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Pretty Little Liars "EscApe From New York!" 05x01

Updated on June 17, 2014

The Five Pretty Little Liars!

Hannah, Emily, Aria, Spencer, And Alison All Together Again! I Definitely See Trouble In The Future For These Five Girls!
Hannah, Emily, Aria, Spencer, And Alison All Together Again! I Definitely See Trouble In The Future For These Five Girls!

EscApe From New York, More Like EscApe From Nothing!

So in case all of you did not know I have been a fan of Pretty Little Liars since the beginning. I was enthralled with the show from the beginning pilot episode where we were introduced to the original main four girls! I feel in love with each character for many different reason. Even the supporting characters of this show have found a way into my heart. However, the one character that never ended up close to my heard was the character of Alison.

Alison through many different flash backs from many different characters was shown as a less then stellar character.She was shown to be mean and did not care about any one but her self. She was shown to be quite manipulative to all the characters even the ones she considered close friends. Due to this I never cared for her character except in flashbacks to show the type of person she was.

Am I excited that Alison will be a main star in season five?

Absolutely, 100%, am NOT excited about this! It is clear that she has made many enemies in her short life, which is kind of crazy if you think about it. She was about 15 when she originally disappeared and already had more enemies then North Korea. I've said it once and I will definitely say it again. I do not understand why our dear main 4 characters still want to help this almost hopeless character. The four girls (Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hannah) seemed to have grown tremendously once Alison was gone. They became stronger as single characters and even stronger as a group unit. I believe that Alison is going to throw a wrench into by her return. She will also probably cause a lot more pain and suffering then the girls think she will.

However, even if I do not agree with the way the show is going I will still continue to watch this show because I am invested in it. I want to know the outcome even though I know I will never learn the truth. If you haven't learned this by now then don't get your hopes up that we will learn any hard evidence soon. Make sure to check back weekly for Pretty Little Liars updates in articles I post. I will definitely be helping walk people through this season of PLL!

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Now Available!

Looking Forward To Season Five!

What Did We Learn In New York?

This episode, "EscApe from New York" opens up moments from last seasons finale. We see our dear Ezra Fitz being wheeled away to the hospital to get treatment from the gunshot he received from "A." We can see that Aria is a wreck from this and wants to get to the hospital as soon as possible to learn about his prognosis. However, the girls informed her she can not just jump on the ambulance or the police will question her down and she will not get to the hospital any time soon. As the ambulance is driving away we see that "A" is on top of it.

To answer everyone's dying question (pardon the pun), yes, A is a ninja!

The girls decide that they need a plan on how to get Aria to the hospital and make sure Alison is safe while they do this. They decide the best solution will be to split up into two groups and arrive at the hospital at separate times. This plan basically works and the first group arrives to the hospital and waits. Aria and Alison the second group arrives minutes later and slips out after being paged to the ER.

As Alison is leaving the hospital we see her walk through a few streets and end up at a park. There three of the other girls follow her; Spencer, Emily, and Hannah. Once at the park the girls believe that they will be able to finally find out who "A" is. No surprise here, but of course they do not learn who A is. There is at least a group of 10 people in masks running around in circles claiming that they are A. They only run away when the cops flash their lights on the group. Was this a hired group or another group of people that seem to hate Alison. We know that this is not Mona's group because they are still in Rosewood and not up in New York. So this is one of the questions that seems to be bothering me. I can't seem to figure out or understand this scene except maybe it was just a filler scene to get the girls to the next location.

Anyway, I digress, the girls end up going to "Fitzgerald Theater" to spend the night. There we learn that Alison has spent multiple nights there before because they do not open until noon. At this location we see a flashback. This time it was not a flashback of other characters about Alison but a flashback from Alison herself. This flashback involved Alison and Ezra. He took Alison here one time. It was at this location that Alison learned that he was rich guy pretending to be a poor guy and for that reason she respected him more. Back to current time, the girls are hungry and go raid the snack bar where the original three girls start talking about a show on TV they watch.


Alison is not able to join in the conversation because she has not seen the show and for one moment it shows Alison being the outsider to the group and not a main member. Although I may have felt bad for her for a millisecond it did not last because I simply remember this is how she made many people feel back in Rosewood.

Back to the hospital we go, to see Aria waiting for news on Ezra when Shana appears at the hospital saying that she was there because Alison asked her to go watch over Aria. (This doesn't seem fishy pardon the sarcasm). We see Aria fall asleep and Shana covers her with a jacket and goes in to see Ezra.

While the girls are sleeping in the theater CeCe comes and has a small visit with Alison. Alison and CeCe meet Noel in a coffee shop where they decide to give Cece the passport and ticket to get out of country because she needed it more. Upon Alison's return back to the theater Emily is awake and wants to talk to Alison about what she was doing. Finally, Alison admits to her what she was doing but doesn't want to make anyone an accomplice with it.

Back at the hospital we see that Aria is awake and goes in to see Ezra and Shana is there. Suddenly, Ezra's vitals start to act all wacky and Shana disappears. Aria tries to call the girls in the theater. However, they did not answer the phone because Alison had just answered the phone and it was a Rosewood cop who was looking for all the girls including Alison.

Soon Ezra is stable and is able to reveal who shot him...NO SURPRISE...It was Shana that shot him.

At the theater Shana appears with a gun and in a hoodie. At this time, we discover that she is trying to get pay back for what Alison did to Jenna because Shana had fallen in love with her. Shana at this time seems like a nutcase. Everyone on this show seems like a nutcase at one point or another. I think they should all take turns going to Radley for a week or two just to stay a little normal. Anyway, before Shana is able to shoot anyone Aria comes up behind her and hits her over the head killing her.

I think it may be a goal of the writers to get every pretty little liar to kill someone at one some point. At least that's where it seems like it is going.

The girls finally think it's the end, but of course us the viewers know better then that. It's never the end. NEVER.

I should mention that back in Rosewood while all this was going on Mona was collecting a group of people who were targeted by Alison while she was first in Rosewood. She wants to make Alison's life a living hell if she comes back to Rosewood. Some important members of this group to mention are: Mona, Lucas, Paige, and Melissa (Spencer's older sister).

Injured Ezra Fitz!

Poor Ezra Injured In The Hospital, But I Knew He Was Going To Live. I Think Everyone Knew He Was Going To Live!
Poor Ezra Injured In The Hospital, But I Knew He Was Going To Live. I Think Everyone Knew He Was Going To Live!

What Can We Look Forward To Next?

Well it is very apparent that Alison is moving back to Rosewood and will once again be a member of that society out there. She will no longer be in hiding from the world, but is it safe for her? Most likely it will never be safe for Alison in Rosewood. She has so many enemies that she personally made that it will be impossible for her to live a normal life.

I also, do not think that the girls should think that it's finally over. Because it is pretty apparent that Shana was not the original person that tried to kill Alison. First off, she was not in Rosewood at the time and there is no way Alison's mom would try to protect her.There is still someone out there that wants this girl dead...make that...DEAD!

I think Mona's group is going to do a number on her psych. They're going to try to torment her the way she tormented them.

I believe Aria and Ezra will end up getting back together. It may be a rocky path for them but eventually Aria will want to be with Ezra again.

EscApe From New York!

Are you satisfied with this episode of Pretty Little Liars?

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Someone Has A Huge Secret!

What Is The Secret That Melissa Is Keeping?
What Is The Secret That Melissa Is Keeping?

What Is Melissa Keeping A Secret About?

One of the main things that was not really discussed in this episode was what Melissa told her dad at the end of the fourth season. We as the viewers were not told what this was but from the reaction of her father it is apparent that it was something big. Does anyone have any ideas what this secret might have been?

Here are a few of my theories on what she may have told her dad:

  • She killed the girl in Alison's grave
  • She saw who was burying the girl in Alison's grave
  • She helped cover up who killed the girl in Alison's grave

If you have any theories on this you want to leave please leave in the comments below I would love to hear your thoughts on this issue!

Mona Definitely Has A Plan!

Mona Is Definitely A Girl That Has A Plan! What Will It Be? I Know I Can't Wait To Find Out!
Mona Is Definitely A Girl That Has A Plan! What Will It Be? I Know I Can't Wait To Find Out!

Shana Is Dead!

So Far Two Main Girls Have Had To Kill Someone. Who Will Be The Next To Kill Someone To Protect The One's They Care About?
So Far Two Main Girls Have Had To Kill Someone. Who Will Be The Next To Kill Someone To Protect The One's They Care About?

Questions We Still Have On Pretty Little Liars?!

Although last week was the season premier it seems that not much was answer except who shot Ezra. I know I still have a lot of burning questions I can't wait to find out about this season. Here is a list of some of the questions I still have.

  • Who is the girl is Alison's grave?
  • Who tried to kill Alison originally?
  • Who killed the girl that is in Alison's grave?
  • Who killed and buried Mrs. D?
  • Who was that group in New York taunting Alison in the park?
  • What is Mona planning?


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