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Pretty Little Liars -- Emily Has Enough Of Spencer's Attitude

Updated on July 10, 2013

This is why I don't like Spencer

Although I have to say I've never seen her behave this badly in an episode. You know it's bad when sweet Emily, who only treats Jenna to that kind of treatment, tells Spencer she's a snot rag. Spencer was the embodiment of her beloved mentor Ali, and if you closed your eyes it was almost like having Ali standing there and talking.

Since Toby was out of town on his Mommy Hunt, Spencer was in the mood to investigate A. Too bad for Emily, Hanna and Aria that they had other things on their minds. Emily was worried what college she could get in because without a swim scholarship she was an average student. Hanna was worried about Ashley going to jail. And Aria was worried she wouldn't be able to get Ella to leave town.

Ella was the mom that A targeted this week and she really got nasty. She somehow filled Ella's car with bees and Ella didn't escape without being bitten a few times. Aria was furious that Ella was changing her mind about leaving town because Mike didn't want her to go and went over to confront him. Mike is one male not enthralled by Aria as he accused her of wanting Ella gone so she could go and make out with The Fitz. Finally, Aria appealed to Byron to talk to Ella and convince her to leave town, and he did as she asked. It was the first nice scene between Byron and Ella for a long time.

Hanna wasn't the only one worried that Ashley might get arrested. Ashley went to Veronica to retain her as her lawyer and Hanna overheard them talking on the phone. She then broke into Ashley's locked closet and found a gun hidden there. Hanna took it and decided she would get rid of it to protect her mother.

Veronica announced to Spencer she'd hired a college spin doctor named Brendan McGowan to help her get into another ivy league college and Spencer was not amused. She actually spent most of the hour putting the guy down much as Ali would have done. Spencer was to meet Brendan at the coffeehouse and Emily, worried about what college she could get into, started picking Brendan's brain for possible colleges she should apply to.

Spencer arrives deciding to use the guy to help with her A investigation, since she's at loose ends with Toby out of town, and she wants to try and track down the phone number Tippy kept repeating. She sees that Cicero College is located in the same area. Emily offers to go along, because she wants to see if Cicero is a possible college she could get into. Emily tries to tell Spencer she's not there to investigate but to do what they're supposed to be doing, looking at a potential college to attend. Unfortunately, Spencer keeps cutting her off and goes off on her merry way.

Spencer is in fine form. Putting down Brendan for the job he does. Declaring Cicero is some podunk school. Belittling some nerdy guy, she tries to get information out of. Emily finally has enough of Spencer's attitude when she accuses Emily of flirting with Brendan. I suppose Spencer would think that since Spencer doesn't do nice so she doesn't understand when someone is treating someone nice that she keeps putting down. Emily tells Spencer that she's a snot rag with rich parents who can pay her way into any college she wants. Spencer is shocked that Emily has spoken to her that way.

Spencer goes to a nerdy looking guy she looks down on as she cops her Ali attitude only he's not impressed and won't give her what she wants. So she gets nasty with him and he finally tells her where the phone number is located on the college campus. The way Spencer treated this guy and looked down on him must have been the same way she and Ali used to do to people at school like Mona and Lucas. She seemed to have been a nice girl before Ali got her hooks into her, but Spencer is definitely more Ali than she's even aware of. In this episode she treated people the same way Ali always did.

One of the sorority girls tells Emily about an abusive house mother named Carla Grunwald, while Spencer discovers a secret room in the dormitory where the phone is located that Ali was supposedly calling that summer, but it's unplugged.

Hanna shows up at Cicero planning to dispose of the gun there. When some frat boys spill something on her, she takes and glass and heads off into the woods. Emily sees her there and decides to follow, but first she tells Brendan she's not into boys when he makes it clear he's interested in her. Emily runs into a frat boy who sprays her with string but doesn't find Hanna. The cops do, however, with the smoking gun in her hand and they arrest her.

In the lair, presumably, A is putting honey in her tea and dusting off an old picture of Carla Grunwald. Can I say this Carla Grunwald blind alley is the worst one the writers have tried to lead viewers down. What would a sixteen year old girl have to do with some middle-aged abusive house mother? It'll probably prove no more informative than the mask guy. An Ali flashback with her getting in a car was all the whole stupid mask thing produced. In short, there was no real pertinent information uncovered.

I think I figured out what A's ultimate goal is this season. I think she plans to get the liars to turn on Spencer. That's why she wanted Spencer to know Toby was an A. She wanted to test Spencer's feelings for Toby. Making her think he was dead, that he tried to scald her alive in the shower and see if she'd still want him back after all that and she did. So she knew Spencer would lie to the liars and not reveal it was Toby who gave A back the lair. If that isn't bad enough, not Hanna, Emily and Aria's mother have been targeted while nothing has happened to Spencer's mother. We also had a couple of scenes of Emily and Hanna already getting fed up with Spencer. Wait until they find out she's been lying to them for weeks.

I think A thinks Spencer is the power behind the investigation and if she breaks with the liars the other three won't get anywhere investigating A. But what A failed to realize was that when Spencer was out to lunch, Emily stepped up and actually found out more information than when Spencer's around. So A's little plan may actually backfire on her.


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