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Pretty Little Liars -- Being Mona

Updated on March 14, 2013

Original Airing: March 12, 2013

A was messing with Hanna and Aria, while Emily was determined to prove to Spencer that Toby wasn’t really dead. As part of that plan, Emily convinced Aria and Hanna to make a return trip to the morgue. She thought if she could take a picture of the body found in the woods and prove it wasn’t Toby, Spencer might snap out of it.

Unfortunately, Red Coat got to the body, first, and left a plastic mask over the body’s face, while Aria saw Red Coat slipping away. The body wasn’t anyone they recognized. However, Pam revealed another body was found buried in a shallow grave where Spencer said she saw a body. Since the face was pretty messed up they can’t be sure who it is. But the body in the morgue has the tattoo that Spencer freaked out about upon seeing it.

Hanna was forced to tell Caleb his Uncle Daddy was a thief when Ella said that Jamie had taken a bronze bell and replaced it with a cheap replica. She told Caleb about the money she thinks Jamie stole from the collection box in the church. Caleb confronts Jamie, who claims the bell thing was a mistake, but Caleb won’t believe him. However, when Caleb sees a text A sends Hanna gloating about the mistake she made about Jamie, he regrets not believing Jamie.

Meanwhile someone picks Malcolm up from karate class claiming to be Aria. When Aria finds out she finds a clue from A about a puppet show. At the same time a hoodie is seen with Malcolm at the puppet show. As it turns out that hoodie was actually Spencer, who recalls agreeing to join the A Team when Mona makes her offer, again. Of course, Aria didn’t know it was Spencer or that Malcolm was safe. It was pretty horrible she didn’t go to the police right away, instead of looking for him on her own. She had no way of knowing if Malcolm was safe, considering some of the horrible things the A’s have done. She’s very lucky she found that child unharmed.

One can hope Spencer is just going undercover to finally discover who the A’s are and just why they’re doing this. She’s tried to find out from an outside perspective, and only going inside the group may help her finally find out the truth.

Spencer shocked family and friends as she refused to leave Radley. She seemed determined to morph herself into Mona. She learned there was a game Mona loved to play, and Wren claimed she played it with Eddie, that had a map of spots in Radley. One was to a window that was open and possibly how Mona was able to sneak out. Eddie in turn suggested Wren was up to no good with Mona. One thing was clear, Eddie and Wren don’t like each other and Wren is trying to keep Eddie away from Spencer.

Spencer follows another location on the game board map that leads her to the old children’s ward. She finds Mona’s stash and amongst the items is a visitor’s pass that Wren issued to Cece. Wren finds her there and claims that Cece just wanted to come and help Mona, because Ali pulled some stunt that got Cece kicked out of college and he claims Melissa was their go between.

The story doesn’t make sense on so many levels. Why was Cece so pro-Alison if she got her kicked out of school? When Melissa made it clear a few episodes ago she doesn’t like Wren, why would she supposedly get involved with Wren to help Mona of all people.

Veronica also tells Spencer that not long before she died she found Ali with her mouth bleeding and thought Jason had done it. Later, Spencer imagines asking Ali about it, and she suggests a girl had done it to her.

The big question is why the A’s want Spencer to become one of them? Are they suddenly no longer after her? It also seems with Spencer off in A Land, Emily is assuming the mantle of leader. It would be interesting if she becomes more of a threat to the A’s than Spencer ever was. For all that Spencer was super smart, her inherent arrogance lead her to constantly accuse people without any real evidence of their guilt. Emily, however, isn’t taking things at face value and is investigating and trying to find proof before she makes up her mind about someone’s guilt. She might not be as easy to manipulate as Spencer was. She’s also been put through the mental wringer by the A’s and they didn’t break her the way they did Spencer.

Maybe the A’s wanted to recruit Spencer because she was the leader of the liars and without her they thought the other three would fall apart. That they’d be easy to pick off one-by-one without Spencer around. Imagine the A’s shock if their favorite victim turns out to be an even bigger threat to them than Spencer ever was.


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