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Pretty Little Liars -- Ali's Trial Begins

Updated on March 10, 2015

Andrew keeps getting more sketchy!

Veronica tells the liars not to go to Ali's trial. She seems more worried about Spencer going. Just what did she see in that file that has her so worried about Spencer.

Seriously, the liars suddenly so concerned about supporting poor innocent Ali is really kind of puke-worthy. They had no problem staying away from her when they thought she was guilty. Now they think she's innocent all they can do is wring their hands over their dear friend. They'll even accept her phone calls now. And even before this they were trying to avoid her and left it to Hanna to give her support. But then the other three were also quick to turn on Hanna, as well.

Jason blames Spencer for turning on Ali and thinking she's guilty. Now he's going to be a prosecution witness. Mr. D tells Spencer to stay on her side of the fence, cause he wants her to have nothing to do with his family.

Andrew bad mouths Mona to Aria. She wonders if he feels the world is better without Mona. I know that makes him look more guilty than he already does, but seriously, what Andrew said was the truth. The cannonization of Mona is a little disgusting after all the vile things this monster has done.

Ali calls Emily and asks if she'll be at her trial. She and Aria show-up. Spencer seems to heed her mother's orders and doesn't come.

The prosecutor opens his case saying her story about being kidnapped was a lie and the liars helped her pull off that lie.

Mr. D accuses the liars of being to blame for Ali lying about being kidnapped. This is a man that has no clue what kind of lying monster his daughter truly is. I'm sure if he hears what a tormentor she was to everyone he'll blame the liars for that, as well.

Ali is actually telling Hanna some truths while they fold laundry in the prison laundry.

Apparently, Veronica knew what the prosecution was going to say and that's why she wanted to keep Spencer away. She doesn't want to know if Spencer knew that Ali's story was fake, she says Spencer didn't know and that's the official story they're sticking to.

Hanna tells Caleb she wants him to stay safe. She says if things start falling on him, she wants him to run and disappear. She can handle being in jail if he's safe. Later, Caleb is with the liars when Varjak calls Aria's phone and answers it when she won't. They hear a french song playing. Since I don't speak french, I don't know what the song was or what the verses were.

Hanna says the song that was playing was the song Mona used to play in her room. Aria and Emily head to see Mona's mother in hopes of getting access to Mona's room to search it for more clues.

Caleb tells Spencer that Hanna told him to get out and he thinks she means it for all of them. He says he's not going to do it.

Emily and Aria get no answer when they call Mona's mother. She also didn't show up to the trial.

Jason comes to see Spencer. Jason says Spencer trapped Ali for the police. Jason said he let her go to runaway from the police. He says he made the mistake of listening to her. Spencer now says she doesn't think Ali killed anyone. Jason returns that comment with revealing he has to testify tomorrow against Ali.

Spencer decides to go to the trial against Veronica's orders.

Jason tries changing his story on the stand. The prosecutor then tries to blame Hanna for Jason changing his story. Then he brings up Ashley. He makes Jason point out Ashley. He questions Jason about his relationship with Ashley. He tries to suggest Ashley sexed up Jason to get him to change his story. Jason doesn't reveal the affair he had with Ashley.

Mr. D throws Jason out after his testimony.

Ashley tells Ted she shouldn't have gone to the trial. Ashley tells Ted he can go. He says he's not going anywhere and he made a promise to her, but she's not going to hold him to it. She says they are who they are. She once again says he should go.

Spencer pounds on Mona's mother's door, again. They hear music coming from within the house, THE SONG. The door is suddenly open and they run into the house. They find Mona's room has been torn apart. Emily finds a note from A in a blonde doll's head. Aria thinks the not was written to trick them into not searching the room even though it's been searched. Spencer finds something hidden in her a hand mirror. It's some cryptic verse or riddle.

Andrew is watching outside of Mona's house. There looks like an ice pick is sticking in the floor where a window was broken.

Andrew comes up to Aria at the coffee house and says he made the wrong impression about what he said about Mona. He says he doesn't believe Mona got what she deserved. Andrew then kisses her on the cheek and Aria acts all weird about it.

Ashley goes to visit Hanna. Hanna says it'll be okay. She's talking like she will be convicted. At the same time, Jason is visiting Ali. She advises Jason to leave town. Jason tells her he believes she didn't kill anyone.

Spencer is having a cold was with Veronica while trying to figure out what the verse means.

Emily listens at the secret table. She hears The Song playing again.

A lab tech is looking at something that says Boo Boo's Ice Cream, while Tippy is seen as A shreds up some documents.


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