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Pretty Little Liars -- Blood Will Tell

Updated on February 12, 2015

The liars make another bad mistake...

The liars decide to donate blood. While that's a nice thing to do, it's also pretty stupid when you got someone like A in your life whose out to get you. What better way to frame you for something than using your blood?

Spencer spends the evening with Johnny as he does a painting at Hollis. Seems that Toby has blown off Spencer again. I hate to say it, but I actually have enjoyed Toby-free episodes.

Aria confront Mike about getting a call from Hank Mahoney, who she thinks is Ali. She demands Mike tell her the truth and he says he doesn't have to tell her anything.

Hanna found out she can't get financial aid because her father had a good year. Ashley says her father won't help her and going to him won't fix this.

Emily learns Talia is married to a man from Ezra and Ezra learns from Emily that Aria was accepted at an out-of-state school and didn't tell him.

Johnny catches Spencer when she slips off the ladder after helping him with his art work.

Mike texts Hank Mahoney who promises to keep in touch. He also has a vial of blood hidden in the refrigerator in a power drink. It seems obvious it's one of the liars' vials of blood.

Spencer realizes she helped Johnny vandalize Hollis with his art work. She's terrified she'll get arrested again because of this.

Andrew helps Aria study and sees some texts Hanna sent her about Mike.

Emily confronts Talia about being married.

Hanna goes to see her father despite what Ashley told her to do.

Emily sees Mike taking money out of the ATM. Luckily, dummy doesn't take his receipt and Emily sees he withdrew $400.

Emily comes and tells Aria about Mike withdrawing cash.

Tom says he has to pay for Kate and can only give her 10,000 a year. She walks out on Tom disgusted with him. Yep, once again Terrible Tom earns the title of worst father. He's one of those men that forgets all about the child he had with a previous wife and becomes all about the kid with the new wife. Even if that kid is a vile piece of crap and not even his own child.

I wanted to scream when Hanna described that foul cretin as perfect Kate. Yeah, little Miss Perfect got Hanna drunk at her mother's engagement party because she didn't want to share the spotlight with Hanna. She then framed Hanna for bullying her by taking a nude picture of her and spreading it around school. And this is who Terrible Tom helps go to a fancy college. Yeah, I just hate to see what his precious little moral degenerate does next.

Spencer emails Melissa to see if Wren still has a contact at Oxford.

Andrew plays chauffeur for Emily and Aria as they track Mike. Andrew doesn't seem to buy their story that Mike is using drugs.

Mike meets Cyrus, Ali's fake kidnapper. Apparently, he's Hank Mahoney.

Hanna comes to Ezra's coffee shop looking for Emily since she left her phone at Tom's place and she doesn't want to go back there. Ezra gets her to confide in him. Ezra suggests she pay her way through college. He says he always knew Hanna had it in her as her teacher to go to college.

Hanna uses Ezra's phone to call the liars, but Aria refuses the call thinking it's Ezra. As Hanna's leaving she sees a beauty pageant flyer and thinks that might be her way to get her money for college.

The girls get a text from A with three vials of blood that they gave. Hank/Cyrus chases them down with his motorcycle and Andrew warns Cyrus to back away from them. Unfortunately, they were trying to make a deal with Cyrus to give them back their blood. So whose vial of blood did Mike keep? Or did each of the energy drinks contain blood vials?

Ashley tells Hanna that Tom dropped off her phone. Ashley thinks Hanna is entering a beauty pageant to get validation and she tells her it's to get a 20,000 dollar scholarship for school. Hanna urges Ashley to call Ted.

Talia texts Emily wanting to talk. But Emily rejects her. However, she's already standing outside of Emily's house and says, “Please.”

Spencer tells Johnny she had fun but she has boundaries. She needs to get in college to get out of Rosewood.

Talia tells Emily about her husband, Eric. That it's not romantic and she's attracted to women. Eric is her best friend and that's why she stays with him. She says she shouldn't have lied to Emily and didn't want to scare her away. Emily decides to give her another chance.

Hanna thinks A is going to use the blood to frame them. Spencer doesn't see Mike lurking outside her window.

The blood vials belong to Hanna, Spencer and Aria. A takes blood from one of the vials and drops blood on a piece of clothing.

I missed the first 15 minutes of the show, and I couldn't rewatch the replay because I watch Person Of Interest, which is on at the same time. So did Emily get wise and not give blood, making her the smartest liar of them all? Or is Emily the one liar A doesn't want to frame?

Also, did anyone wonder if Andrew could quite possibly be A? He chased Cyrus away just as the liars were about to make a deal with him. He also was the one that first gave Spencer the pills that sent her off the rails. I like Andrew, but the sudden return of him makes me suspicious.

As for Mike, he has to be the worst written character on this show. He disappears for a time and when he returns he suddenly has a new personality.


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