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Pretty Little Liars -- Dr. Jeckyll And Mr. Hyde

Updated on January 11, 2014

Ali's return doesn't thrill the liars

Ali has disappeared again and the girls are reacting to her being alive. Hanna, Aria and Emily admit they're not thrilled about Ali being alive. Emily is even suspecting that Ali could be A. But Spencer says they must find out who Ali is afraid of so she can come home. Of course, Spencer doesn't come up with any plan or idea how to do it, since the moment Toby hits town and he's no longer mad at her she's all over him like a cheap suit and he and his problems are all she can think about.

Which is what made it all the more irritating every time Hanna came up with an idea, Spencer put her down as being too dumb to come up with a good plan or idea. Then she got all self-righteous because Hanna had stolen something from the lair and hadn't told them. I guess little brain dead Spencer is forgetting she lied to the liars all last season because Toby asked her to. She's officially become the most unlikable and most useless liar. Why don't you just go waft back over to Toby, Spencer, and let the ones actually interested in solving this mess figure it out while you smell Toby's panties.

Speaking of which, the minute Toby hit town and had deigned to forgive her because he found out some info about his Mommy, she spent most of her time helping him and forgetting all about trying to figure out who got buried in Ali's grave. She did what she does best and bullied some executive of the holding company that own Radley and got the answers her beloved craved.

The only interesting part of this story was Peter was back and he was as shifty, as ever. His ears perked up hearing the name of the holding company and told Toby if he wanted to he could close down Radley for good. Of course the big question is why does Peter want it closed down? He also wants Spencer to have nothing to do with Jessica D. When Spencer asked if he knew where Jason was, he made her promise to have nothing to do with the woman.

Meanwhile Hanna decided they should try and figure out who was buried in Ali's place. She looks through the archives for a girl who might have vanished around the same time Ali did. She discovers a girl named Sara. She looks a lot like Ali and she and Emily and Aria discover she was also a lot like Ali, as well. She was a mean girl who had her own mean girl squad, and like the liars, Sara's mean girl squad were glad when she disappeared. In fact, one of the girls comes to see Emily to tell her before she disappeared she wished Sara was dead. She also wishes they knew if Sara was dead or not because she's still the center of their lives and they're still not free of her.

Emily hasn't been very pleasant to be around in the aftermath of the Ali reveal. Paige has no clue what's going on or why Emily is snapping at her. She's somewhat disturbed when Emily starts talking to her about Ali and realizes she's still not over her. Emily's had an epiphany about Ali. She never cared about her, she just toyed with her to be cruel. But Emily says she's can finally put Ali behind her. The question is will Ali let her? She hasn't been exposed to full-on Ali. Will Emily be able to remain immune to her?

Aria is apparently still dating Jake even though she's reconnected with Ezra. And Ezra's in hot pursuit. He takes her to some secret cabin he's had that he does his writing that has a strange trap door in the floor where they have sex.

Okay, I'm calling it right now. This guy isn't Ezra but his bad twin. If Ezra had this place all along, why wouldn't he have brought Aria to it before. It would have been the perfect place for them to be together. And up until now Ezra's never had a problem doing his writing in his own apartment.

The show is obviously going the twin route but Ezra has the twin, not Ali. In the Halloween episode they had Ezra all in black on the phone with Aria then two seconds later he was dressed in the gas mask outfit. There's no way that's possible, unless Ezra has a twin. And the way this Ezra is acting is beyond creepy. He has a totally different personality. I think Bad Twin has taken over Ezra's life and the real Ezra is being held prisoner somewhere. Maybe in the room that trap door leads to.

Although the most amusing moment had to be Mona trying to intimidate Ezra and having him scare the crap out of her. Yeah, sweetie, you're not dealing with the liars now. Better check your tude at the door or you might get way more than you bargained for.

Ashley may have been cleared of the charges for Wilden's murder, but the bank doesn't care, as it's fired her and she's desperately seeking employment. I might feel bad for Ashley if not for the fact she did misuse her position to steal money from a depositor, so even though she got fired for something else, it's not like she didn't deserve to be fired. Anyway, it's Jessica D to the rescue as she offers Ashley a job working at her real estate office. She does seem to be getting her hooks into the liars parents, doesn't she. First Pam by offering her a place to live, now Ashley by offering her a job.

In another Mona development, Toby told Spencer the reason Shauna was with Mona was to sell her Jenna's car. That was not why she was with her, but now the whole thing looks innocent courtesy of Toby. I'd also like to know how Shauna would have the right to sell Jenna's car. They still haven't said what Jenna's condition is at present. Is she still in a coma?

Caleb returned to town and lied to Hanna that Moronda was fine, when in fact the twit is dead. He couldn't explain why he had to go back to Ravenswood, so the two ended up breaking up. Frankly, watching Caleb in Ravenswood I can't really stand the character, so he can stay there with his little ghost girlfriend and not return.

Finally, Hanna admitted she took the diary for the Ravenwood lair. Seems like it was a good thing, as everything from the Ravenswood lair vanished. Spencer is all like, "How could you not tell us." Really, Spencer? Hanna reveals that Ali wrote things in the diary about them. I wonder if it's how she really felt about them?

To recap. Ashley is going to work for Jessica. Toby got answers for his mommy, but Peter suggested he use his info to close down Radley. Jason is in rehab. Peter wants Spencer to stay away from Jessica. Hanna and Caleb sort of broke-up. Emily feels she's finally free of Ali's hold on her. Ezra freaked out Mona and got his freak on with Aria who cheated on Jake who is currently out of town. And we're no closer to finding out anything new.


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