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Pretty Little Liars -- Emily Gets Pam In Trouble At Work

Updated on July 27, 2013

The A finger gets pointed at Cece

The Liars still haven't made the realization that Spencer has gotten free passed on the A torture of their families. This week Mike was being blamed for trashing Creepy Secret Life Ethan's car, Ashley was rotting in jail and the Fields' house was destroyed.

For me, there was just too much Toby on this episode. I haven't been able to stand the sight of him since they caved to Spoby shippers and made him not really an A when everything he does serves him as being an A. I so wanted to smack Spencer and her beloved Toby when she declared Toby wasn't ready to tell why he stole the A lair and gave it back to A. And everyone went along with it. It's ridiculous the way the writers have this character molly-coddled.

I'll tell you why Toby won't tell why he did what he did, because if he did and the scene was written in a realistic manner, the girls would rip off his junk and tell him to eat it. He sold them out for a corpse. What exactly did he find out about his mother for handing over the lair to A? Nothing as far as I can see. It makes more sense that Toby is an real card carrying A and he's done all this to help A drive a wedge between Spencer and the other liars. As I said, Spencer is the only one whose mother is not being targeted. Add to that her lying to them to protect Toby and you have the perfect set-up for the other three to turn on her.

It is kind of strange that since Toby is all upset about his mommy, the liars moms are being targeted. Spencer is getting a free pass cause she's the only one helping him try to learn all about his mommy. By the way I had to laugh when Toby got into a snit because Spencer didn't tell him Cece went to visit Mona. Apparently in Toby World he can lie all he wants but everyone else has to give him full disclosure.

I also hated seeing Caleb working with him, because Caleb has always tried to help the girls, and the same isn't true for Toby. It was akin to watching Caleb working with and trusting Mona. It was just wrong.

Anyway, Caleb and The Other were trying to track down the plane Red Coat came in on. When they talked to Nigel Wright [who was the guy who escorted Jenna to Wilden's funeral] he lied but fouled up by mentioning there was fog that night. So the boys returns and confronted Nigel who ran away, but Caleb got his cell phone and a lot of calls to Cece were found on it. So now Cece is suspected of being Red Coat, which makes no sense at all. They don't ever seem to think that this person is being set-up to look guilty when they supposedly find some info that points to someone being guilty.

As for the other liars, they and their families were still be targeted. If Aria thought she was safe getting Ella out of town, she found out how wrong she was when Mike became a target. Principal Hacket was convinced Mike had vandalized Creepy Ethan From Secret Life's car. Luckily he made a major faux pas when he asked if Mike was taking his meds. When Aria mentioned it to Ezra, he used it to make Hacket back down from accusing Mike of the crime, which, of course, was paving the way for the beginning of Ezria once more. You didn't really think Marlene King would actually keep her fave couple apart for long. If Ezra isn't involved with Aria he has no part on the show or no airtime. So to give him airtime he's got to get back with Aria.

For the second week running, Emily won the prize for stupidest pretty little liar. She thought it was a good idea to steal the key to Wilden's apartment from her mother when she dropped by the police station. Only problem was A or one of A's minions was watching as she, Aria and Spencer was searching the place and put two and two together and came up with four. It wasn't long before Pam was under suspicion and got suspended for losing the key.

The really sad thing is they really didn't find anything of import in Wilden's apartment. He had a porn collection and his apartment looked like he didn't really live there and there was a note from A about coming to the barbecue, which was about the lodge fire, but that was it. It turned out to be a real big nothing.

Getting Pam suspended from her job wasn't enough for A. Emily woke-up and listened to her mother on the phone with her father worrying about money now she was without a job. Just as Emily was coming downstairs with the key to Wilden's apartment the evening took on a surreal quality as a car came crashing through the house. Luckily Pam saw it coming and got out of the way. Was A trying to kill Pam?

And Spencer told Hanna that Veronica said if found guilty Ashley could get the death penalty. So Hanna went to the jail and begged Ashley to lie that she did kill Wilden in self defense, but Ashley refused. She wasn't going to let Wilden make everyone think she was a killer. How did Ashley get a daughter whose first instinct is to always lie instead of tell the truth?

A Hoodie A was seen buying home improvement material and purchased a gift card in Emily's name. Once again there's the feel that an A is obsessed with Emily. From wearing an Emily mask to buying Emily that gift card, this A seems to have her in his/her sights.

I guess the big question I have after this episode was why aren't any of the father's being targeted. It all just seems a little coincidental that Toby gets all stirred up about his mommy and now the mothers of the liars are being targeted.


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