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Pretty Little Liars -- Ali Sets Her Sights On Ashley

Updated on August 3, 2014

While Zach sets his sights on Hanna

Aria is being a total female dog to Hanna and her bark and bite get more vicious as the episode continues. Apparently, it's slipped her tiny little mind that A already knew she was in New York. Has she forgotten about the A dance troupe from the park? Guess so. Cause now it's all Hanna's fault that A knows about New York. And bitch is going to make her pay for it.

Emily isn't treating Hanna much better. She's still bitching about Hanna drinking at the dinner party and putting Ali in a bad spot. She tells Hanna she needs to apologize to Aria, since her first apology wasn't good enough. And she needs to apologize to Ali, as well. Yeah, and when does Ali apologize to Hanna for all the things she's done to her. Tenth of never, right Emily?

When the liars minus bitchy Aria who has run off to see Ezra, per usual, want her to have lunch with them she blows them off saying she has plans with Caleb. Unfortunately, Caleb is too wasted to make it and Hanna ends up with the person she wanted to avoid: Alison.

Hanna apologizes to her for basically being honest instead of going along with Ali's lies like devoted Emily does. Then Ali springs on Hanna that she wants to stay at her house while her father is out of town. That's the absolute last thing Hanna wants and puts her off saying she needs to ask her mother first. No doubt Hanna would have claimed Ashley had said no, and Ali seems to realize that, so she goes behind Hanna's back and pulls her fake sob story on a gullible Ashley who buys it hook, line and sinker and invites her to stay. She even lets poor little abandoned Ali use the bath salts she won't even let Hanna use.

When Ashley announces she's going to have a special dinner for poor victimized and unsupported Ali, Hanna says she won't be there, she already has plans with Caleb. When Hanna's with Caleb she tells him how she can't even stand to look at Ali. When she decides she needs to get something to eat, she goes into The Brew to get a tuna melt, but gets a lot more than she bargained for.

Ella's fiancee Zack is there and he smells liquor on her breath and decides that a green light for him to put the moves on her. He calls her a bad girl and starts feeling her up. Hanna makes a quick exit and Caleb can sense something is wrong, but she claims it's nothing. But the next day in school she tells her so-called friends, Emily and Spencer, and they suggest she came on to him or she just imagined it. Hanna has more than enough of them and their so-called brand of friendship and storms out.

Later, Hanna is sitting in her car eating when Zack lets himself in and puts his hand on her knee before giving Hanna his number. She tears it up and then decides she has to go to Aria and warn her what kind of creep her mother is about to marry. Big mistake. She gives Hanna the same tude both Spencer and Emily gave her in suggesting it's Hanna's fault and she somehow enticed him. Then she goes one better declaring how they all have to be careful what they say around Hanna or it will set her off and that Hanna is always the problem.

Of course, this is rich coming from her, since the only reason she's actually doing some A investigating for once is because she couldn't weasel Spencer into doing it, instead. How many times has Hanna done A investigating while this fluff head was off obsessing over her precious Ezra?

Anyway, after Hanna leaves and Zack and Ella arrives it seems the nasty fluff head actually is wondering if Hanna told the truth, as she's visibly uncomfortable being around her future stepdaddy.

Meanwhile Spencer and Emily go to the stables to investigate a lead on Bethany Young and learn that Jessica brought Bethany there and Bethany threw something at her when Jessica wanted her to call her Aunt Jessica. A traps them in a stall and a horse nearly tramples them. As a result, Spencer sustains an eye injury.

On the Toby front, he announces to Spencer he's going to become a cop. Putting aside the fact that he shouldn't be able to join the force because of his criminal record, the first thing I thought is A needs a new cop on the force with Garrett and Wilden dead. I know people disregarded Spencer's noir dream as meaning nothing, but once again something from the dream has come true. In the dream Toby was a cop and now Toby wants to be a cop. And in the dream Toby was very shifty.

Alison's reason for wanting to stay at Hanna's becomes clear when she has someone break-in to back-up her story as Detective Tanner isn't buying her garbage. Ashley becomes her number one pretender demanding the police to find out who is after Alison. Tanner doesn't seem to be buying this, but it doesn't really matter, as now Ali has someone to back-up her story in a totally clueless Ashley.

The sad thing is while Ashley was playing protective mama bear to this troll her own daughter needed her protection. And because she was acting all protective mama bear to Ali, it drove a wedge between her and Hanna so she couldn't come to her own mother about what happened with Zack and went to her lousy friends for support instead. I think Ashley was so wrapped up in Ali she didn't even notice her daughter didn't come home and spent the night with Caleb.


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