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Pretty Little Liars -- Happy Birthday, Jenna!

Updated on July 12, 2012

During the replaying of the last episode before the new one aired I noticed something I didn't notice before. While the Pills are searching Melissa's apartment Emily takes a book down with a yellow sticky note in it and then sits it down on the table instead of putting it back where she got it from. Seconds later she notices Melissa coming and tells everyone to put everything back where it was, but she doesn't do that to the book. Melissa enters and notices the book sitting on the coffee table and then puts it back. If you were searching someone's place and removed a book you'd put it back where you'd got it. Why didn't Emily? Could Emily be the new Mona?

This episode begins with an ambulance and police rushing into the neighborhood in a shades of Maya moment. They rush to Garrett's house where his mother is taken out on a stretcher. Aria notices someone in a hoodie lurking around the scene. Seems that A-Team is out and about. Spencer wonders if A did something to Garrett's mother.

At school the next day Emily sees Paige and asks her out. Paige acts a little off with Emily. She claims it's because she thought Emily was avoiding her. Paige agrees to go. Just then Jenna comes swanning in revealing to all she can see and passing out invitations to everyone to her birthday party. When cornered by the Pills about revealing to everyone she can see, she says she prefers to be in charge of her own destiny.

Another person making the Pills suspicions rise is Lucas. They see him pounding on the door of local photographer, Laurel Tuckman, demanding she give him her stuff back. Later, Emily hears Jenna and Laurel talking about her assistant who she discovered was using her things to take his own pictures and develop them, so until his parents pay what he owed for those materials, she's keeping his bag as hostage. The Pills immediately suspect Lucas may have been the one to take the pictures of them by Ali's open grave.

Spencer gives Emily some bad news when she tells her that because his mother is sick in the hospital, Garrett is going to be released from jail to come and visit her. As upset as Emily is about Garrett getting a brief furlough from jail, Nate is even more angry about it. Jenna sees Nate at The Brew and zeroes in on him, inviting him to her party. The question is what does Jenna want from him? And is Nate really Maya's cousin or could he be the guy Maya couldn't shake who kept bugging her?

Spencer wonders if A did something to make Garrett's mother sick so he'd get out of jail to visit her. Myself, I wondered if A wanted Garrett out of jail so she could kill him because he knows too much about her and she doesn't want him to reveal what he knows. I'm not sure either of us was right.

Spencer decides to spy on Garrett at the hospital when he goes to visit his mother. She sees him writing a note and putting it in some flowers he left for her. She also runs into Wilden her warns her to mind her own business and stop playing Nancy Drew. She sneaks into his mother's room and reads the note he left to his mother in the flowers, which is just a thank you for believing me note. Then she searches his mother's body and finds a note he hid under hospital bracelet saying, "April Rose has the proof." Both Garrett and Spencer were two pretty low peas in a pod for using a poor dying woman's body to pass notes. The question is who did Garrett leave that note for? Why would he be helping A after A is responsible for setting him up?

Aria is not pleased to learn that Jenna has also invited Ezra to her party. She says something eerily similar to what Jenna said to the person she met in the park about wanting to see her favorite teacher for the first time. Ezra doesn't want to go, but Aria convinces him to. Ezra also buys Aria an expensive vintage camera for a gift and wants to take her to dinner at an expensive restaurant. He claims he has money because he took a copy writing job, but would they really give him that big of an advance?

When they arrive at the party we don't know what Ezra and Jenna say to each other as Aria takes off to chat with Laurel Tuckman, the photographer at the party and her teacher at the summer photography class she took. She gets confirmation the assistant was indeed Lucas. She offers to be Laurel's new assistant, then pours a drink over Laurel's camera equipment so Laurel will give her her keys to the camera shop to get some replacement equipment from the shop so she can complete the job. Aria finds Lucas' bag and steals several film canisters from his bag.

When she's leaving she runs into Lucas who is getting threatening when Aria won't give him the keys to the shop. Lucky for Aria that Ezra shows up and chases Lucas away.

Meanwhile, Ashley makes Hanna sort clothes at the church as a penance for playing hookie from school. Lucky for the Pills she does, as she finds that someone [A] has donated Emily's jacket that she was wearing the night of the grave digging and she takes it. While at the clothes sorting Ashley also meets a man named Ted that seems very nice.

Earlier, when Paige was visiting Emily in her room she ran across the flask Emily had the night of the grave digging and Emily [wanting nothing more to do with boozing it] gave it to Paige. At the party, Paige starts spiking her drink with it and then she starts acting weird. Things come to a head when Jenna catches her taking a bit of all the pastries and putting them back and demands she leave. In a scuffle that ensues Paige falls and hits her head. Nate and Emily take Paige to the hospital where she gets stitches and reveals the doctors found drugs in her system, making Emily realize someone slipped drugs into her flask.

While Aria is going through Lucas' film canisters she's on the phone with Emily who is doing research on the Internet at just what the drug that was in her flask might have done to her. That's when Aria finds some of the same drug in one of Lucas' canister, making it seem that Lucas might have been the one to drug Emily's flask.

At the same time it appears that A [or someone else wearing black gloves] is going through Maya's purse and finds a bottle of pills. Could it also be the same drug that was put into Emily's flask?

You know, sometimes it's hard to like the Pills. Hanna is such a dog to her mother and she wasn't that great to Caleb before he finally dumped her butt. It's kind of why I don't feel sorry for her, since she deserved to be dumped. Then we have Spencer invading a dying woman's room and searching her body for clues. And you want to bet Aria won't pay for the camera equipment she ruined so she could get the key to the camera shop? I know in the case of Aria and Spencer we're supposed to root for them because the ends justify the means in their search for truth, justice and the American way, but sometimes they don't come off as any better than the ones they disdain and hold in contempt.


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