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Pretty Little Liars-Free Fall- Do We Believe Ezra Fitz?

Updated on February 18, 2014
The Truth Has Been Revealed...How Do We Feel?
The Truth Has Been Revealed...How Do We Feel?

B-26 By: Ezra Fitz

It’s a number.
It’s a song.
It’s a girl.
Pearl joy packed.
Gold falafel,
As through ice.
It’s four-thirty.
Morning with
Phone calls.
It’s deaf mute.
It’s cheap.
A foreign car.
Maybe bingo.
Lucky night?
Something says
It smells bad.

Aria Finds Out That Ezra Knew Alison!!!

The episode that has been deemed the "best episode yet" of Pretty Little Liars has just been aired of ABC Family Channel. I will admit that this episode did have a lot going on it in, from Spencer Hasting's drug problem to Aria finding out the truth about Ezra.

The episode begins with Spencer hasting waking up at Rosewood HIgh School. We discover that she is passed out on Ezra Fitz desk and in his classroom. Many people are probably a little confused about how this has occurred but this is most certainly due to nothing more then her not so new drug addiction. When a person is addicted to the drugs that Spencer has been taking recently they are proned to extreme highs followed by episodes where they have no energy and are on extremes lows. When Ezra discovers Spencer in his classroom he immediately plays the concerned teacher. This being the case, do we believe that he is genuine with his concern or is he just trying to discredit Spencer with her friends?

Regardless of his motive of this, it is definitely apparent that Spencer needs help. In this episode it is apparent that she is having trouble following through with plans and keeping up with the "highs" that are associated with her drugs shes been taking. Her friends out of concern bring this issue up with her and she once again tries to put the focus back on Ezra. She then reveals to Aria that Ezra is A; however, it is apparent that at this time she does not believe the things that Spencer is saying due to the problem she is not addressing with her closest friends.

As the episode progresses, Ezra mentions something that Aria is almost certain that he would not have any knowledge of. This information then leads Aria to go into a state of thinking that Spencer may have been telling the truth about Ezra. Due to the new questions that have arose in Aria she goes to Ezra's cabin in search of something to either prove or disprove the fact that he may be "A." At the cabin, we find out that Ezra has installed a new security system. After many tries Aria discovers that the pass code for the cabin is "B26." If you are a hardcore Pretty Little Liars fan then you know what "B26" is. B26 is the poem that Ezra Fitz wrote about Aria and was published in a book that during the first trial separation between the characters Aria and Ezra "A" placed in Aria's locker.

At the cabin Aria investigates. We see that she sees the trapped door that leads to the basement of the cabin. When she enters the basement we see that all the A lair is once again missing. This means that sometime between last episode and this weeks episode Ezra was once again able to move his "super computer." Before she is done investigating she finds a book that seems to be out of place at the cabin. When Aria opens the book she finds a copy of a book that Ezra has been writing. Upon starting to read the copy we discover that the story is about Alison Dilarentis.

Soon Ezra comes to the cabin and Aria starts to run, soon through a short chase scene both Ezra and Aria end up on a ski lift. Why the ski lift is going while there is no snow blows my mind but sometimes you just have to believe something is going on to help progress a story. While on the ski lift Ezra tries to explain to Aria what happened between Ezra and Alison. He states that they did have a relationship and that it was while he was a college student. He states that Alison lied about her age and that she was in college (from previous flashbacks this to me isn't hard to believe at all). We know that Alison has had a history of making lies like this to people. Ezra then progresses to tell Aria that once he had heard that Alison was missing and/or dead that he wanted to investigate and write a novel about her and that was the transcript that Aria started to read. Aria of course feels used even though he tried to assure her that his feelings for her were never a lie. He states that at the time of their first meeting he knew that Aria was one of Alison's friends and that he took the opportunity to get closer to the story.

When Aria arrives back home it is visibly apparent that she is heart broken and doesn't know how to react to the news that has been told to her...

Do I Believe Ezra Fitz?!!

The biggest part of my heart wants to believe that Ezra Fitz is telling the truth to Aria Montgomery. One of the main reasons I am compelled to believe him is because a big part of me does not believe that he would be capable to hurting another person even someone as demented as Alison. From everything through the previous seasons it is definite that Ezra is a writer due to this it is highly believable that he was looking for a good story with the Alison case.

From all the actions that Ezra has done with Aria it is also hard for me to believe that he does not care about Aria. Faking feelings like that for as long as he has is close to impossible for anyone to do.

Will these two characters be able to work through these issues and continue with a relationship?

At this time I definitely believe that it will take some time for Aria and Ezra to work through these issues.

Aria + Ezra = Soul Mates?
Aria + Ezra = Soul Mates?

Soul Mates?

What's a soul mate?

This has been a question that has been posed by many people. If we define soul mate it is defined as "A very deep soul attraction, an instant "Knowing" of your fate, an uplifting of spirit and a surge of energy from within .Both people,in this relationship,feel the same!" Can we believe that these two characters are still soul mates?

Through many interviews characters have revealed that they believe that these two characters are soul mates.

If we go in the history of these two and their previous experiences in their relationship, Ezra just as much as Aria has risked a lot being in a relationship with Aria. You can see from the times he is depressed about their relationship status, that he does care deep down for her. We can see from the time that he wanted to reveal their relationship with her parents, that he cares for her. He would not want to reveal this information to her parents if there wasn't deep feelings in his soul for her. The risk of revealing this to them is extremely high for someone who is just using her for a story.

What are your thoughts on their relationship?

Ezra And Aria- What's A Soulmate?

Relationship Future!

What Will Aria Do With This Knowledge Of Ezra?

See results

The Truth?

Do You Believe That Ezra Told Aria The Truth?

See results
Ezra Fitz
Ezra Fitz
Ezra In "A" Gear
Ezra In "A" Gear
Soul Mates!
Soul Mates!


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    • Stephanie Arnott profile imageAUTHOR

      Stephanie Arnott 

      4 years ago from California

      I just find it extremely hard to believe that Ezra would pretend to care for Aria as long as he has just to be the person tormenting them all

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Hmmm Ezra story is believable. I think her mum could be 'A'


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