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Pretty Little Liars -- Hanna's Identity Crisis

Updated on June 30, 2014

How sick is Mona? Pretty sick!

Hanna spent this episode recalling how Mona molded her into the new Ali. Seems Mona's sick Ali fixation didn't end with sending Ali into the nether. She decided to mold Hanna into Ali and then fulfill all her sick Ali dreams through Hanna of herself and Ali ruling the halls of Rosewood High.

For awhile now there have been times when there's been a Hanna scene and it took a few moments to realize it was Hanna and not Ali. And at the start of the show I couldn't tell if it was Hanna or Ali in the bed. So I was glad the resemblance was addressed. However, all the Mona and Ali flashbacks are in conflict with an Ali and Hanna flasbhack from season 2 when Hanna so Ali in her Vivian Darkbloon outfit. Hanna [who was as thin as she is now and post make-over] saw Ali in her dark wig at the beauty parlor. So she could hardly be Fat Hanna after Ali died and be made over into Ali II after Ali disappeared. It's times like these you wish the writers cared enough about what they were writing to try and be consistent. Don't they have a storyboard where they keep track of everything they've written and check it when writing something? Instead they just seem to make it up as they go along.

Anyway, Mr. DiLaurentis wasn't thinking roses and sunshine was shining from Ali's butt, this week, when she came down dressed in the same dress Jessica wore to her funeral to wear to Jessica's funeral. Ali claimed she just wanted to wear something of her mother's which is creepy in and of itself, but just how coincidental was it that she picked that dress? Or is it possible she picked it on purpose to smirk at her mother from the grave cause she knows it's the dress Jessica wore to her funeral.

For some reason Hanna was chosen to be Ali's number one support system instead of devoted Ali slave, Emily. She accompanied Ali to the funeral home and was sent into a tailspin when the funeral director thought she was Ali and then dear Ali compounded the situation with one of her subtle digs about Hanna's weight and looks and how she used to not be confused for being her. Meanwhile awful Ali seemed bothered by some painting hanging on the wall. It looked like a blonde girl in a boat.

This leads Hanna to recall how Mona came to her a couple months after Ali disappeared made over and told Hanna there was a window of opportunity for them to fill with Ali gone. Then she had Hanna put on one of Ali's dresses and Hanna was shocked it fit and it was the first time Hanna realized she had a hot figure. After that the two were strutting down the halls with Hanna as the new Ali and her sidekick Mona.

Hanna confronts Mona about what she did to her and Mona says she did her a favor. Hanna doesn't feel it was any favor and feels like somewhere along the line she lost who she really is. So she goes to the beauty parlor to change how she looks, unaware that Mona and someone else are watching her change her looks.

Meanwhile, Emily has morphed into quite the nasty little bitch now her beloved Ali is back. She's got Jason found guilty and sentenced for killing his own mother. She thinks that if she can railroad Jason in to jail then her beloved Ali will be able to tell the truth. That's worthy of a how dumb is Emily joke. I think Ali would have made up that kidnapping story without the text from Mona to make the liars think she was doing it to protect them, even though her lie protected no one but herself. She could have simply claimed she'd runaway from home, but then that wouldn't have given her an alibi for the last two years so she can't be charged for any of the crimes she's committed in that time.

Spencer is the lone hold-out in trying and convicting Jason, but then Jason's her brother. When it's a family member she shows restraint and doesn't jump on the bandwagon accusing them of murder and mayhem. Interestingly enough, both Melissa [who also thinks Jason did it] and Jason give her pretty much the same advice. Forget about this mess and get the heck out of dodge. At one point Melissa wants to tell Spencer what she knows but Peter won't let her. He tells her that if she doesn't know then she can't lie about it. Melissa was also talking about the DiLaurentis' the same way Jessica was talking about the Hastings' like they were two crime families about to go to war. Peter even wants to sell the house so they won't be living next door to them and orders Spencer not to associate with any of them.

Emily's also uber nasty to Paige and new girl, Sydney, who is a fan girl of Emily's swim career. Emily is still insisting Paige needs to apologize for what she did to poor Ali by outting her to the cops. Where's the demands for Ali to apologize to Paige for being a vicious bitch to her? Oh, in Emily's brain anything Ali does should be free-passed. When Paige makes a plea for their relationship, Emily wishes her will be makes it clear she has no interest in Paige now that Ali is back. Seeing Ali screw this dim bimbo over is going to be a joy to watch. It'll probably be the only time I'm Team Ali.

Finally, the liars want Aria to go to Ezra to get him to go along with Ali's lie. She doesn't want to at first, but she's like a moth to the Ezra-flame and can't stay away and discovers neither can Ali, apparently. Ali dropped by for a visit with Ezra before her. Ali also told Aria not to tell Ezra the truth about Shauna, but Aria's not listening to her and gives full disclosure. Maybe not the brightest idea considering the guy seduced her to get info out of her to put in a book. But there you have it.

So Hanna's new look should be revealed next episode. Along with possibly how Jessica died, although I'd bet money like the other two buried there that she was buried alive.


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