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Pretty Little Liars' Halloween -- Just A Two Hour Ravenswood Episode In Disguise

Updated on October 24, 2013

You could have missed this episode and missed nothing

I've seen a lot of shows do a spin-off but none have done what this show has done, thank goodness. The way this show has played it, it risked building resentment from viewers of the mothership. By and large season 4A and the supposed Halloween Special was used to promote a new show while the original show got the shaft.

Since we really didn't learn much new as about 90% of the liars scenes were also used to promote Ravenswood when they only got 50% of their own show, I'm going to do this recap different by trying to come up with 10 questions this episode inspired.

1. The Red Coat Twins -- Just what were the writers trying to say with that? That there would be no Courtney as a lot of PLL fans keep claiming there is and that the twin story was done with Ali and Cece already and that was as far as it was going to go?

When the liars arrived at the town party, which was being held in the graveyard, Hanna noticed what appeared to be two twin girls wearing red coats. She kept trying to get a look at them, because it reminded her of the story Ali told in The First Secret about how one twin girl killed her twin sister over a doll. As it turned out, they weren't twins. One looked like a dwarf and the other a child.

On a side note, a lot of PLL fans got all excited over a picture of a little girl standing between two coffins. They believed they were child coffins and this was going to be part of the Ali twin story. As it turned out the scene was all about Ravenswood as most of this episode was about. The child wasn't Ali, but Ravenswood's Miranda and the coffins weren't child coffins but adult coffins containing Miranda's parents.

2. Was Ezra all gassed up -- like on the Halloween Train, last year, Spencer tangled with someone masked. This time it was someone in the gas-mask uniform from the Ravenswood A lair. She managed to knock him out and was about to pull off his mask when he shoved her and she hit her head. A lot of black wavy hair was visible that made Gas Mask Boy resembled Ezra and it really looked like Ezra's body type in the Gas Mask unform. So I wouldn't be surprised if it was him. However, they can always say it wasn't him as his face was never revealed.

3. What Does Grunwald Have Against Emily -- In the Halloween episode, Emily was the only liar Grunwald grabbed and got all up in her grill. After seeing the 4A finale again, I'm convinced it was Grunwald and her pet goon that kidnapped Emily. They were in the audience watching the girls and after Emily disappeared, so did Grunwald. And the place Emily was taken was right on the street Grunwald lives on. Whee was the supposed psychic to try and save Emily like she did Ali?

4. The Writers get a case of amnesia -- The reason Caleb was coming to Ravenswood was to see what he could learn from the computers in the lair, but when he got there that was all forgotten. Not only didn't the liars show him the lair the reason he stayed was to play protector to some chick he met two seconds ago. One, who furthermore, when she met Hanna didn't even tell her Caleb was in Ravenswood looking for her.

5. Smartest liar = Hanna -- Yeah, usually Hanna acts like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz but she seemed to have the group brain this episode. She was also the one who got targeted, this Halloween. The liars went down this concealed staircase and suddenly the lights went out. Aria was holding Hanna's hand but when the lights came on Hanna had vanished and Aria was holding a statues's hand. Hanna seemed to get teleported some place else where she found a message, "Help me," written in red. She actually used her hanky to take a sample of it and figured out it lead to another secret passage, which lead Hanna to a creepy old mansion that subs for the town's mortuary. There, she found an equally creepy phone booth that was playing weird music when you tried to make a phone call and someone looked her inside the booth. When she saw a bunch of what appeared to be candles going by, she was wise enough not to let them know she was inside. God only knows what might have opened the door and let her out. She also saw Ali's face appear in the frosted glass of the phone booth as she was grabbed by Gas Mask Boy. Hanna was also the liar that wanted to get out of Creepville right from the start and considering that she went on some creepy magic carpet rid, Emily almost got sawed in two and Spencer got knocked out, that made her the smartest liar of them all.

6. Most Bipolar Liar = Aria -- When Aria and the rest of the liars were walking around in the graveyard area got freaked when she saw mushrooms growing atop one of the graves and thought it was fingertips coming out of the grave. So when the liars found this creepy weird staircase in the cemetery you'd think she'd be the last liar to want to go down it. However, Miss Scaredy Pants was the first liar to head down the stairs and without any encouragement from the others.

7. This doesn't bode well for Emily's future -- Emily didn't want to enter the cemetery because she didn't think she was ready to face Ali. It was disappointing to see Emily could possibly be still so enthralled by Ali and affected by her after all she's been through. This doesn't bode well for Paige, either.

8. One of you has been touched by the one Ali fears most, so quote The Grunwald -- Yes, The Grunwald had another of her mysterious forecasts for the liars. Well three of them. Hanna wasn't included in this one. She was off on the Ravenswood Magical Mystery Tour. This happened after The Grunwald grabbed Emily and hissed in her face. She warned the three that the person Ali fears has touched one of them. Since she didn't make it gender-specific, the person could be just as well be Paige as Ezra [which most people assume she means.] Again, why are they trusting Grunwald? She admitted she lied before. What makes them think she isn't lying now?

9. Does Ezra have a twin -- I don't know why, but at the first of the episode I started wondering if Ezra could have a twin. The Ezra who called Aria seemed to be dressed differently than the one we saw in the lair. I still don't believe Ezra is A like most seem to. For me, it makes no sense. With Toby it did make sense. I think he's the latest in a long line or red herrings.

10. Could Ali have set the whole thing up -- The whole thing where Hanna gets trapped in a phone booth [like the liars get locked in a room in a spooky mansion as she tricks them into thinking someone is trying to kill her. The Grunwald could also be paid to do what Ali tells her to do. It was so nice Ali arrived in time to shut off the saw machine and save Emily's life. And why did she want the liars to see the Ravenswood lair? How did she know about the peepholes in the wall. When Ali disappeared she wasn't on good terms with any of the liars, but now they're all worried about someone trying to kill her and want to help her. Win-Win for Ali on every level.

Ezra in creepy red herring mode arrived in Ravenswood and gave the girls a ride back to town, since Spencer conveniently had a flat tire. Then the girls saw Red Coat sneaking around and when she turned aroun it was Ali in the flesh. She said it wasn't safe for her to come home yet and reminded Hanna of what she told her when she visited her in the hospital after Mona had mowed her down. Then Ezra showed up wanting to give Aria her phone and when they turned around Ali was gone again.

There really wasn't much to ponder in this episode. Best to go back to the finale where we had actually stuff to speculate and theorize on.



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