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Pretty Little Liars -- Couples Mix-N-Match

Updated on August 2, 2012

Emily gets another piece of what happened that night

It really does seem like it. Hanna went to the church party with Toby. And Hanna's been hanging around Spencer's potential new boyfriend, Wren, all season. And this episode we had Spencer and Caleb sharing some one-on-one time together.

The girls were still trying to hack into Maya's website with no luck. Emily thinks she may have known the password, but that isn't what it is. She leaves declaring that she guesses she didn't know Maya as well as she thought she did. Spencer tries everything she can think of to hack in but she can't do it, so she decides to bring in Caleb on it. She tries to keep it prosaic without telling Caleb anything, but he's not buying it. She finally admits it's a site Maya had that Mona told them about. That's all Caleb needs to know, since he doesn't want the Mona Monster to hurt Hanna, he agrees to hack into the site.

Unfortunately, Toby isn't being as agreeable. He tells Spencer that Jason has skipped town and he's tired of Spencer keeping things from him. He says she's still jumping every time the phone rings and this whole thing is supposed to be over. He tells her he's going to find out what's going on on his own.

It was kind of shocking seeing the great chemistry between Caleb and Spencer. Spencer was actually smiling and having a good time. I actually thought they had better chemistry than they do with their respective love interests.

Caleb manages to hack into Maya's account and it seems to be a hodge-podge of videos she did in no particular order. The whole thing is kind of a let down. None of the videos seem all that interesting until we see one where Maya declares she's going to face her fear. Could her murder also have been caught on camera? Unfortunately, the liars refuse to play it without Emily being there and I really want to smack them.

Spencer also snoops through her mother's briefcase which contains her file on Garrett's case. She discovers how Maya died. Her trachea was crush. A pretty violent way to die. She discovers when Maya died. The night Garrett was arrested. Aria goes and questions a witness on Veronica's witness list that she was concerned about. He says he saw Maya get into Garrett's car the night of her murder. This just signs, seals and delivers Garrett's guilt as far as Spencer is concerned.

A couple of things she doesn't consider, because it might prove her wrong is just because Maya got in Garrett's car doesn't mean Garrett killed her. Also Melissa was with Garrett that night. It's possible her sister could be involved in this. At the very least, Melissa may be able to provide an alibi that blows Spencer's determined belief that it's Garrett despite what A texted her that Garrett is innocent. And this may be why she's accused so many innocent people of the crime, because she only looks at it from the angle of proving she's right and won't consider she might be wrong.

Hanna learns from Wren that Mona is about to be shipped away where the liars will no longer be able to get to her. She asks Wren to make a plea for Mona staying. When Wren's plea doesn't work, Wren suggest Hanna appeal to Mona's doctor. A sends a text taking credit for this latest development, saying, "Mona's almost gone; Hanna's next." It seems after listening to the tape of Mona with Hanna and Aria, A figured out that Mona had betrayed her and passed on information to Hanna. Now A wants to send her away so Mona can't reveal anything else. Unfortunately for A, Mona's doctor agrees to let Mona stay after Hanna makes her plea.

I have to say that the stuff about the mental institution Mona's staying in is bordering on the far-fetched. A hacks into the computer and changes Mona's visitor status from having no visitors to allowing visitors. The no visitor status had to come from her doctor and yet the doctor has no clue the order was changed? You can easily sneak in and out of the place without being caught. They have some abandoned wing where children used to be kept in a working mental institution that could be using those rooms for other patients and collecting money for and yet they're not using it? I get the feeling the only reason Mona hasn't walked out the door is because Mona wants to stay there.

Maybe it could be explained that A has something on Mona's doctor and is forcing him to send Mona away. But if that's true, then Hanna's plea wouldn't have convinced him to change his mind about sending her away.

Hanna kisses Wren spontaneously when he gives her the good news about Mona. I personally didn't see any chemistry between the two. Wren also reveals that Mona hasn't been taking her meds and has been slipping her meds out with a visitor. The liars suspect that it was Lucas and that's how he got the pills that Aria found in his bag at the camera shop.

Emily takes Nate to her and Maya's special place. I still don't trust this guy and I don't think he's Maya's cousin. I think he's the guy that wouldn't leave Maya alone. Nate expresses his desire to kill Garrett and Emily says she doesn't want to hear that. He also talks about Jenna standing him up and when he confronted her about it she basically blew him off.

I'm sorry, but that sounds so not like Jenna. Someone calls her up and threatens to scratch her eyes out and she just caves? Since CeCe used Emily's phone, unless Emily has her ID blocked, Jenna would have thought the call came from Emily. So why would Jenna come and confront Emily about the call? Just not buying this, at all.

After leaving Nate, Emily tracks down Paige who is acting like Emily has cooties and she doesn't want to catch them. Emily reveals that someone drugged her the night someone stole Ali's body and she didn't know drugs were in her flask when she gave it to Paige. Then Paige reveals a shocker; she was with Emily that night. Emily showed up on her doorstep and Paige kissed her. Paige feels like she took advantage of Emily and so does Emily. Paige said she went to get Emily a glass of water and when she came back Emily was gone. It was at that time Emily received the mysterious call that lured her out into the night.

Emily takes off and goes to her and Maya's spot. Nate just happens to show up there. Emily asks what he thinks is a hypothetical question about what a person does when they're drunk or drugged. Nate says he feels the person is just acting on their true feelings. This convinces Emily to go back to Paige. They share and kiss and a swim in her pool together.

Things aren't going so well for Aria on the romantic front. She's discovering that Emily isn't the only one who doesn't really know the person they love. Turns out Aria knows next to nothing about the real Ezra. For starters his last name isn't even Fitz, it's Fitzgerald. He comes from old money. And his mother, Diane, is in town. Diane doesn't like Aria. The first chance she gets she tells Aria she isn't going to allow her to ruin Ezra's life. She even suggest Aria is to blame for her parents divorcing. Diane doesn't come out and say it, but it sounded like she was offering Aria money to end things with Ezra.

Byron finds Aria sitting on the floor of her bedroom all upset. They have a nice father and daughter moment where he hugs and comforts her and tells her that she doesn't destroy peoples lives that in reality is really pretty bogus. I thought while Diane was nasty to say it, she was also very right in everything she said. Aria threatened to destroy Byron's career unless he caved and let her date Ezra. I do think the reason Byron and Ella divorced was because Ella decided to cave to Aria and let her date Ezra and Byron wouldn't go along with it. And it is Ezra's relationship with Aria that's ruined his career.

So in conclusion we still don't know what Maya knew, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's revealed Emily completed a college course that night she was drugged, since this girl did a lot that night. She a). Was picked up by Jenna and ran off. b). Ran into Lucas at some diner. And c. Went over to Paige's and they shared a kiss. That's an awful lot for someone whose drug to do.


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