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Pretty Little Liars -- Holbrook's Back

Updated on February 4, 2015

And he's gone a little psycho

Holbrook is back and he seems to have become a complete anger boy psycho.

Leslie, who looks like a Mini-Mona with glasses and red hair, shows up to see the liars claiming to be an old friend of Mona's. Since Mona's mom is vouching for knowing her, it seems like she may be telling the truth. But anyone remember when creepy Nate came to town after Maya's murder claiming to be her cousin? Just saying.

Spencer finds a file in her mother's briefcase and begins photographing it. It's the log of everyone who has visited Ali in jail. There's a shocking name on it. Meanwhile, Veronica confronts Spencer about going to college. She insists Spencer go to college when Spencer says it wouldn't be the worst thing if she didn't. She tries to make her mother remember how she was at her age and if she already wanted to be a lawyer. Veronica says she didn't.

Caleb and Hanna are brought down to the police station for further questioning. They see Holbrook having a snit at the police station and says they have messed up the investigation, not him. Says the dude that let Ali wear his balls around a chain and has turned into a total creep since he let her get her hooks into him. He's not happy when he sees Caleb and Hanna. Seems the latest creeper cop has been suspended.

Spencer tells Aria that Veronica is helping Ali's defense team and tells her that Mike went to see Ali. Aria is commissioned to find out why Mike visited Ali. But Aria chickens out asking Mike about Ali when she catches him watching old movies that Mona liked.

Emily spies Jonny and Talia sitting together and it seems she's wondering if Talia really swings the same way she does. However, they have a moment later when Talia ties an apron around Emily.

Hanna is assigned to Leslie. She remembers Mona making a wish to be able to stop time to take whatever she wanted from the stores and to go into people's houses and spy on them without them knowing about it so she could have all the power. For some reason Mona's wish made me think of when Mike was breaking into people's houses taking stuff from them. It's pretty close to Mona's secret wish.

Mike not thrilled that Leslie took something from Mona's room. He demands Leslie give him back the book, but Hanna says she'll put it back. Leslie claims she was talking to Mona on the phone when Mike told her to hang up the phone and Mona never called her back.

Emily is still suspicious of Talia and wondering if Ali sicked her on her.

Aria tells Hanna that Mike went to visit Ali in jail.

Spencer sees that Jonny drew on the back of one of Ali's old missing posters. She tries to figure out what he's working on. It's an invention where someone can place their elbows on a table and put their hands to their ears and hear what someone is saying in the booth he made. Nice gimmick, but since he seems good at making secret listening devices, could he be helping A get her secret intelligence?

Hanna recalls Mona saying that if Ali came back she'd come back to a town of strangers and she'd go crazy and they'd throw her into Radley where she'd never get out of. She also finds a hidden tape in the book Leslie had and Mike wanted put back in Mona's room. When Hanna leaves Mona's someone follows her. Probably Holjerk.

Spencer impressed by Jonny's invention. He says the town of Rosewood is strung with whispers.

Hanna takes the tape to Caleb. It's a tape of Bethany talking about someone who is evil and can get anyone to do what they want, even kill a bag of kittens. But she vows she can make plans, too.

Aria watches Mike standing on the bridge. I think it's the same bridge Spencer confronted Melissa when she was destroying the Melissa mask the mask guy made. She goes to see what he left behind. It's a trick or treat bag. He catches her and blocks her way. She finally asks Mike why he visited Ali in jail and he says it's none of her business. He says no one gives him orders anymore. That suggests someone was giving him orders before, which again harkens back to why he was breaking into people's houses. Did someone order him to? Or maybe Mike has simply gone off his meds as he's acting like anger boy from season 2.

Veronica wonders if Jonny is the reason Spencer is not thinking of going to college. He definitely is. Veronica tells Spencer there's been a leak in the prosecution's case. The blood found by the barrel that may or may not contain Mona's remains was Ali's blood.

Hanna gets stopped by the cops. When the cop doesn't show himself she grabs a weapon out of her car. It's Holjerk. He asks how a girl like Alison becomes a girl like Alison. He says Ali cut him off and that he spent the last few weeks in a hotel room with internal affairs, so he couldn't have cleaned out the warehouse. When he tries to kiss her she hits him with the pipe and says if Ali did cut him off, then he's lucky. Then she drives off.

Emily confides her secret feelings to Talia. Talia kisses Emily. Seeing how quick Emily moved on to someone else, I think Paige was smart dumping her and getting out of dodge.

Hanna and Spencer think Mike may be the one helping Ali. Meanwhile Mike goes to see Ali, again. Spencer thinks what happened in the backyard that night was a trap, but whose trap?

Meanwhile someone goes into Mona's room looking for the book and finds the tape gone. Could it be Leslie? After all, she took the book from Mona's room like she knew something was in it. She just didn't get a chance to retrieve the tape, since Hanna took the book and put it back.


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