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Pretty Little Liars -- Even Ali's Allies Don't Trust Her

Updated on August 10, 2014

Hanna tells Ali to leave, but she won't go!

Ashley Marin, once considered the best mother amongst the PLL mothers, has now become the worst all because of precious little Ali. Yes, she sees her daughter is carrying around a flask and she's more interested in taking precious little Ali shopping. Oh, Ashley, what has become of thee. Yet another reason Ali needs to killed off for real, this time.

The episode picked up where it left off with little Miss Ali being all blase about faking an attack on herself and scaring the crap out of her newest and strongest champion, Ashley. Then she starts whining because Aria didn't answer her 911 like a good little slave. She can't fathom someone having something more to do than tend to her as her handmaiden.Then she gets lippy with Spencer when Spencer lets it slip she knows Ali snuck out of her house. She quickly turns it around that Hanna is the one they should be spying on instead of her. She also employs the royal WE saying, "This was something WE needed to do." Guess she never heard there's no WE in ME and what she did was all for herself and only benefited herself.

After Ali swafts away, Hanna says she can't stand her room since it smells of her royal highness and ask Emily if she can stay at her place. No way, says the biggest bag of the group. Guess she forgot all the time Hanna let her worthless self stay at her house. Then Empty-Head stomps off and hears Noel listening to a tape of her beloved Ali and she goes in pit bull mode to protect her master.

After getting the coach to give her the job she goes through his files to find the locker combination to Noel's locker and steals all his anti-Ali evidence from him. Seems Noel doesn't trust little Ali and has a cache of evidence that could blow the nefarious blonde and her lies about being kidnapped right out of the water. She even ignores Spencer's SOS to steal the goods from Noel to protect her beloved Ali.

Spencer has to go to the eye doctor to see about her eye injury, but after her eyes are dilated she sees two Jenna's enter the office. She tries to take a picture, but it doesn't work. She calls Emily to come and verify there are two Jenna's, but Emily refuses cause she's on a mission to protect Ali and that's way more important to her.

She eventually shows up and sees Sydney with Jenna. Of course, she cops her usual bitch-attitude with Jenna, only Jenna throws it back in both of their faces that Ali's the one they should be afraid of. I do wonder if Little Emily ever felt any kind of guilt or remorse over helping to blind Jenna and let an innocent man take the fall for her beloved Ali. I have yet to see any evidence of it.

Sydney drops by and tries to do damage control and since Sydney is pro-Jenna that makes her Emily's enemy. She even starts threatening her. It sounds like she's even going to try and drown her in the pool during practice. Of all the liars, Emily has become the worst one since the return or her precious Ali.

Of course Emily's most ridiculous moment had to be when she said she didn't want Aria to think she was taking Hanna's side. In what crazy mixed-up world would anyone think she was taking Hanna's side. She's been absolutely vile to Hanna. Don't worry, Emily, no one could ever mistake you for being on Hanna's side.

Of course, then I remembered Hanna isn't the first one she refused to believe when they said something against a guy she knew. She also refused to believe Spencer when she said Toby was an A when Spencer had proof of it and she set out to prove Spencer was wrong. In short, she's a piss-poor friend and that can't be blamed completely on her sick devotion to Ali.

Anyway, Emily gives the goods she purloined for Noel's locker to Spencer and she heads up to her Nanna's cabin to hide them. Only Noel is there and he and Spencer get in a showdown. He tells her he's been gathering evidence against Ali to protect himself for the time when he's no longer of use to her and she turns on him. He even suggests Ali was behind Toby's house blowing up. Apparently, the stuff Emily stole originally was sent to Jenna by Shana and Ali sent him in to steal it. He says Ali told him he's lucky he didn't die, but he's wondering if she planned to get rid of the evidence and him at the same time.

Spencer won't give him back his insurance policy, but says she'll make sure it's in a safe place to protect both of them.

Ashley continues her downfall from good mother to bad mother when she sees Hanna's flask, but when Ali calls saying she needs mosturizer, Ashley forgets all about Hanna and her drinking problem to go rush off to do Princess Ali's bidding. Later at school, Hanna has a showdown with Ali and tells her she needs to find somewhere else to live. Then Ali shows how absolutely narcissistic she is by suggesting that Hanna's troubles with Aria are about her. She also shows how completely clueless she is by asking Hanna what's happened between them. Ali always was horrible to Hanna, Hanna just isn't going to take it anymore. That's what happened. It's not like you were ever any kind of real friend to Hanna, Ali.

While that's going on at school, Spencer shows she's a better friend to Hanna than the other two liars by having a talk to Caleb. She says he and Hanna used to help each other and now they're just both wallowing in booze. This seems to snap Caleb out of it, especially when Spencer slips about Zack but won't elaborate. So when Hanna drops by, he asks her about Zack, and Hanna finally tells him he hit on her but no one will believe her. Caleb does and he goes and pops Zack in the mouth.

While Zack is a letch, it seems he was helped in his lechery by a fake not someone slipped him supposedly from Hanna encouraging him. And Aria discovers she wronged Hanna and Hanna was telling the truth about Zack when Ella admits Zack has been a letch before. Learning about the incident with Hanna, Ella dumps Zack and ends up be comforted by Bryon.

I'd love for Byron and Ella to get back together, since I feel like it was Aria and her love stalker, Ezra, that caused the end of their marriage.

Back at the Marin house, Ali has no intention of taking it elsewhere as she squatting in a place she's got a new devoted mommy whose putting her above her own child. When the cops call to inform Ali her kidnapper has been caught, Ashley goes down to hold her new daughters hand as she goes through her latest trauma.

Finally, A is in the eye doctor's freaking the nurse out with his/her's black gloves and hoodie. When he/she is left alone, he/she listens to what appears to be the same tapes Noel was listening to, earlier.


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