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Pretty Little Liars -- Could Allison Be Alive?

Updated on March 12, 2012

It's going to be a wild ride to the finish

Spencer has a very realistic dream or was it dream. She waked up to find Allison rummaging through the blue dufflebag containing her things. She opens up one of the bottles of Spencer's pain killers and takes one. She says this is really messed up but their getting closer to discovering the truth. Then there's a noise. Spencer wakes up the next morning and the front door is open and the top is off her pain pills. So was it just a dream or is Allison alive. Could Allison have had a twin and could that twin have been murdered by mistake?

Jenna decides to remove the bandage from her eyes to see if the operation was a success. She removes it and it appears she can't see. She goes to see the Pills at school and tells them the operation didn't work and that she's sorry and wants them to let go of the past and move on. She also tells them she isn't the one they should be afraid of. While Hanna buys it Emily's still convinced that Jenna is A.

Spencer realizes that Allison had been putting ads in the paper communicating with A and they arranged to meet. They arranged to meet at the Doll Hospital in Brookhaven. The Pills go to the Doll Hospital where they met the old woman who runs it. They also meet a strange little boy named Seth who seems to have the gift of second-sight. He tells them exactly how Allison died and that a man and woman wanted to hurt her, but the woman wasn't blind.

When Aria learns Byron is thinking of sending her off to boarding school, she gets nasty with Ella and threatens to turn Byron in for having a relationship with a student. Ella tells her they want to send her away because they know she's being bullied and they want her to be safe. Later, Ella says the plan is off, but not because of her threats. She also tells Aria she's ashamed of her and doesn't even know her anymore.

Spencer tells the other PIlls that Melissa could have killed Allison. Her parents thought so and hired a private detective to investigate. That Melissa even tried to convince her that their father wanted Allison dead. Then she tells them how Allison would drop hints that Jason was her brother and that Jason finally put it together and told her that he's her brother.

Spencer finally confronts Melissa when she finds out Melissa was in her room and spotted the blue dufflebag. When Spencer shows Melissa the video of her coming into Allison's room, Melissa gets nasty and says she's seen videos of Spencer that could get her into trouble and she'd better not show that video of her to anyone.

Mona claims A texted her again demanding Mona break-up Hanna and Caleb. The Pills come up with a plan to see if Melissa is A. Caleb and Mona have to pretend they're making out and let Melissa see them to see if Hanna gets a text from A. And she does. This seems to be proof positive that Melissa is A. At least Hanna thinks so and she wants to take what they have to the police.

The Pills make another trip to the Doll Hospital after hours since Emily and Spencer don't think they have enough evidence and need further proof. They head into the basement where they hear a creepy doll voice saying, "Follow me. End up like me. " The doll has blonde hair, has blood on her head and is half in and half out of a grave. Dolls heads begin falling off the shelves and one of the bookcases full of dolls fall over. The Pills run for their lives and get the heck out of the shop. Later, A is shown paying the owner of the Doll Hospital money, after she says she didn't sign on for this, and A gives Seth a lollipop.

When Toby tells Jenna that Garrett is parked outside of their house again, she gives Toby page 5 of the autopsy report claiming she doesn't know what it is, but Garrett gave it to her to keep. She asks Toby to take her to the police. Later, as Jenna is looking in the mirror she squashes a fly, showing that she can, in fact, see.

Ezra tells Aria he's been fired and she isn't going to break-up her family to keep them together. He's planning on leaving town to find a place where he can teach school. Aria accepts it and says goodbye. They have sex as a way of saying goodbye to each other.

The Pills are at Spencer's house gathering up all the evidence they have to turn into the police when they hear a noise downstairs. It's Melissa and Garrett. Melissa and Garrett are apparently involved, from the way she's kissing Garrett. She brags to Garrett she's been scaring Spencer all their lives and Spencer won't talk.

As it turns out, Spencer won't need to. The police show up and arrest Garrett for the murder of Allison DiLaurentis.

Next week we finally learn who A is, and I'm no longer so sure that Mona is A. If Seth was telling the truth A maybe be a couple, not one person. A man and woman with dark hair. Just how long has Jenna been able to see? Has she never been blind? Did she lie to Toby when she took off the bandage or did her sight come back later, since she removed the bandage too soon? She must have been blind, or why would she have a doctor operate on her eye. So the question is just what was the truth and what was a lie?

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