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Pretty Little Liars -- Bitch, Chipped Us!

Updated on July 21, 2015

Another red herring is let off the hook!

It was another boring episode where nothing really happened. It was also like watching a tennis match. Leslie, the latest A red herring, was summarily dismissed as a suspect, and it was back to Charles In Charge, who wasn’t really dead or most sincerely dead. What I want to know is if Jessica was dressing Chuckles up in twin outfits similar to Ali? How else do they explain the Christmas episode where Ali found the identical outfit hidden inside the piano. If so, maybe that’s why the little psycho is so creepily obsessed with Ali and playing with dolls

Emily was winning the award for this season’s most annoying liar, with Hanna a close second. Hanna was still bitching about Caleb wanting to control her when she’s lying to him and is the one who pushed him away. But nothing can stop Emily and her all Sara Harvey all the time obsession. Anyone who watched this show for any time knows it’s not a question of if but when Emily screws her. I guess Emily never heard of Stockholm Syndrome and never even thinks that her new beloved might just be working with Charles after all the time in captivity. But then, Emily never thinks.

The line of the night was the revamped [from season 3] “Bitch, can see,” that Aria snarled in regards to Jenna. This time Spencer said it and it was, “Bitch, chipped us.” But since Leslie was quickly dispatched by Mona as an A suspect [and why are they believing Mona?] maybe it should be, “Bastard, chipped us.” Only that doesn’t seem to have the same snap, does it?

Caleb, who was adhering to Emily’s mantra how everyone must sacrifice for Poor Sara, who these people don’t even know, spends time trying to help Sara catch up on what she missed while in captivity and tells her they’re both outsiders. Emily had a lot of nerve asking Caleb to help her new squeeze-to-be, since she got Hanna to lie to Caleb, which began the trouble between Hanna and Caleb. But that’s how insufferable Emily is this season. Watch out, Hanna. With you freezing out Caleb, he might just turn to little Miss Sara whose hair is looking a lot better than yours these days, which would be just desserts for both you and Emily.

Meanwhile, Hanna’s off stalking the latest, red herring, Leslie. She steals Leslie’s car and she and Spencer go through it. They find multiple pairs of fake glasses. Spencer deduces that Leslie doesn’t need glasses and is faking needing them for whatever reason. Spencer also thinks she has unassembled cages to put them in. Hanna, as previously mentioned, is still being bitchy about Caleb. Well, when he moves on to Sara Harvey, blame yourself. Seriously, you are your own worst enemy, girl.

Spencer’s been asked to be valedictorian but Dean tells her if she doesn’t want to do it then don’t. Something tells me Veronica will have a cow if she does that. Veronica is not someone you want to mess with. Heck, even A is afraid to mess with her and pretty much leaves her alone.

An old friend of Emily’s, Nicole, who Emily knew from Habitat Humanity shows up in town to see her. She manages to get her to stop thinking of Sara for all of two seconds, which is something approaching a miracle. When she asks Emily to rejoin HH, Emily decides it would be perfect for her and Sara to join together. And once they’re out of Rosewood, she can make sure she’s safe and sound. What if Sara doesn’t want to go, Emily? What will you do then?

Aria runs into Clark her fellow photography student. It’s kind of weird that both Ali and Aria have acquired possibly shifty potentially new black love interests. After the last black character that suddenly shared up spending times with a liar, psycho killer Nate [I think his name was], it makes you wonder. Did the show bring to new black characters on because people complained that previous black characters [Maya, Nate and Shana] were all killed? Or is it to show some strange connection between Ali and Aria?

Spencer asks Sara if anyone has asked her to talk about what happened. Can I say it’s about time? This chick has spent several years in Charles House of Horror and since they didn’t find any other Ali subs down there, she must have satisfied his Ali need until he replaced her with Mona. So after all that time they should be questioning what kind of psychological damage has been done to this chick, not to mention what kind of information she might now. But protective Mama Bear/future lover Emily won’t let that happen, no doubt. But it was the first smart thing the liars have done in regards to this Sara. I really hope she’s secretly working with Charles. Maybe that would teach the liars not to listen or trust Emily’s instincts since she usually doesn’t have any.

Caleb tells Ashley he feels like he’s lost Hanna and he’s not trying to smother her. Ashley advices Caleb to try and treat Hanna as if nothing happened and not like she’s made of glass.

Dean says he can’t see Spencer anymore. That every time he’s around her he wants to grab her and kiss her. Be really hilarious if he was Charles. Seriously, can we keep Dean as Spencer’s new love interest and have Toby turn out to be Charles? The only decent romance on the show is Caleb and Hanna and they’re not considered the two big endgame couples [Toby and Spencer and Ezra and Aria] who just plain suck.

Caleb shows up at Hanna’s, but when she tries getting bitchy with him, he grabs her and kisses her. And they get to it on on the bed. That seems to solve the matter between them.

Sara claims she got hurt and isn’t sure the car did it on purpose. Sara claims she thinks it was Leslie’s car. Emily tells Sara she can go with her on her HH mission. But Sara shoots it down and of course Emily couldn’t go without her new love going with her.

While searching Leslie’s Spencer realizes they’ve been chipped to keep an eye on them. She gets tipped off when Hanna starts beeping. That’s when Mona shows up. Mona claims Leslie hated Bethany. Mona claims Charles escaped the night Bethany did. So now because of Mona they believe Charles is alive and Leslie is no longer an A suspect. Why are they trusting Mona, again? Campus police arrive as Mona and the liars are debating Charles and Leslie.

Now were back to Charles, again, who I still say makes no sense as being A. But I think I’m getting past the point of even caring any longer. They need to just wrap this up and move on to something new.

Aria sees Ezra hanging with Nicole.

Sara kisses Emily when she crawls in bed with her looking to see if she was chipped.

Daddy D is burying a note Charles sent about coming home for his birthday. This moment makes a few fans hearts bleed for poor Charles. Me, I didn’t feel an ounce of sympathy. Not after all the foul things this little cretin has supposedly done for whatever weird reason he has for doing them.


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