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Pretty Little Liars -- Ali Gets Another Funeral

Updated on February 6, 2013

Original Airing: February 5, 2013

This seemed to be kind of a filler episode as nothing really happened, and that stuff that did happen didn’t really seem pertinent to the main mystery.

If one good thing came from Spencer learning Toby was a member of the A Team, it’s that it’s stop Spencer from being an Ali sycophant. It was hard to feel sympathetic towards her when she was going around re-victimizing Ali’s victims. I’m sorry, Ali wasn’t a good friend to any of them and she treated them like crap and manipulated them. Watching them still worshiping at her shrine is rather sickening to watch.

The episode opened with Aria talking about what else…Ezra. It kind of reminds me of the way Carrie used to bore Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte with her woes about Big. She followed that by going over to Ezra’s apartment and laying down on his bed. I’m surprised she didn’t sniff his dirty underwear, as well. Enter Ezra’s younger brother, Wesley. He notices the indentation on Ezra’s pillow and suggests she drop by and water the plants while he’s staying at Ezra’s place. Maybe he thought if she dropped by she’d lay down on the bed, again, and he could like, lay on top of her or something. Later, Aria witnesses the husband of one of Wesley’s teachers giving him a hard time. He explains that he came on to his teacher. Why look at that. They have so much in common. They both like to mess with their teachers. I was thrilled when this character disappeared after a few episodes. Hopefully, he’ll disappear again soon.

Hanna’s big story for the episode was getting Caleb to go clean out his old house. They met Caleb’s Uncle Jamie. He gave Hanna a picture of Caleb as a baby. Hanna became convinced that Jamie is really Caleb’s father.

Spencer met with her detective Miles to find out the exact door that opened the A key. She said if what she expected to find there was still there it would prove he loves her, and if it was gone it would prove that he doesn’t. When she opened the door all the A memorabilia was gone and she had another breakdown feeling Toby had betrayed her, yet again. I guess her reasoning was he wouldn’t tell the other A’s she had the key to the room and since the room was cleared out that proved it did.

Spencer also had a run-in with Mona at school. Mona was lecturing her for not being all she could be for the Academic Decathlon.

Apparently, the body bag from the Halloween Train did have a body in it. The police say it’s Ali and Jason came to see the liars to tell them they’re having another funeral for her at the mausoleum. Spencer shocked Jason and the other liars by saying she has no intention of going. But she did show up to tell Jason that Ali was pregnant when she died by Detective Wilden. The liars had a fit because Spencer actually told the truth. They started to wonder if maybe there’s something wrong with her. You think? They should have seen her scratching Toby’s name on his mother’s tombstone in the mausoleum with the A key.

Hanna seems to be the liar most out of touch with reality who believes if she keeps lying and covering stuff up it’ll make it all better. She wanted Aria to throw away the earrings away like she plans to do the placket from the Ouija board. Aria refused, saying she’s going to hang on to it. I think it was Aria who even suggested that they were being maneuvered into doing things that got them in even more trouble.

Emily went back to the police station and found one of the postcards she put in Ali’s coffin with a message written in French for her. It said she had killed and to back off of Wilden, basically. Apparently there are 24 more postcards out there. This led to Emily having a flashback of her and Ali looking at postcards and Ali suggesting they go to Paris together. Emily kind of acted a bit odd to Ali and not that friendly, but I supposed that’s supposed to be because she was secretly in love with her.

After that she went to see Dr. Sullivan to help her deal with killing Nate, and I’m like for the love of God do not go see that quack. Especially when she suggested hypnotizing Emily. Emily went for it and while under she recalled having a shovel in her hand and attacking Ali until she fell into a hole. She was wearing that same clothes she was wearing the night she was murdered. Later at Ali’s new internment Emily had another memory and became convinced she had mixed up memories while under hypnosis. In this one she was Head A in her red coat and a hoodie A Team member digging up Ali’s grave. She told the other liars that Red Coat is the one in charge.

I’m not sure I buy Emily mixing up memories. I think it’s possible what Emily recalled under hypnosis actually happened. Like I said, in her Ali flashback she didn’t seem like she really liked Ali, while Ali was all friendly with her.

Dr. Sullivan also got a visit from Mona, but she wouldn’t let Mona in her office with the plant she brought her.

As for the ending A moment of the week, it wasn’t very enthralling. Just an A buying a bottle of booze and being asked to show ID.

Hopefully, next week, the other liars finally find out the truth about Toby. I kept expecting Emily to say the hoodie she had been struggling with at Ali’s grave site had been Toby. It’s really about time they learned the truth.


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