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Pretty Little Liars -- Jenna's Back

Updated on January 25, 2012

Toby's Accident Spurs Spencer's Big Lie

I know she's a nasty piece of work, but I've missed Jenna not being around, and she was back with a vengeance. No news on how her eye operation turned out. Although there was a scene where Spencer was holding open the elevator door for her and she didn't say a thing and she said, "Hello, Spencer." So could it have worked and she's just pretending she can't see?

Caleb has been getting some good stuff of of the stuff he got from A's phone and A would spit nails if he/she knew. Actually, A may know, since Caleb noticed Garrett sitting at the next table when he was decoding the stuff on his laptop. Since Garrett was featured in the videos he knew instantly that Garrett was the enemy.

The first video Caleb decoded was quite a doozy. Ian was planting a hidden camera in Alison's room, and Garrett and Jenna were with him. It's a secret meeting of the NAT club. Hannah also finds some notes inside the head of the doll, that was inside the box they made A think they found something in and the Pills realize it was the note Alison found stuck on the pumpkin on her porch the Halloween before she was murdered. The note was written on the back of an invitation to Noel Kahn's party and it's signed by A, which means A had been targeting Alison before her death.

I just starting watching Pretty Little Liars regularly this season, so maybe it's been revealed what the N.A.T. Club stands for, but if it hasn't, could the N in NAT stand for Noel? And the A in NAT stand for A? Noel had been swimming in the lake when someone attacked the boat Hannah was in.

Aria leaves a message on Ezra's cell phone to meet her: if he doesn't come, it's over; if he does come, it's still on. Very Affair To Remember-ish. Only problem is Ezra doesn't want to listen to the message. After an encounter with a student who is spouting the power of love, Ezra listens to the message. Luckily for Aria, who is waiting out in the rain like Cary Grant did while waiting for Deborah Kerr to show up, Ezra isn't looking up at the sky while A mows him down in an attempt to break-up another romance. They kiss and it's on again. Since Ella told Aria that Bryon doesn't like the family cabin, I think she's going to suggest that be the place she and Ezra rendezvous at.

Spencer is trying to avoid Toby after giving into her feelings for him. She gets Emily to give him the brush-off on the phone. Later, she gets a call from the hospital when she learns Toby fell off the scaffolding. A makes sure Spencer knows it was no accident and because she disobeyed her. Lucky for Spencer, Ren made Toby wonder if something had gone on between him and Spencer. So Spencer has Emily lie to Toby that Spencer is with Ren now. Toby leaves the hospital early and leaves Spencer a goodbye note.

Before Toby left the hospital he got a visit from Jenna who has returned to Rosewood. She tells Toby he needs to stay away from Spencer. She also gets into it with Emily. I don't believe Jenna is A. I think she loves making the Pills life miserable, but I don't think it's her and I don't think she loosened that scaffolding to hurt Toby.

Hannah and Mona make up and Hannah decides to take her out for a night on the town. While out, they see Jenna and Noel out together at a table. Is it just a coincidence or is Noel involved with this mess, as well? Is he also a member of the NAT Club?

Hannah makes a unilateral decision after learning Garrett was sitting at the next table while Caleb was decoding the stuff off of A's phone. She throws the flash drive into the blender and destroys it. Caleb is done with this mess. Unfortunately, Caleb doesn't agree and he has a back-up drive. He arranges to meet the other Pills are proposes a deal: he'll keep working on the files but they don't tell Hannah. Spencer agrees, hoping if they can get enough evidence they can finally go to the police. Caleb insists they fill him in on what's going on, and they tell him the bare bones of the truth.

The latest A vid Caleb gives the girls makes it evident that Ian, Jenna and Garrett appeared to be in Alison's room waiting for her the night Ally was murdered.

Meanwhile, A is cutting up pics of Ezra and Aria and Toby and Spencer kissing. She burns the boys pics. Perhaps she/he is celebrating breaking up both relationships. Perhaps the all-knowing A isn't aware the Ezra and Aria are back on.

Speaking of A always knowing just the right time to call, if I were the Pills I would start searching my home for hidden cameras. I don't think Alison's room was the only place a hidden camera was planted. It's the only way to explain how A knew to call up Hannah right after she drank the lake water or the other Pills when they found the dirt and worms in the Chinese take-out. A has to be watching them via hidden cameras to know the exact right time to call them.


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    • thebiologyofleah profile image

      Leah Kennedy-Jangraw 5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Nice recap! The NAT club is an acronym for a latin phrase, I think, but the english translation is 'we see all' I agree with you the first few episodes this season were missing Jenna and her troublemaking even if she isn't A. I am curious about A not knowing Aria and Ezra are still seeing each and great point about the cameras it totally makes sense.

    • cevw1087 profile image

      cevw1087 5 years ago from South Dakota

      Pretty Little Liars is a show that I watch every monday. It is a show that I am so addicted to and keeps me at the edge of my seat. "A" will be revealed and I cannot wait until it is shown. I really hope that Spencer and Toby figure things out because they truly are a great couple. I also think that Jenna's eye surgery has worked because like you said how else did she know that Spencer was at the elevator. The rest of the season should be very interesting.