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Pretty Little Liars -- Aria's Art Show

Updated on August 4, 2015

And Charles puts some of his art on display...

I think I stopped caring about the show when it stopped making any kind of sense. I remember when Mona was about to be revealed as A that made sense and I was excited for the reveal. And now two episodes from the big reveal and I could kind of care less.

We saw the return of the mess known as Red Coat. Thought we put this one to bed with Cece and Ali in their dueling Red Coats before the latest red herring, Ezra, was revealed to be A. And Red Coat is hanging out with a hoodie. Is it Charles or one of Red Coat's minions? And whatever answer we get this week, will change, next week.

We were back to the Ezra and Aria dance. Ezra's jealous of Clark. Aria's having the blues because Ella doesn't want to allow her to go to her own photographic showing in a local art gallery because of Charles. However, Ezra gives Aria an idea how to get Ella to let her go to her art showing, possibly sponsored by Charles. I thought the same place behind Hanna's scholarship was behind this, as well. Tanner assures Ella she'll keep Aria safe, if she allows her to go. Yeah, right. Can anyone take seriously when the Rosewood PD claims they'll protect someone or solve a crime?

Ali offers to make Lorenzo soup because he got hurt. Turns out she's got some ulterior motives. She waits til Lorenzo falls asleep and swipes his police security card so she can slip into police headquarters and learn what Ken has told them about Charles and not told her. Before he takes a snooze he tells Ali that Ken is talking to Tanner about Charles and she's bringing in a profiler.

Spencer is trying to help Hanna find out if Charles signed her scholarship check. They track down where the headquarters for the foundation is that's funded Hanna's education and meet Rhys Matthews, who could be Jason's doppelganger. Or should I say twin?

As previously reported, Red Coat is back and she/he [you never know] is spending quality time with a hoodie. Whether that hoodie is Charles or someone opposing him is anyone's guess. They spend some time together watching TV...that's TV monitors...the only thing missing was popcorn and you could say they were on a date.

The school may not let the liars come to their prom. They feel the liars could be a danger to other students, and I can kind of get where they're coming from. Especially when the liars won't be honest with people around them, possibly putting them in danger from their own little private Chucky doll.

Emily wants to take Sara to her prom as her date. Yeah, Sara may have been missing from this episode, but Emily was still thinking of her latest and future bed mate. Seriously, this girls changes girlfriends faster than she changes underwear.

Rhys won't tell who his employer is who is behind the scholarship. Hanna takes a picture of him. Hanna points out to Spencer that Rhys. She thinks they may have found Charles.

All the liars attend Aria's art showing. And Ezra, too. Aria asks Ezra to go to her prom with her. Before he can give her an answer, Nicole, Emily's friend, arrives and Aria thinks she's Ezra's date for the evening.

Clark is asking a lot of questions about A. I kind of thought he had the whiff of Maya's fake cousin about him. And it turns out I'm right. Spencer and Hanna follow Rhys to a doll factory and guess who shows up to possibly meet with him? Aria's little shutterbug friend, Clark, who had been asking her questions about A. That's another black character who is a bad guy, will the remaining black guy, Lorenzo, prove equally as shifty?

As Aria's showing takes place, Charles manages to hijack her moment and ruin it. Seems he took some creepy photos of the liars when he had them knocked out and naked on the cold metal slabs in his little faux morgue in his demented doll house. The liars start to have flashbacks from their time in the doll house. Tanner thinks the message was for her because Chuckles feels she took his dolls away from him. Yeah, and Tanner thought the liars were guilty and wouldn't listen to a thing they said when they came to her for help. Tanner is not someone whose judgement I would trust.

Ali slips into police headquarters and finds the Charles crime board. Unfortunately, Tanner finds her, as she's looking at all the evidence against her brother. Then Tanner freaks her out by saying she believes Chuckles is collecting pieces of Ali like serial killers do with their victims.

Emily whines because Hanna keeps staring of the photos of them. That seems to be all she does this season; whine about something. You know, if they ever consider whacking one of the liars, I'd nominate Emily.

Ezra says Nicole isn't his date. Ezra says he's thinking of joining Habitat For Humanity. Seriously, why is Ezra still on this show? Since they decided to use him as a red herring the character makes no sense and seems to have no believable goals. Now he wants to build houses, huh?

Aria says Charles wants them back. Yeah, but why? Why does he think they're his own private dolls? I thought he wanted Ali. See what I mean about how this makes no sense, at all. She opens to Ezra what she went through. Too bad she couldn't do that with her parents.

Ali returns to the sleeping Lorenzo and replaces his keys. Only he's not sleeping. Tanner called him.Of course, she did. He has to face the disciplinary committee. Ali's upset about them shooting Charles on sight. I know I'm supposed to feel sorry for this creepy psycho punk who wants to turn live girls into dolls he can play with. Did Marlene King see the Criminal Minds episode when an unsub did the exact same thing?

Ella comes to see Ashley. Ella tells Ashley they have to do something and tells her about what happened at the gallery as Red Coat watches from outside.

The liars come and tell Aria about Clark. They tell her about seeing him at the abandoned doll factory.

Tanner has Chuckles on camera putting up his nasty pictures, while Hoodie and Red Coat plan to go to the prom.


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      If u want to watch pll season 1236 are on show box and the rest are on putlocker