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Pretty Little Liars -- Could Allison Be Alive And Could She Be A?

Updated on June 30, 2012


I haven't read the books myself, but I've seen people say Allison has a twin sister named Courtney who is behind everything. Myself, I keep wondering if the person that really died was Courtney and Allison is alive and well and tormenting her former Mean Girl companions.

I think the A that was tormenting Allison could be her twin sister, Courtney, but when they came face-to-face Allison killed her and let everyone believe she was the one who was killed. It would explain why someone needed to steal the body, because a further more closer examination might reveal the corpse in the box wasn't Allison but her twin sister, Courtney. If the purpose for digging up Allison was to take all the keepsakes left in her casket out, they could have done that and left the body behind. It may be the reason for the stealing of Page 5 of the autopsy report. All the copies of Page 5 were stolen, so how does anyone know the page Jenna turned into the police hadn't been altered in some way. There's no way to prove what was on Page 5, since all the copies of it were stolen.

One thing that's points heavily to Allison being alive and being New A or Original A is the earring that was left in Aria's locker. The only one who knew the significance of those earrings were Aria and Allison. Even Meredith didn't even know about it. I think Allison lied when she told Aria she found those earrings in Byron's couch to get Aria to trash Byron's office so she'd have something on her. It's just the sick type of game Allison liked to play and it's also the sick type of game A likes to play, as well. She fixed the election so Spencer would win so she'd have something on Spencer. It was what Allison enjoyed doing; getting something on someone so she could have control over them.

Spencer decided Mona made up the story of meeting Allison in Brookhaven and her giving her a number to call, but I think it had to have actually happened. Otherwise how did she find out about A? Another question is was the person Mona saw really Allison or could it have been her twin sister, Courtney. Instead of Ally spying on A like Spencer assumes, what if A was spying on Ally? What if A's lair in the motel really belonged to Allison?

This whole thing about A having a team is also very Allison. She had her little team at school with Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily. So if Allison was A it would make sense her putting together a new team. Mona is one member. If the flashback of Mona was true, she could have been promised popularity if she became the new A. Another member of the team could be Meredith. Her showing up at school just as the earring was popped into Aria's locker seems a little coincidental. And why did A blackmail Aria into telling Byron the truth? Did Meredith agree to become a member of the A team if A helped her get Byron back? Wren may also be a member. He seems to be haunting the halls where Mona's room is located. It's almost like he's watching Mona for A to make sure she doesn't betray A. Like Meredith, Wren conveniently returned to Rosewood just after Spencer was forced to break up with Toby. He also showed up at the bar Spencer was meeting Melissa at. Did A promise Wren he could have Spencer if he joined the A team?

Spencer said it wasn't Mona who gave Emily the massage as A, which got me to wondering if Mona did any of the things against Emily that A did or if it was this new A. When everyone was trapped in the school it was Mona that helped Emily get back on the swim team. It was like she felt sorry for Emily when she saw her encounter with the principal, which is very un-A like behavior towards Emily, since A has been unmerciless to Emily. And when Emily sent the Pills the dolls right after Dr. Sullivan's disappearance there wasn't an Emily doll sent. Emily found her doll in the backseat of her car which lead her into a trap where she had a dream [if that's what it was] about Allison kissing her and telling her she was always her favorite. Both the massage and the kissing involve Emily being touched intimately.

Maybe A is in love with Emily. You only hurt the one you love. Emily loved Mya and now Mya is head. Maybe Mya wasn't killed because she knew something, but because A saw her as a rival for Emily. So far Emily has been the one whose gotten the most attention from this new A. Wasn't Emily the first one that received a text when she was out jogging and spotted Jenna's car? She also had that icky teeth necklace stuck in her purse and Ella was outted for helping Emily cheat. Mona claimed her motives for being A was because she wanted Hanna all to herself; could that be what this new A wants of Emily? And could that person be Allison?


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      dz_ily 5 years ago

      i think that gena is alison and she did not dead but gena died in the " gena thing" tha why ali took her personnality to protect her self from prison


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