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Pretty Little Liars -- Charles is...

Updated on August 12, 2015

And you'll never guess who Red Coat and Black Veil are...

So this is the moment we've all been waiting for. We find out who Charles is. I have no clue and I'm kind of apathetic about the whole thing. In honor of the event, the A key on my laptop is sticking. How appropriate. I still wish it was Toby and hope it's not either Jason or Wren. Jason because he's one of my favorite male characters and Wren so the people who are so certain it's him will be wrong. I know, not nice! Marlene King has cried A one time too many, so I'm going in with no anticipation, so maybe I won't be disappointed with what I get.

The liars and Ali are chasing A who is about to jump off the roof, and they're trying to get it to not jump. Sorry, if it was me, I'd be willing to give A a shove. Bye, bye, A, hope it hurts when you go splat on the cement.

It's one of the infamous showing the future than going back to the past to explain how they all got there. And it's back to where we left off with Ali vanishing. The Moms still trapped in the basement of the DiLaurentis house. Hopefully one of them finally notices the window in back of them, cause A doesn't say a peep about locking them down there and they're not on this episode.

Aria hears someone moving in the bushes. They come face-to-face with Red Cape who reveals herself to be Mona. Mona says she's traced Charles and Ali to the Carisini Group while someone is being dragged, I think it may be Jason. At least that means he's not Charles, THANK GOD!!!

Ali wakes up and it appears that Ken is dead in the next cell.

The liars watch some bags being moved out of the company. We actually never find out what that's about. Just another of those things that will never be answered. Like who was the body in the woods with the same tat as Toby.

Sara, quite conveniently, comes along with the liars and Mona and helps them break the code to enter. Sara waits outside as the liars and Mona get locked in the room. Big shockeroo! When they replayed last season's finale and I heard that annoying female voice telling the liars to do this and that over the loud speaker I thought it sounded like her voice. Too bad none of the liars recognized her voice. It would have saved a lot of trouble.

It seems Jason is also dead next to Ken. NO! Not my favorite DiLaurentis! A is Cece or Charles. I was wondering before the finale aired if since Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn if the show would cash in on the transgender trend that's all over TV at the moment and have Charles be a man that became a women. She turns around saying that Jason and Ken aren't dead yet. THANK GOD! Jason still lives!

Cece as Charles does make sense as Cece has always been obsessed with Ali. She even killed for her. And it also makes sense why the much older Cece was hanging around with the younger Ali. However, there are a lot of other reasons this doesn't make sense.

Mona thinks Tanner is working for Cece.

Cece explains she was only trying to help Ali as a baby when he submerged her in the bathtub as an infant. Ken came in and saved Ali, asking what is wrong with him. Ken insisted putting Charles in Radley. Cece thinks Ken used it to get rid of her because he knew she liked to dress up in girl clothes and wanted to be a girl. Congratulations, we now have a worst father than Hanna's father.

Jessica kept bringing Charles the same clothes she bought for Ali. Cece talks of knowing Bethany in Radley as kids. Toby's mom came on the roof where they were and Charles hid. Bethany pushed her off the roof. Then Bethany called Charles a freak and said he pushed her. Only problem with that scene is Toby's mom was alive and not in Radley when Ali was a teen so Charles would have been a lot older at the time than what was shown. Of course, Marlene would solve the so-called Mrs. Cavanaugh mystery that I doubt anyone even cared about so little Toby can be made whole.

Cece was blamed for Mrs. C's death, while psycho Bethany got off the hook. And at some point Charles became Charlotte and got sent back to Radley. Jessica made Ken think that Charles was dead and in a way he was. Later, Jessica comes to say that Cece will be let out to go to classes at U-Penn.

Okay, taking a brief pause here. Remember the whole plot twist that Jessica was taking Bethany on little outings to get in good with her because she was screwing her father? Wouldn't Charles/Charlotte have told her mom the truth about Bethany and wouldn't Jessica have spent the time with her daughter instead of her boyfriend's psycho daughter? And remember how Ali invited Bethany to Rosewood and knew Bethany? Well, forget all that. The writers did. All that they kept from that previous story was Jessica was screwing Bethany's father and Bethany escaped Radley to kill Jessica.

Cece came to see Jason and introduced herself as Cece Drake and started dating her twin brother. I guess they're twins. People are now referring to Cece as Jason's older brister and nothing has been made of the fact that Peter should also be Charles/Charlotte's bio dad.

Jessica didn't learn she was Cece until they were about to go to Cape May and she showed up as Jason's girlfriend. Jessica reveals that everyone thinks Charles is dead. Actually, they don't even know Charles existed. Remember that, writers. It was only like a few episodes ago you revealed that. Ken didn't recognize Cece when he met her and she went along on the trip with the family.

Remember the scene of Cece in the DiLaurentis backyard in the same yellow top as Ali? Forget that. Jason was now so drugged up he mistook Bethany for Cece. Also forget the fact "Bethany" was standing chatting with Melissa. That probably never happened anymore, either. Melissa knew Cece but she didn't know Bethany.

Bethany stole Cece's clothes and snuck out of Radley to kill Jessica. Cece accidentally hit Ali thinking she was Bethany and Jessica saw her do it. Jessica was appalled at what Cece had done but covered up for her by burying Ali in the backyard and demanding Cece go back to Radley. Cece says Jessica never forgave her for that.

The liars see Red Coat preparing to blow up Radley, but don't see who it is and assume it's Cece.

Mona confesses she was the one who killed Bethany. The liars act like that's no biggie. After all, Bethany killed Mama Cavanaugh. Tit for tat. Jessica paid Wilden to cover for Cece. Jessica never forgave her.

Cece reveals how she used to sneak in to see Mona when she was first admitted to Radley. We're supposed to believe it was Cece in the red coat or robe now who came in and visited as Mona said she did everything Cece told her to do. Yeah, this makes no sense. Also forget Mona's claim that Red Coat [who she knew wasn't Ali but now Mona claims she thought was Ali] isn't wearing an Ali Halloween mask either like Mona claimed. Mona told Cece all about the liars. So Cece never had anything against the liars, she didn't even know them.

Another time-out and another previous fact you need to forget to go along with this solution. Remember how Cece supposedly hated the liars because she was blamed for pushing the girl Ian went upstairs with down the the stairs and she blamed the liars for being kicked out of school. Forget that, too. Since Cece was only let out of Radley she and Ali could hardly been partying at frat parties together. She would have been locked up at Radley for the night.

Cece says she couldn't trust Mona cause she ran over Hanna and Mona actually thinks of Hanna as her BFF. One of the top moments of the night. She also said Mona wasn't done playing the game and she assigned Cece to get to know the liars and it was Mona that figured out how to escape from Radley. Cece got pissed off because the liars were glad Ali was dead and that's her reason for terrorizing them. She also saw someone in a red coat watching the girls. She thought that Ali would come back if the girls were in danger.

So Cece is saying that Mona was the big boss, while Mona claimed Red Coat was the boss giving her orders. Ah, which one to believe. Since Mona has already been caught in so many lies, I'll believe it was indeed Mona who was behind the whole thing. Although Mona claims that's just not true. She also claims she was on drugs and we know she wasn't taking them.

Sara Harvey was the other Red Coat. Suck that, Em. You've been swapping spit and protecting the enemy. Hope that hurts but good, cause you deserve it.

Cece says she left the country planning to quit the game, but it's so addictive so she came back. Sara was Black Veil who went to Wilden's funeral. So much for the people so convinced it was Melissa. Cece says sorry Emily, but not really. But then she's not sorry for anything she did aside from almost killing Ali. Best moment of the entire season.

Another thing to forget is that Cece killed Wilden for Ali. She killed Wilden cause he wouldn't let Ali come back to Rosewood but Ali didn't know about it. Also you should forget that Ali called Cece to Ravenswood and had her dress up as Red Coat with her. In this new version of the truth Ali is an innocent little lamb and Cece is the big bad wolf.

The liars try to make Emily think it's a lie and that her beloved Sara isn't a bad guy, but Spencer embraces her inner Hanna and says that's why Tanner isn't there, because Sara never called her.

Cece found Jessica dead in the yard. From this, I'm guessing we're now supposed to believe Jessica mixed her meds up accidentally and she wasn't murdered. She says Jessica was the only person that ever really loved her. Yes, Cece loved Jessica so much she dragged her into the Hastings backyard and buried her and filmed it while she was doing it. But maybe that's another thing we're supposed to forget that happened.

Sara in her Red Coat sets off the bomb in Radley. Spencer disarms it. Emily punches Sara when she says she tried to keep her safe. Now can Hanna punch Emily for making her lie to Caleb all to protect her new girlfriend and majorly screwed up their relationship for a time?

Cece doesn't jump. She says, “Game over.”

Labor Day Weekend. Sara got released from the hospital. You mean she didn't do any jail time? Are they still going to claim Sara was Cece's kidnap victim? Guess we should forget any explanation for how and why Cece and Sara ended up as partners.They say Sara probably blames them for what happened. I suppose that's something we'll maybe find out about or maybe not even though most of us could give a crap about this character. The liars are all leaving and Ali is staying in Rosewood.

Five years later:

The liars rush in and tell Ali that he's coming for her and she needs to get a move on. Ali appears to be a teacher. And the liars returned to Rosewood because Ali summoned them.

I'm sure there's plenty of stuff I forgot that makes this resolution to the A thing that's supposed to answer all the questions illogical and unbelievable. Like there's still no acknowledgment by the writer's time line that Bethany was buried before Ali so when Jessica buried Ali in the exact same spot she should have already seen the grave was occupied. Also, since a lot of fans are angry tweeting Marlene over this finale don't be surprised is by the next finale she'll say Cece isn't really Charles and everything she said was a figment of her imagination.

I will say that Vanessa Ray's performance alone made the finale worth watching again. She really impressed me.

Anyway, we just have 1.5 more seasons to endure Marlene Madness. Pray the show isn't renewed for an eighth season. I think she and her hack writers might actually be able pull off a cohesive mystery that lasts for that long. It's when they try to drag it out that they keep contradicting themselves and making it impossible for any solution to work with all the contradicting facts they created.

My final advice is to embrace the mantra of the Frozen theme song and let it go. Any questions you have about things that happened in the last 6 seasons won't be answered. Like, who tried to kill Jenna twice. Who did Jenna meet in the park. What secret was Ali holding over Noel's head. And how did Toby's sweater he gave to Ali the night she vanished get back into Toby's house. Let it go!

You know the really sad thing? The liars never solved one thing. In the case of both reveals A revealed themselves to the liars, but they never figured it out on their own.


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