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Pretty Little Liars -- Ali's Offered A Deal

Updated on March 4, 2015

She just has sacrifice Hanna to get it...

Ali told it's not a good idea to take the exam. She claims Cyrus set her up. But her lie about Cyrus kidnapping her will make the jury not believe her. Her lawyer says she's been offered a plea bargain if she names an accomplice. She's told she could get life without parole. She told the police think Hanna helped her.

Spencer still in London when Melissa gets back. Spencer is going home early instead of doing what Veronica has asked her to. She also wants to go back because of Toby. Melissa suggests maybe Spencer's relationship with Toby has run its course. Melissa says London could be her future, too, if she stays and doesn't go home, yet.

Cyrus has had a setback thanks to A, no doubt. Emily suggests Aria ask Ezra for help.

Melissa's roommate invites Spencer to a play.

Hanna hears Veronica talking to Ashley. She hears Veronica saying that the police think Hanna is Ali's accomplice. There were apparently bone fragments found in the barrel Hanna was caught with. Veronica tells Ashley that Hanna has visited Ali in jail twice.

Emily thinks Ali won't take the plea. Aria tells Hanna and Emily that Ali is considering taking the plea.”

Emily wants to tell Spencer, but Aria says they should wait not to mess up Spencer's time in London and her chance of getting in St. Andrew. Emily keeps pushing Aria to talk to Ezra and reads a note from Andrew asking how her ankle is. Of course, Emily starts shaking her Ezra pom-poms in Aria's face.

Hanna tells Caleb what's going on. He wants to go to Toby for answers. Ashley arrives saying Hanna needs to come home.

Emily goes to Ezra, but he doesn't know anyone named Varjack. He suggests Mona might have set Ali up and her lawyer may know.

Melissa gives Spencer a dress to wear. Melissa says she's sorry she kept the secret too long. First she was protecting Spencer and then herself. Spencer says she's hoping she and Melissa can start over, but there can be no more lies between them.

Ezra goes to Mona's lawyer. He asks him questions about Mona. He asks if someone had him lie and say Mona hired him. The man shows Ezra to the door. Ezra theatens him with the police.

Ezra says the lawyer wouldn't tell him anything. They see the lawyer leaving in a rush and decide to follow him.

Ali finds her cell torn apart. A message written on the wall says, “Take the plea.”

Ashley wants answers. Hanna admits she went to the storage unit to move everything out of it because someone put her name on the storage unit the day before Mona's murder. She says someone framed Ali and now they're framing her.

Hanna says she doesn't know whose doing this to her.

Spencer having a fun night out in London wondering if staying there could be the way to starting a new life. Spencer learns Melissa told her roommate what Spencer likes. It's sad that every guy Spencer gets around makes a better boyfriend than Toby does chemistry wise.

Aria, Ezra and Emily follow the lawyer out to the middle of nowhere. Aria gets a text and Ezra asks her who Andrew is. She doesn't answer, because Emily takes off running before the iron gates close. Ezra and Aria get locked out as Emily goes to find out what's going on. Little do they know a camera is recording them.

Ali is alone in the prison laundry and hears something. She finds herself locked in and screams. The lawyer says he's going in now and asks someone on the phone what the combination is. I suppose this is where not-dead Mona is being kept.

Ali agrees to the deal if she's moved to somewhere safer. There's no telling what happened in the laundry, but she seems shaken up and it looks like the sleeve of her prison jumpsuit is ripped. So if it was A, it seems Ali knows exactly who A is.

Melissa's roommate, Colin, kisses Spencer. That's the second guy.

Veronica comes to see Ali and sees marks on Ali's arms. Veronica tries to get her to change her mind. She says if Hanna is innocent and she names her as her accomplice, she'll have to live with that terrible lie for the rest of her life.

Emily finds a receipt with Varjak on it.

Caleb says he talked to Toby. A judge has issued a warrant for Hanna's arrest. Hanna wants to run, but Caleb tells her she can't. Caleb tells Hanna to tell Tanner about A. He says it's time to put a stop to it. She says she has to talk to the other liars, but he says they'll understand. Caleb says he doesn't think she has any choice but to tell the truth.

Emily sees the lawyer cleaning out the safe. When she makes a noise, he grab up his gun.

Caleb takes Hanna to the police station. He tells her she can do this. Hanna worries that Tanner won't believe her. As Hanna looks at her phone, all the A messages are erased. Now Hanna has no proof. Once again, psychic A knows what Hanna is going to do before she does it.

Aria alerts the lawyer to Emily's wherabouts by calling her on her cell phone. He doesn't find her, though. Emily tells Aria and Ezra that's Varjak's house. All the liars learn Hanna's been arrested. A erases all the texts from Aria and Emily's phones, as well. The only thing the liars have is the Varjack receipt.

Veronica tells Ashley that Ali didn't name Hanna as her accomplice. She was arrested because Hanna's blood was found on Mona's bloody clothes. Of course, they were. Are stole Hanna's blood and dumped it on them.

Spencer heads back to Rosewood. Melissa urges Spencer to stay in London. Spencer learns there isn't an interview. Melissa lied to her again. She did it to keep Spencer there so Ali couldn't name her as her accomplice. So the Hasting sisters are on the outs, again.

Emily calls Varjack's number.

Aria and Ezra have a talk. She says she's been avoiding him. She says he was right that she missed out on a lot of high school because of their relationship and when she goes away to college she should be single. Ezra says he thinks they should end it now.

Hanna gets woof whistles as she's brought into Ali's cell block.

The lawyer offers Ali the deal. She says she's changed her mind. She's not taking the deal.


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