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Pretty Little Liars Are On A "Whirly Girly" Review Of Episode 05x02

Updated on June 18, 2014

Alison Has Decided To Stay In Rosewood, Where Is Her First Stop?

None other then the notorious Rosewood Police Department. These girls have been to this place so many times I'm actually surprised they do not have chairs with their names on them.
None other then the notorious Rosewood Police Department. These girls have been to this place so many times I'm actually surprised they do not have chairs with their names on them.

In This Episode The Girls Are Definitely On A "Whirly Girly!"

This week's episode which aired on Tuesday June 17, 2014 began with the girls returning to their hometown of Rosewood. It begins with a scene where the original four girls (Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Emily Fields, and Hanna Marin) getting of a bus while it looks like Alison Dilaurentis will not be joining them at first. However, when sweet Emily reminds her that she no longer has to hide and that it is once again safe for her to return she also gets off the bus with the other girls. Once off the bus the girls are faced with the issue of what to tell the cops. While standing outside the girls decide that the best course of action would be for Alison to tell the cops the truth from the time of the "Jenna Thing." They believe that this would be a good starting part for her so it would be able to explain what happened to Shana in New York, In case any of you missed the memo our dear Aria had to kill Shana in New York in self defense, to protect herself and her friends.

Moments later we see the girls walk into the police department. At that location Alison begins to Detective Holbrook. However, what she begins to tell the detective is not what her and the other girls agreed upon. She begins to fabricate a story about how she was kidnapped and kept captive for two years. She also begins to tell the detective how she escaped and how the four other girls kept her safe in a shed in the wood which they used to go to when they were younger. Soon after this Mr. Dilarentis arrives at the police department and is reunited with his daughter for the first time in two years.

After this time we see the episode cut over to the Hasting house where Spencer and Emily are. There Mrs. Hasting questions downs and wonders how Spencer could keep this secret that Alison was still alive from everyone. Moments later, outside the Hasting house, Emily and Spencer are talking. Spencer states that they are once again living in Alison's world and that none of the girls should have added to the lie she was telling the police. There is one thing with agreeing with a lie and another thing to add to a lie. The two girls walk over to the Dilarentis house and see that Jason is detailing his car which is odd to do at night, let alone the night your younger sister is recovered. The two girls once again become suspicious of Jason. However, once Jason enters the house Alison throws down her phone to the two girls. On that phone a text stating "the truth will bury you in New York" was on the screen and the two girls asked who it was from and Alison draws a question mark on her window.

Soon we see Alison sitting back in her old room. We see her walk around her room, look at her old clothes, and look at an old doll that was hers. Soon her father comes in the room making sure that she was okay. He started telling her how much he missed her and how he always kept an old picture of her as a child in his wallet after she went missing two years ago. For the first time, at this moment, I think I can see some true emotion come from Alison. She begins to cry a little.

We soon cut over to Aria's house where we can see that she is having trouble sleeping due to nightmares associated with what happened to Shana. She wakes up and hears the tune of a violin much like the music she once heard Shana playing. Aria looks out the window trying to figure out where this music was coming from but was unsuccessful in determining this. Soon she receives a phone call from Hanna telling her about the text that Alison received which is why Alison proceeded to lie to Detective Holbrook.

The next morning Alison is sitting on her porch talking to her brother where she asks him how their mother reacted when she found out that Alison was alive. He said that she was "stunned" to hear that Alison was still alive. Moments later the dog shelter comes to deliver a dog which Mrs. D was going to adopt and save from being put down. Jason does not want the dog but Alison is keen on keeping it since it is the dogs last chance to survive.

Soon Emily and Spencer are walking over to Alison's to return her phone from the previous night. Spencer being the spy that she is decides to look through there thrash to determine what Jason threw away the previous night. They found a back from a bakery in New York, which makes the girls think that he sent the text to cover for Mrs. D. Soon we see the girls in Alison's room telling her the theory on what might have happened. Alison then proceeds to ask Spencer if she thinks that their "big brother" tried to kill her or not. Spencer is unsure and says she doesn't know and isn't sure.

At Hanna's house Mr. D has asked Hanna's mom to go through his ex wife's email to try to help find out where she was since she was not home welcoming home her long lost daughter. Hanna sneaks on the computer and discovers an email to an unknown recipient saying "I can not protect you anymore."

Soon Spencer arrives back home to discover that Toby has returned from his trip. He also states that when he went to try and go see Melissa she was not there only Wren was.

Aria is at the shed where they told the cops they supposedly kept Alison. She is trying to make the cabin look like it's been used and that someone was living there for a a few months. Emily walks in on her doing this.Aria is quite upset that the girls were keeping this text from her. Emily then proceeds to tell her that "A" is gone and doesn't exist anymore. We can finally see the toll of Aria killing someone on her. We can see that she is quite upset and doesn't know how to live with herself knowing that she took away someone's possibilities in life. Emily shares with her that she knows how she feels but that it was in self defense and at that moment it was either her or Shana.

Soon Aria heads home and see her younger brother Mike and Mona hanging out. At that time he tells her sorry for borrowing her IPod and that the violin music was most likely from him. After Mike leaves the room Aria let's Mona know that the girls aren't the only ones that have secrets they have to keep. A few seconds later Mona brings up Mr. Fitz making sure that Aria knows that she knows what happened in New York.

Soon we see Alison go to the grave of what I am going to call "the unknown girl." She wants to say goodbye to that girl. At that location she runs into Mona where Alison tries to apologize for what she did to her. Mona is not buying her and tells Alison that she should have stayed dead.

The girls are in the Spencer's living room waiting for them all so they can talk about the issue at hand. However, they are distracted when they hear Alison's dog barking outside. Once outside the girls and Jason can see that the dog is barking at Mrs. D buried body.

We can see everyone reacting to this and the crowd slowly clears out and we see Alison standing there.

Should Alison Have Lied To The Police?

The New Lie!

As stated above once Alison returns to Rosewood she proceeds to tell the police a new lie about being kidnapped and being held hostage. Do I believe that she should have told the police this lie?

No, I do not believe that Alison should have told them anything but the truth. Unless of course she has more to hide then she is letting on. No matter what I believe that I will stay suspicious of her character. There is something extremely off about her in my opinion. I do not know if it is from her being away for so long or if there is something deeper then just that but this girl is just "off." That is the best way to put it.

If she would have told the truth the police in the first place, they would see that it was self defense in Aria vs. Shana. I don't think anything bad could have happened from disclosing the truth.

Make sure to vote in the poll below on whether you believe that Alison should have lied to the police or not!

One Big LIE!!

Do You Believe That Alison Should Have Lied To The Police?

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"Whirly Girly" Mona vs. Alison

Is Alison Sincere In Her Apology?

Once again, I'm going to say that she is not. I think she knows that something will happen between her and Mona. She knows how she treated her in the past and she knows now that she has made lots of enemies in Rosewood. I think by being preemptive and apologizing to Mona she is hoping that she will be able to stop whatever is coming. Mona I can see will definitely have big plans planned against Alison. Why these girls can't live in peace is one thing I do not think I will ever know.

What happened between Alison and Mona occurred over two years ago according to the Pretty Little Liars timeline. Mona and everyone are in their Senior year of high school. I think they are just trying to perpetuate the drama.

The Discovery!

Who do you think killed Mrs. D? Leave some comments below letting me know who you think did the deed!
Who do you think killed Mrs. D? Leave some comments below letting me know who you think did the deed!

Mrs. D Is Discovered!

So at the end of this episode Mrs. D body is discovered which is one of the questions I was asking about last weeks episode. I believe that the discovery of this will lead to one of the main mysteries this season. The main thing that the girls are going to try and figure out, or at least for the first half of the season, they will try and figure out who killed Mrs. D.

This episode definitely felt a little bit more like a season premier then last weeks episode. They should have started this as episode as the premier for this season.

There was more action and many more interactions in this episode then last weeks episode.

Is anyone else still suspicious of Alison or am I just being a crazy person?

Jason Is Back? Is He Guilty Of Anything? Likely, NOT!

In this episode we also had the return of Jason. Most of the girls are suspicious of this character but I don't think he really ever did anything. I think he himself is also trying to look for answers also.
In this episode we also had the return of Jason. Most of the girls are suspicious of this character but I don't think he really ever did anything. I think he himself is also trying to look for answers also.

Will Aria Get Worse Before Better?

Ever since the last few episodes of last season Aria seems to be becoming a little off her rocker. She may get worse before better!
Ever since the last few episodes of last season Aria seems to be becoming a little off her rocker. She may get worse before better!

Make Sure To Leave Some Feedback!

Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this article. Make sure the leave some feedback on the comments about some theories you have! I love hearing from people their theories on this show!

Also, make sure to vote in this weeks Pretty Little Liars Poll!

Check back next week for a new article on next weeks episode!


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