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Pretty Little Liars -- Living With The DiLaurentis's

Updated on August 17, 2013

Emily Becomes The House Guest

Jessica DiLaurentis' offers to let Pam and Emily stay with her and she even plans to have Emily stay in Ali's old room. Emily doesn't want to do it, but the liars insist this is an opportunity that cannot be passed by. So Emily moves in with Jessica, Red Coat who is living in the cellar and possibly a hoodie A if that person isn't actually Jessica, herself. Pam's out of town at the moment.

Jessica's wearing his sad grieving face this week instead of the slightly sly malevolent one she's worn since returning to Rosewood. She confides in Emily that her husband is divorcing her, which leads Emily to revealing to Mrs. D that she's into girls and having problems with Paige, herself.

When there's a problem with the furnace, Jessica calls a repairman who tells Emily and Jessica she's got a squatter living in her cellar. The squatter isn't there when Emily and Jessica go down to investigate. After Jessica leaves, Emily discovers that several holes have been drilled into the Red Coat could spy on the living room, presumably. So it wasn't Emily and Pam's hotel room that the A was drilling holes in the floor to spy on it was Jessica and whomever else might be staying with her.

Okay is it possible that A/Red Coat's master plan was to get Emily living in the DiLaurentis household? They destroy Emily's house. An A drills holes in the floor of the DiLaurentis house using equipment they purchased while apparently posing as Emily. And then Jessica asks Pam and Emily to stay with her. Does the plan go back further than that? Is that why Pam was reported to be abusing Emily? If the authorities demanded that Emily be removed from the Fields household would Jessica have volunteered to let Emily stay with her? Per usual, Emily seems to be the object of A/Red Coat's obsession.

Could Jessica have been the A we saw playing the piano? Unless she's got someone secretly living with her who is the piano-playing A, it seems likely it was Jessica playing the piano. Besides, if Jessica did have someone living with her, she would hardly invite Emily and Pam to live with her.

The question is had Jessica decided to replace Ali with Emily? Considering what a nasty daughter Jessica had, wouldn't she want a nicer one this time around?

I remember when I wrote romance novels [I still do, but haven't lately because mostly I don't have time and I've never been published or anything] I would always have to go back to what I had written previously when I wanted to see if I could pull a plot twist I just thought of. If I wanted to do the plot twist, I could only do it if it would remain consistent to what I had already written. I wonder if TV show writers do that or if they just do it without any care for what came before?

I'm not going off on one of my tangents. I'm referring to the return of the Bird Man. Wren popped up seeming like he was a staff psychiatrist at Radley. The problem with that is the man is not a psychiatrist. Previously we saw him as the attending physician when Toby fell off the scaffolding and Spencer burned her hand. Then he was volunteering at Radley. Now he's been upped to staff psychiatrist as he was giving Mona as psychological test. Although since Mona pointed out he couldn't even spell while writing in her chart, one has to wonder if he's even a licensed doctor.

If you were one of the people like myself who thought the Bird Man was rotten we got positive proof we were right. When Mona made it clear she no longer trusts Wren because she found out things about him, he dropped by Veronica's for a visit. What he was really doing was setting Veronica up to go visit Mona to give the anonymous tip he was about to phone in some validity. He said that Veronica coerced Mona to make a false confession. When Veronica found out about it, she had to drop Ashley's case.

While initially it seemed Spencer's mother was finally being targeted, this was really another go at Ashley. Veronica is a good lawyer who might have been able to clear Ashley, now Ashley may have to get a lawyer that isn't that good who won't be able to get her free of these charges.

Speaking of the Marin family, Caleb and Hanna had issues because Caleb wants her to tell Ashley and Tom the truth about A. Of course, Hanna doesn't. I don't think things would ever get bad enough for her to actually tell the truth when she finds it easier and preferable to lie.

Hanna went to Wren to try and get her in to see Mona, but he refused. Unfortunately, contacting Wren was a bad idea, as he began stalking her and watching her kissing Caleb.

Toby got the sheet music A sent him at the end of the last episode. The message accompanying it was to stay away from Eddie Lamb [who is lucid and might actually know something] and to concentrate on the crazy old doctor. The doctor could give Toby no info, but when Spencer played the sheet music he mentioned that Mrs. DiLaurentis was at Radley.

When confronted, Jessica told about the sick games Cece and Ali used to play where they'd pretend to be each other. Jessica got a call from Radley saying her daughter was there and said she wanted to stay there. When she arrived to get Ali, Jessica found it was Cece and Ali claimed when confronted later that she had had no idea Cece was going to do that.

Aria also learned from Cece's ex-roommate that Cece hates the liars. They were at the frat party where someone fell down the stairs and Cece got blamed for it. So the Cece stuff is piling up to make it appear she is Red Coat. But since this show is based on everything turning out to be a red herring, it's kind of hard to really buy into this.

Finally, Ezra discovered [as we all expected him to when he was told to get a paternity test] that he isn't really Malcolm's father, which neatly removes the Baby Daddy obstacle from the eventual Aria and Ezra reunion. She didn't want to be involved with a Baby Daddy and he's no longer a Baby Daddy. Of course, the teacher/student obstacle will still exist until Aria graduates.

Ezra tried to call Aria and she declined his call as she got more involved with Jake. I actually like Jake and Aria better than Ezra and Aria. Too bad it's just filler until the grand Ezria reunion. I also liked Jason and Aria better too.

So as we leave Rosewood A seems to be losing it as it appears he/she is trying to frame Ashley for smashing into Emily's house. Only problem is when someone did that, Ashley was in jail, so she could hardly have done it. Unless, the plan is to now frame Pam for Wilden. She's already got in trouble for the key to Wilden's place vanishing. Does Pam and Ashley wear the same show size?


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