stash cash hideaways, even though she already had a big stack of money. Clifford comes in barking and defends her master when A attacks her and chases A away. I was rooting for A to bash in Clifford's head and to whack Ali for good.

Meanwhile Spencer was trying to find out more about Bethany Young. She paid a visit to Radley trying to get her old bud, Eddie Lamb, to spill what he knew. He wouldn't say a thing, but left a sketch of Jessica that Bethany did on Ezra's doorstep. It's decided that Aria will go under cover to find out what she can about Bethany.

On more personal matters Spencer got Peter and Veronica together and hoped if they talked everything would turn out fine. And she thought it worked when Veronica said they were moving home. But Veronica added that Peter will be moving out and she's just done with Peter and his lies.

In other romantic news, Hanna is still stringing Travis along, even though it's pretty obvious she's just not that into him. Especially now that Caleb's back. She goes to see Caleb after Clifford bans her from Ali Hell and admits she still wants Ali to go away. The two start drinking the hard stuff together.

And after Spencer slut shames Aria for screwing Ezra after what King Perverto did to her and them, Aria informs Ezra they aren't back together cause their screw-a-thon was a big mistake. To that I say, "Yeah, right." It won't be long before they're knocking boots again, I'm quite sure.

The end scene was back to an A ending. A was unpacking all the stuff from the lair and was welcomed back by the mover. Then A donned a black veil seaming to hint this A was the mysterious Black Veil that came to Wilden's funeral. This A also sent a condolence card to Bethany Young's parents. But the question remains if there's some connection between Bethany Young, Toby, Wilden and A. Or did this A just go to Wilden's funeral because he was yet another victim of Alison DiLaurentis?


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      Erwin 3 years ago

      Thats very admirable of you. Your blog is going to inaiitte something that should have been implanted in black minds long ago! The sad apart about it all is that many of us would prefer to live an unhealthy and miserable life, all to cover up the very feelings and thoughts one has about his own self. Those same people that you hide from are either out sucking their own found piece of dick or ass or talk about it as new gossip for the next 2 weeks .The reality is, as you get older people could care less about what you do with your own life. The only people that forge negative attitudes and comments are the ones that are projecting them through displacement , to make themselves feel better for their own screwed up lives.I'm a young, black, very masculine, male who has been living his life. And what I mean by that is living my life . I don't feel the need to come out or tell people my business but I do, however, do whatever the hell I want and say fuck everyone else. I'm educated ( a medical student) and have accomplished many things without the help or support of parents and family. I dropped out of high school when I was 16 and have been grinding ever since. These are just examples of why I admire people who aren't afraid to step up and do the damn thing , especially black men..all in the name of happiness and that's not possible if you're hiding or have an overwhelming fear of something irrelevant (ie being outed ) ..stick to your desires and go out and grab your happiness! its waiting for you .Take care