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Pretty Little Liars -- How Dumb Are The Liars...Pretty Dumb!

Updated on June 19, 2013

This was the big episode where Spencer got clued in to who Toby really was, it was also an episode where the other liars didn't seem to have a brain in their heads.

The smartest moment Hanna had in the entire episode was when she heard Caleb talking to someone about keeping Hanna safe from Mona. When Hanna confronted Caleb he claimed he was talking to his mother. Like, does his mother know about A, too? She acted like she bought what he was selling and asked Emily to follow Caleb to find out who he'd been talking to.

Emily followed Caleb but got a text saying Hanna got attacked and left before she could see Caleb meet with Paige. They didn't think A would be watching them and they teamed up to find the A room. They think if they can find it and retrieve whatever A has against the liars, they can shut A down for good. Unfortunately, I think this is doomed to failure because Caleb of all people should get they're also being watched. They knew exactly where his mother was and run her off the road. The A's could even be watching their families, as well.

Meanwhile, it's Spencer and Toby's anniversary. While Spencer is planning a romantic surprise at Toby's loft, Mona and Toby seem to be planning a rather nasty surprise for Spencer. From what Toby and Mona were talking about, setting Spencer up to find out Toby is an A is the only thing they could have been talking about. It would be very A of them to have Spencer discover it on her and Toby's anniversary. Just increase the pain. Since the A's know everything, they must have known that Spencer was planning to set her romantic surprise up in his loft. So Toby kindly left an ID badge from Radley laying around his loft for Spencer to find.

Mona also hacked into someone's security system and disarmed it. At first, I was wondering if it was at Emily's house or maybe even Spencer's, but I think it was the store Hanna went for an interview. When Hanna arrived for an interview she got a bunch of mannequins tossed at her by a hoodie wearing A, who conveniently dropped a key with A written on it right at her feet as he left. There's some debate whether it was an accident or not, but what other purpose was there for attacking Hanna if not to throw that key at her feet? Without the key, it wouldn't have provided Spencer with A way to set a trap for Toby to knowingly walk into and reveal himself as an A.

When Toby popped by Spencer's place later, she had to have suspected he was an A, but acted like everything was fine. He spotted the A key and asked about it. Spencer lied it belonged to Melissa and put it into a drawer. Then she waited to see if he would try and sneak back and retrieve it, because he believed everyone would be out of the house at a dinner honoring Peter. When Toby showed up, she confronted him, but before she could get any answers Veronica showed up and Toby took off. Afterwards, Spencer rushed over to Toby's loft but couldn't get in. She had no idea that inside the loft Mona was sitting down to enjoy the romantic dinner Spencer had prepared for Toby.

And over at Aria's she discovered she'd been cast in the leading role in a horror flick entitled, My Father's Psychotic Girlfriend. Meredith's miracle herbal tea was actually filled with sedatives so Meredith could search the house while Aria slept She even palmed Aria's phone so she could make sure Aria couldn't call out and no one could call Aria.

In the midst of this drama Aria had one of those Ali dreams that make you wonder if it's live or if it's Memorex. Aria awoke to find Ali searching her room for the diary pages. Ali found them in a doll. When Aria asked Ali if Byron killed her, she asked if she looked dead? I couldn't tell if Ali took the diary pages when she left, because later they were still in the doll. However, the doll was on the dresser instead of where Aria had had it hidden. Ali also warned Aria not to drink Meredith's herbal tea. Aria chased after Ali as she left, then we saw her wake in bed and discover she was locked in her room.

Hanna also had an Ali sighting, but this time she was wide awake. She saw Ali in a red coat in the reflection of the plate glass window she was standing in front of, but when she turned around there was no Ali.

And it's at this point where things really got dumb. Aria broke a mirror and waited in bed with a glass shard as a weapon for when Meredith came back. Unfortunately, Aria fell asleep and didn't wake up until Meredith was standing over her with Aria's weapon in her hand. Aria managed to attack Meredith and escape the room, but instead of running out the door and screaming for help from a nearby neighbor, she picked up the phone and tried to call for help. I swear these girls are so attached to their phones they can't do anything without a phone being involved.

No surprise that Meredith caught Aria and knocked her out. Then Emily and Hanna saw Meredith trying to refill a sedative at the local drug store and then mass-buying something to knock someone out. They decided to go over and check on Aria. They walked into Aria's bedroom and Meredith suddenly appeared. Hanna saw Meredith with Aria's phone in her hand, but didn't tip Emily off or think much of it as she and Emily walked down the basement stairs ahead of Meredith and got locked in. At which point they found a knocked out Aria on the floor. The hilarious thing is since they still had their phones in the basement they didn't even think to try and see if they could get a signal and call for help.

Then Byron showed up and Meredith told him Aria knew everything. From what she said, I don't think Byron ever took those diary pages; it was Meredith that took them. My Meredith theory is this. The A Team approached Meredith and offered her a way to get Byron back and she went for it, but she would have to do something for them in return. So she took a job at Aria's school and a few hours later A was forcing Aria to admit she was the one who trashed Bryon's office, not Meredith, which resulted in Meredith and Byron getting back together. In return they wanted Meredith to convince Aria that Byron killed Ali. At first she refused, so they lured her into that shed and blew it up as a warning to what they'd do to her if she didn't cooperate. So she did what they wanted, but when she realized Aria intended to go to the police, she became desperate to get the diary pages back. Without them Aria would have no proof against Byron.

Byron came down to the basement and let the girls out. He also told them what happened that night when he met Ali. He stood up to her and refused to knuckle under to her blackmail, vowing he would tell his family the truth about his affair. As he was leaving, he saw Melissa come out on the porch trying to reach someone. So the ball is back in Melissa's court. Just what did she do when she found herself all alone with Miss Ali?

I think this episode could have been better written and because of that it killed a lot of the suspense. Instead of being scared for Aria I was yelling at my TV. "What are you doing? Why aren't you running out of the house screaming? She's right after you." I mean, even if she had gotten someone on the phone, did she really think they'd arrive before Meredith caught her? And then there was, "You saw she has Aria's phone. What are you doing going down the basement stairs, first." Then you had Veronica's out of character behavior. Last time she had a scene with Toby she acted like he smelled bad. But this time she was all smiles as he was running around naked in Spencer's bedroom and giggling with Spencer over her planning a surprise dinner for him.

I'm not saying it wasn't a good episode, it's just could have been better if some of the characters had acted a bit more intelligently.


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