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Pretty Little Liars -- Back To The Doll House

Updated on June 9, 2015

Will the girls escape from Charles' House of Horrors?

As the season 6 premiere opens, the liars are running through the halls while a blonde watches them [she’s dressed like Ali in the Ali yellow top]. They're outside by the electrified fence where we last left off. They can't get back inside. Hanna says to the camera, “You may be a dude, but you're still a bitch.” Best line of the entire episode. Spencer says she felt like she knew Charles when she saw him.

Chuckles lets them stay out in a rainstorm. They wake up the next morning. Then they're kept outside without food and water until Chuckles finally opens the door for them to go back inside. They re-enter their prison and Chuckles comes behind them and drugs them while he drags Mona off.

The liars wake up naked beneath sheets. Mona comes in dressed up in Ali's candy striper outfit. She gives them aspirins for their headaches. They're instructed to return to their rooms and find their surprises. Screams are heard from within their locked room. Mona says if you don't do what you're told you get stolen in the middle of the night and put in The Hole.

Three weeks later Mona delivers them food dressed in the yellow top Ali disappeared in but won't speak to them. Or, at least I think it was, some said it wasn’t her, after all, but was the mysterious Other Ali.

Andrew is considered the prime suspect, while Ali is let out of jail and trying to help Tanner find the liars. She gives a press conference dropping a clue to Charles that she'll meet him at the Kissing Rock. Which instantly reminded me of Ian. People were even speculating that Ian wasn’t really dead, either, even though we saw him dead on screen, but we also saw Mona dead, as well, so anything goes now. Hey, let’s bring back Dead Garrett and Wilden while we’re at it.

She receives a call with music playing. No voice, not even a distorted voice. The police say the caller is in the house.

Tanner puts Ali in a locked room by herself, as Robocop Toby and the other Rosewood dimwits search the house. They find a hoodie rocking in a chair but it's just a dummy with a pig face. Shades of Wilden, this time. Tanner gets a phone call with pig noises and then finds Ali gone. Big shockeroo. Kind of thought she'd disappear as soon as Tanner locked her in there. How said, Tanner [once an intelligent cop got snookered by some teens and a stalking twenty-something teacher. Must be something in the Rosewood water.]

Toby recognized the song playing. Said his mother used to play the song. And here comes the theories that Toby’s mother is alive, as well. Maybe the town should be renamed Deadwood, since everyone thinks dead characters seen dead on-screen are going to return alive. But then the show broke the glass ceiling on bringing dead people back by bring back Dead Mona, who was portrayed as being not only really dead but most sincerely dead. It's called, “Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree.” Tanner thinks Ali went to meet Andrew and the clue meant to meet at the Apple Farm. One piece of advice for Tanner is she shouldn’t try to think. She lost all thinking rights last season.

As previously stated the call was just a con by Caleb and Ezra to set up a secret meeting with Andrew [if it's really Andrew and not yet another red herring where Andrew will come off as innocent as a lamb]. Ezra and Caleb look like creepy twin brothers sitting side-by-side. They really shouldn't have scenes together where they sit side-by-side. Good old Ezra really doesn't like Caleb. Hopefully, the feeling is mutual since no one should even be speaking to sleazy stalker Ezra.

Any connection the pig thing had to the pig put in the trunk of Wilden's car is made null and void since the boys set the whole thing up, so like many things on the show it becomes basically meaningless. Would have more meaning if Chuckles the clown had really been behind it.

The liars are instructed to proceed to Ali's room and prepare for her arrival. They say they won't talk about what they just went through until they get out of there. Fiesty Hanna seems to have had the stuffing kicked out of her as she's very complacent now and willing to do what Chuckles tells her to do without talking back to the sicko freak. They find boxes on the bed. It contains all of Ali's stuff from her room in the boxes. Looks like Aria got a new do while in captivity. Guess Charles put the color streaks in her hair to make her look like the way she did the night Ali disappeared.

Mona in The Hole. He won't let her out even with her promising to be the best Ali he's ever seen. Yeah, honey, he doesn't want a fake when he can have the real thing. Or so he thinks.

The liars putting all of Ali's things away. Spencer finds a toy car with the initials CD. Aria finds a message from Mona saying, “He's going to kill me,” carved on the wall of the closet. But maybe it’s not from Mona but from the Mysterious Other Ali.

Ali goes to meet “Charles” at the Kissing Rock. She hears a Patsy Cline song, “Walking After Midnight,” playing and follows it to the awaiting car. The GPS in the car directs her where to go. They sure are playing a lot of old time songs this episode. Is it a hint Charles is really an old man? Sorry, couldn’t resist.

The girls believe Charles was taking all their stuff planning to bring them there from the start to be his dolls. Hanna upset by a newspaper report saying her mother got so sick about her disappearance she was taken to the hospital. Spencer vows they're going to escape from captivity, and save loser Mona, tonight. Hanna seems to be the only liar who gives two figs about her parent. Didn’t hear Emily mention her father who has a heart condition. Of course, Spencer has a very odd relationship with her folks, while Aria proved during the revelation of her relationship with Ezra how little her parents mean to her.

Mona sitting in her dirty hole singing to herself. I honestly have no sympathy for this fool. She truly became Loser Mona when she decided to fake her death and frame Ali when she knew she wasn't even A. Not to mention the trauma she caused her own mother. I wouldn't blame her mother snapping and going psycho all over her and killing this moron for real.

Ali arrives at Tyler State Park. Is that supposed to be another clue and Caleb is really A since Caleb’s portrayer is named Tyler Blackburn? Please don’t go there, Marlene. You ruined Caleb enough with the Ravenswood garbage. Charles tells Ali to open the trunk of her car.

Tanner reading Andrew's journal. If it’s really his journal and not a plant.

Ezra and Caleb find Ali's abandoned car and clothes. They begin following the bread crumb trail of clothes she leaves behind.

The girls make another attempt to escape while Ali goes to meet Chuckles. Emily finds a vent to crawl through into Chuckles secret vault. Chuckles watches the girls watching the old movie of him. Spencer sets it on fire and the girls start torching everything in the room as Ali arrives at the entrance to the Doll House. They're hoping Chuckles won't want them to destroy his mementoes.

Chuckles goes after the girls instead of letting Ali in.

The fire starts getting out of control. Yeah, not the brightest idea to start setting fire to things in a room when you’re trapped in said building with no way out. Emily suggests pulling down a curtain to put it out and when they do faceless Chuckles in standing behind a glass wall. Meanwhile, Caleb and Ezra track down Ali outside the entrance to Charles' House of Horrors.

Ezra, Caleb and Ali decide to take off not seeing the smoke coming from underground. They hear a fire alarm going off and finally see smoke coming from underground. Okay, going to play reality police here, but why would there be some underground lair in a state park? I know, don’t ask.

The girls run from Charles vault and try to find that idiot Mona. They find her whining in her little hole. The girls find the exit and run into the arms of their boyfriends.

The girl who was watching them at the beginning of the episode is Sara Harvey. Supposedly Chuckles kidnapped her, too, to be his Ali. So why would he need to kidnap Mona when he already has his Ali and she’s actually a blonde who looks like Ali and Mona isn’t?

Emily asks Ali who Charles DiLaurentis is.

And that's how the episode ends. With the exception of Ali's father none of the other parents were on, which was a shame as sometimes the parents are the best part of the show.

I saw people online declaring this the best episode ever. I personally wasn't impressed.

When you think of all this Chuckles jerk is supposedly doing, it just makes no sense. Charles as A makes no sense, either. As I said, he already had an Ali so why would he need Mona as his new Ali and why not get rid of his previous Ali? And once he had his Ali why didn't he just kidnap the liars? Why wait all these years to do it? And if he really wants the real Ali why frame her for murder where he'll never be able to get at her?

Since Charles is supposed to be the deus ex machina to explain away all the mysteries [even though he makes no sense as the big answer] he must have been the one who bashed Ali on the head? But since he was opposed with having Ali for himself, why would he try to kill her? And did he also bash Bethany Young on the head, as well, making this make even less sense?

I could go on and write a book how none of this makes any sense. Why is Charles obsessed with Ali when he's supposed to be Jason's twin. Since he wasn't around when Charles was a kid, she never even did anything to him, which makes his motivation make even less sense. And what's with his perverted obsession with her and her friends?

And what of the A Team? As I said, the questions go on and on and on showing how little this Charles nonsense makes sense. While I can understand Marlene King making up some character never heard of before to pin the whole thing on that won't upset her Twitter followers, which is who she is now writing the show for, they need to pick someone else, cause this makes no sense.

If they insist on keeping the played-out Mona on the show because King's Twitter followers got upset because she killed off Mona so she brought her back to appease them, make the fool behind the whole thing. Trapping the liars in a Doll House where she got to be Ali and frame Ali for her murder is this psycho's dream fantasy. And for the love of God don't make Andrew Charles since he's too young to be Jason's twin brother even though the actor looks older than Ezra.

Come on, Marlene, pull your head out of your Twitter follower's arses and start trying to write a decent story that makes some sense.


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