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Pretty Little Liars -- Is April Rose A What Or A Who?

Updated on July 18, 2012

Spencer recalls some not pleasant memories of Ally

Spencer wants to use the message left under Garrett's mother's hospital bracelet to lure A into a trap. Hanna brags she's been forging her mother's handwriting since she was a kid, as she forges a new note from Garrett telling A to go to the church to find the proof. She then slips into Hilary Reynolds room and slips the note under her hospital bracelet. Then runs for it when the woman starts to code. Thankfully, the woman stabilizes, later.

I have one thing to say here. Hanna was going on about how A ruined her relationship with Caleb and the truth is the person that ruined Hanna's relationship with Caleb is Hanna. The fact is she treated the guy like crap. She kept from him that she was going to visit Mona long before new A made their presence known. She was throwing Wren quotes back at him, when she could have just told him that she wanted to know what she did to make Mona hate her so much. She really deserved to be dumped.

Spencer admits to Hanna she sometimes wonders what her life was like if she had never met Allison. Hanna says she's wondered the same thing. However, Spencer says if she'd never met Allison she and Hanna wouldn't be friends, and Spencer seems to feel that makes it all worth it.

Toby drops by as Spencer is doing an Internet search trying to figure out what it is when Toby drops by. There seems to be an April Rose in Pennsylvania and an April Rose who is an OB-GYN. When Peter comes home, Toby scoots out of there fast. Peter breaks some bad news to Spencer. The physical evidence they had against Garrett can't be retested and as a result it may be thrown out of court. Since the entire case against Garrett hinges on the physical evidence, the charges could be dropped against him.

Spencer's not having any of that and she heads off to speak to Jason. She isn't aware that Peter followed her and is watching them. Spencer asks Jason if he knows anyone named April Rose. She also asks him about the NAT Club. Jason says high school wasn't a good time for him. That it was his idea to film the girls, but by the end of it, he really wasn't much a part of things. He says some of the girls set up other girls to be filmed. He also said that sometimes he wondered if Ian and Garrett weren't filming the girls for someone else.

Spencer also asks if Jason still has the letters that helped him figure out Peter was his father. He says she wouldn't want to read them because they would only hurt her. Spencer says that's the difference between him and Allison; Allison would have wanted her to read them because they would hurt her. Jason wonders what type of person Allison would have turned out to be; he says there might have been a real person under her layers. Spencer replies she's tried to peel back the layers of Allison and all she's found is more layers.

After Spencer leaves, Peter comes up to Jason and asks him not to involve Spencer in this mess. That he wants her to have a normal life. Jason, however, doesn't do what Peter wants, as he finds out what April Rose is. It's an antique store and he and Spencer go there.

Spencer spots Allison's anklet on a mannequin's wrist. It causes Spencer to have a flashback of Allison and it's not a pleasant one. Spencer and Allison have plans, but Allison is going to ditch her and Spencer is angry about it. Allison is getting all dressed up to meet a girl that's picking her up. That little tidbit made me wonder if it's possible Allison could have been a lesbian.

In the "dream" Emily had of Allison, Allison kissed her on the lips. I've also wondered if it's possible that the reason that Emily is targeted so much more than the other girls is because as twisted as it is A is in love with her. A gave Emily a message and she's never got that up close and personal with the other girls. And when all the girls could have relaxed and thought it was all over, Emily wasn't allowed any such respite, as when she came home it was to discover that Maya was dead. Could Maya have been killed because A was jealous of Maya and Emily's relationship? As the old saying goes, you only hurt the one you love.

Anyway, Spencer and Jason retrieved the anklet. The owner of the shop says that anklet wasn't there a few weeks ago. Unfortunately for Spencer the whole thing backfires on her when Jason turns the anklet into the police. When she gets home Peter reveals the police had been looking for it for two years. There was two people's blood found on it. One of the person's blood was Allison but the other person's wasn't Garrett's. The charges against Garrett are going to be dropped and he's going to be set free.

Spencer screams in a pillow when she's upstairs by herself. It seems A and Garrett set her up to help prove Garrett's innocence. A then texts Spencer to reveal that Garrett really is innocent. He isn't the person that killed Allison.

Hanna isn't thrilled when she discovers that Ashley is interested in Ted However things don't go well when Ashley discovers he's a pastor's assistant when she invites him out on a Sunday. She feels she's blown it because she mentioned she wanted to drink booze and wore a low-cut gown to the party the church was having. Things get worse when Ashley and Ted are about to dance and Wilden comes up to them. It causes Ashley to leave early. Meanwhile, Hanna waits in the chapel to wait for A to show up. Someone shows up, but it isn't A. It's Wilden. He says he found the note on Hilary Reynolds and accuses her of trying to help Garrett. He also says she's just like her mother, but where Ashley can make trouble go away, she just creates more trouble. Hanna can't wait to get away from Wilden.

Earlier, Hanna told Emily the spot where her jacket was picked up for the church. Emily goes to Riverside and State. She sees a diner and remembers being in it. She remembers the waitress telling someone she should be taken home before she passes out. On the man's wrist is a tattoo. When Emily comes to the church party she runs into Holden and sees he's got the same tattoo on his wrist. He claims it has something to do with a party and that he attended parties with Emily's girlfriend. Was he talking about Maya or did he perhaps mean Allison?

Finally, Aria discovers a huge pile of money in Ezra's sock drawer and wonders if he could have gotten the money from Jason's reward. In short, was it Ezra that Jason met with the $50,000 check? She confronts Ezra and he claims he sold his grandfather's vintage car and that's where the money came from. Aria believes him, but she seems to be forgetting that it was only last week Ezra claimed all the money he had was from a copy writing job he took.

So as we come to a close of this episode pretty much every dark-haired man on the show is under suspicion. Which harkens back to what that strange little both Seth told the girls when they visited the Doll Hospital in Brookhaven there was a dark-haired couple that wanted to hurt Allison: a dark-haired man and woman. So was the male part of that couple Ezra, Wren, Holden or Lucas?


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      Chuck 2 years ago

      Amandalynn and Amanda- thank you for checking out the pooths and for your kind words!Kate- it was great meeting you too and thank you for you sweet comment (means a lot coming from a fellow photographer). I hope to see you again next time we are in Chicago! Also, Donovan mentioned he enjoyed chatting with you!

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      jackqyalynn 4 years ago

      who ;ery